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7 Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding in 2022 – Reviews & FAQs



A fun cruising session can turn into a sudden mess if you are not wearing the protective gear. Safety should be on top of your priority list during rollerblading and skateboarding. An accident during skating and rollerblading can cause a serious injury, and the recovery session is even more painful. Wrist and forearm protection is of prime importance during skateboarding since wrist injuries are more common in roller sports. For pro and beginner skaters, We have briefly written the reviews of best wrist guards for skateboarding available on the market in this article.

Therefore you must add a wrist guard to your protective gear. A wrist guard keeps your wrist aligned and absorbs the shock to prevent muscle and bone injures. Here, in this article, we have reviewed the wrist guards for both skateboarding and rollerblading. After testing dozens of products on the market, we have lined up these best options you can buy in 2022.

Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding And Rollerblading | Reviewing the Top Picks

1. Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard – Overall Best

Triple Eight Wrist Guards


  • Has hook and loop closure
  • Built with top graded leather
  • Shock absorbing
  • Best for kids and adults


Triple Eight Hired Wrist Guards with premium construction quality and outstanding ergonomics have made their way to the top of the list. These wrist guards are ideal for all roller sports, including skateboarding, longboarding, and rollerblading. What makes this wrist guard most standout is its glove-like design. They are available in a wide range of standard sizes and offer an ergonomic fit for different hands.

The best part is that every size comes with a neoprene strap, loop, and hooks for further size adjustment. The glove-like design makes them pretty easy to put on and take off. Also, their finger-less design doesn’t restrict your movement and adds additional comfort. Since it is one of the premium options on the market, you will enjoy the best protection against all types of impact and forces.

These wrist guards come with an adjustable splint on top and bottom. The splints are thick and are best at impact resistance. They efficiently dissipate the energy and protect muscle and bone injuries even in serious accidents. Additionally, the EVA-padded interior feels soft on hand, minimizes tenderness, and provides warmth in the winters.

However, the thick construction and padded interior make them less breathable in summers. Triple Eight Hired Wrist Guards use the industry’s top-quality material making them durable and long-lasting. This pair of wrist guards are made with top-quality grain leather and EVA foam and are backed by the manufacturer’s six-month warranty.

  • Supreme build quality
  • Pretty easy to put on and take off
  • Available in 4 standard size
  • Highly adjustable profile
  • Fully padded interiors
  • Adjustable ABS double splints
  • Lacks breath-ability in summers
  • Expensive

Triple 8 Wrist Guards come with every feature you can expect from a premium quality product. These are available in three standard further adjustable sizes and will hold onto your safety even in the most challenging situations.


2. 187 Killer Wrist Guards – Best Skateboard Wrist Guard

187 Killer Wrist Guards For Skateboarding


  • Minimize the effect of falling
  • The straps fit excellently
  • Best value for money
  • Made with top quality soft material


187 Killer has made its name in roller sports by manufacturing top-quality protective gear for many years. These 187 Killer wrist guards are one of the best options we have ever tried and provide ultimate protection without limiting your performance. These wrist guards are designed with the rider’s comfort and protection in mind.

The angled design coupled with a reinforced thumb hole ensures the perfect fitting. They perfectly conform to the wrist and palms and ensure maximum comfort while riding. The padded interior cushions the body, minimizes the tenderness, and offers impressive breath-ability for an untiring and well-guided skateboarding experience.

We also loved the quality and position of the splints on these wrist guards. Splints are located closer to the hand base to ensure maximum energy and impact transfer. Thicker splints are best at shock absorbance and ensure impact dissipation to protect the hand and wrist. Another standout feature of the 187 Killer wrist guard is their build quality.

These wrist guards come with an industry-grade ballistic nylon construction. This material is rugged enough to withstand rough use and adverse conditions. Additionally, double stitching efficiently deals with rough handling and ensures long-term performance. Finally, these wrist guards are available in different sizes for small to large but don’t come in extra-large sizes. So if you have big hands, it is advised to read the size guide carefully.

  • Premium-grade build quality
  • Perfectly conform to hands
  • Well-placed thick splints
  • No XL size is available

187 Killer Wrist guards combine the best build quality with the most functional design, making them best for skateboarding and rollerblading. We loved the highly breathable padded interior that ensures the rider’s comfort without limiting the impact-transfer ability of the wrist guards.


3. Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards – Roller Skating Wrist Guards

Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards for Skateboarding


  • Easy to wear design
  • Amazing impact resistant
  • Available in different sizes
  • Provide both style and comfort


Triple Eight Wrist saver has high-density, impact-resistant molded splints that let you enjoy risk-free rides in the most challenging conditions. These wrist guards feature an extensive design that offers complete coverage for the palm, wrist, and forearm. What we loved most about this pair of wrist guards was the cushion and hugging feel they offered.

The light-duty nylon fabric filled with EVA foam feels soft on skin and minimizes tenderness. Also, it comes with stretchable mesh that ensures breath-ability and enhances the rider’s comfort for an untiring skating experience. The adjustable ABS splints are highly supportive and efficiently absorb the shocks and restrict movements.  In this way, it reduces the chances of serious injuries, even in severe accidents.

Another great feature of Wrist saver wrist guards is their glove-like design. They are pretty easy to put on and remove and offer sung fit around hand and wrist. They are available in three standard sizes that are not further adjustable. Therefore you need to be very careful while choosing the size. Finally, we really loved the solid build quality of the wrist saver wrist guard. Nylon double stitching and professional-grade material make it highly rugged, giving you the best value for money.

  • Offer full coverage-best for winters
  • Easy to take off and put on
  • Solid and breathable construction
  • Highly supportive ABS splints
  • Non-adjustable profile

Triple Eight Wrist saver Wrist guard offers optimum wrist protection at any skating or rollerblading level. Their entire padded interior and light-duty nylon construction make it highly supportive and breathable for a risk-free and enjoyable skating experience.


4. Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves

Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves


  • Made with solid quality leather
  • Made for skateboarding
  • Durable and comfy
  • Best for small hands


Hillbilly Wrist guards and butt pads are globally famous for their premium build quality and the highest level of protection they offer. This pair of wrist guard gloves by Hillbilly is another best option for roller boarding and skateboarding. These glove-style wrist guards offer better fitting than strap-style wrist guards and therefore are equally suitable for beginners and pros.

The overall design of the gloves is ideally in line with roller boarding and skateboarding requirements. The half-finger design ensures breath-ability, while a hugging fit keeps your wrists aligned for a healthy and untiring experience. The most critical feature of any wrist guard is the level of protection it offers. The extra-thick ABS palm splint is highly impact-resistant and shock absorbent.

Spoon-like splints are placed on both sides of the gloves and ensure optimum safety no matter how severe the accident is. These splints are known for their ability to transfer maximum impact, making these wrist guards perfect for roller sports. Coming to build quality, these wrist guard gloves are arguably one of the most rugged options.

The goatskin leather coupled with double-stitch nylon thread makes them exceptionally robust and offers impressive resistance against damage and wear. Goatskin leather is a highly flexible material that doesn’t rip or tear apart quickly. In addition to the best protection, its padded interior supports and cushions your hands without limiting their breath-ability.

  • Glove-style ergonomic fit
  • Premium goatskin leather construction
  • Offers optimum safety
  • Steep price point

If you don’t have any budget constraints, invest in this pair of wrist guard gloves by Hillbilly and enjoy maximum comfort and the optimum safety level. The ergonomic glove design and premium build quality help them stand out as the best wrist guards for skateboarding and rollerblading.


5. Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards


  • Excellent palm & wrist protection
  • High quality fabric
  • Easy to wear
  • Best for multi-sports


Pro-tec Street Wrist guards have made their way to the list of best wrist guards for skateboarding and rollerblading for their special price to performance ratio. These wrist guards come at a very affordable price but can outperform many premium options for ergonomics and protection.

Pro-Tec Wrist guards come in step-style with a highly adjustable design to help them fit into a wide range of hand sizes. The flexible design of the wrist guard offers hugging fit for the wrist, palm, and hand and ensures maximum breath-ability. These wrist guards are equipped with removable ABS splints to ensure safety and protection in every situation.

Splints are provided on both top and bottom, and they are best at shock absorbance and impact resistance. They efficiently minimize the force impact on the wrist and dissipate the energy to prevent injury. In addition to optimum safety level, this pair of wrist guards takes pride in their quality construction.

The gloves are made with lycra fabric that is lightweight and flexible. The flexible profile of wrist guards doesn’t restrict your movement and lets you perform tricks like hand-plants with full confidence. While trying this pair of wrist guards, the only downside we noticed is that they lack a padded interior. Therefore, they are not suitable if you live in a colder climate.

