Alfonso Fernandez Filmed a Full Part After Not Skating for 10 Years

The younger generation will probably not remember Alfonso Fernandez. But there was a time when his skills were on par with his brother Jesus‘s. Unfortunately, Alfonso was taken out by a knee injury over decade ago, and faded from the scene. But once a skater, always a skater. Alfonso was able to pick it back up and eventually get his legs back to the point where he could put together five minutes of solid footage.

After such a long time without being able to skate becuase of a knee injury, I kept myself secluded from skateboarding for almost ten years. Filming this video part was only an excuse to dedicate more time to doing the thing I could never get out of my head, which was skateboarding.

I never really thought that I would be able to skate again. Considering that when I first started up again I could barley keep my balance and being able to relearn a lot of tricks came as a surprise to me. At the beginning I couldn’t even Ollie. It looks like time can cure anything, or at least my knee pain which eventually stopped being so intense. To be honest I only planned on filming a few tricks to share with my friends, but I ended up filming what seems to be a full video part! – Alfonso Fernandez

Click play above to watch Alfonso’s new part.