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Highly adjustable profile
  • Very affordable
  • Removable ABS splints
  • Lacks padded interior

Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards with lightweight lycra construction and removable ABS splints are the best choice for summers. Despite being very affordable, Pro-Tec Wrist Guards don’t compromise quality and ergonomics, making them best for serious skateboarding and rollerblading.


6. Demon Flexmeter Wrist Guards

Demon Flexmeter Wrist Guards for Skateboarding


  • Easy closure system
  • Stylish and comfortable design
  • Come with 1 year warranty
  • Protect wrist and forearm


Demon Flexmeter Wrist Guards are made with the needs of professional athletes in mind. This is one of the most expensive options on the list that promises optimal safety so that you think more about the game and less about safety. To provide full-blown protection, these wrist guards come with double protection.

Their hard outer shell absorbs the shocks and minimizes the chances of injury. It fully protects your wrist, forearm, and hand. Thick Grain neoprene construction coupled with thermoplastic Hytrel guards makes them best of all. It is available in three standard sizes, which you can further adjust to make them a perfect fit for you. The design includes one rigid and one elastic strap making the size adjustment process a real breeze.

You can also adjust the guard’s position for maximum comfort and breath-ability. Another standout feature of these wrist guards is their robust build quality. Although they are pretty expensive, their solid build quality justifies the price tag. The neoprene fabric coupled with polyurethane lining offers impressive resistance against wear and ripping.

  • Professional design
  • Premium build quality
  • Double solid guard
  • Adjustable designs
  • On the pricier side

Demon Flexmeter Wrist Guards offer 100% protection against muscle and bone injuries and are perfect for professional use. This pair of wrist guards features solid build quality, extensive design, and a highly adjustable profile, making them the best wrist guards for skateboarding and rollerblading.


7. Burton Adult Wrist Guards

Burton Adult Wrist Guards


  • Made with 100% polyester
  • Easy to wash
  • Adjustable closure system
  • Clean minimal design


Burton Adult wrist guards are next on the list for their incredible shock-absorbing ability and ergonomic design. This pair of wrist guards feature a unique palm-less design for maximum breath-ability and freedom of movement. The highly functional design and solid build quality help them stand out as one of the best wrist guards for skateboarding and rollerblading.

The compact and minimal design makes them highly functional and breathable in all weathers. Unlike fully covered designs, they don’t restrict your movement and ensure better protection against injuries. With an adjustable strap and hook-loop mechanism, they are pretty easy to adjust on the wrist.

These wrist guards are available in three standard sizes and offer a body-hugging fit if you choose the right size for your wrist. In addition to the highly functional design, we loved the protection level they offer. These wrist guards are equipped with adjustable splints. They use highly supportive splints that prevent unnecessary movements and dissipate the impact energy to minimize the chances of injury.


The overall build quality is durable and breathable. Nylon fabric is filled with polyester and PE to make it soft and supportive. Also, it is highly flexible and fights well against damaging factors to prevent ripping and tearing. Finally, double nylon stitching guarantees reliable performance for many years to come.

  • User-friendly minimal design
  • Highly supportive adjustable splints
  • Highly adjustable profile
  • Breathable yet rugged build quality
  • Lacks palm coverage

With their highly supportive splints, Burton Adult Wrist Guards offer optimal protection against bone and muscle injuries. The best part of these wrist guards is that they let you enjoy risk-free rides without limiting your finger movements.

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Are wrist guards good for roller skating?

Wrist and forearm injuries are most common after head injuries in roller sports. Therefore wrist guards are essential pieces of roller skating protective gear. Wrist guards minimize the chances of muscle and bone injuries.

How do I choose a wrist guard?

While choosing a wrist guard, you need to keep some crucial factors in mind like size, build quality, size adjust-ability, breath-ability, and level of protection it offers. You must go with a wrist guard with adjustable size, breathable construction, and highly shock-absorbent guard quality.

What size wrist guards do I need?

Wrist Guards generally come in four standard sizes, small, medium, large, and extra-large. This size division is based on the size of wrist circumference. Take your wrist measurement and then read the size guide of the product to choose a size that suits you best. You may not find the exact size for your wrist, but don’t worry, wrist guards offer further adjustment in standard sizes.

How tight should wrist guards be?

The wrist guard should be tight enough to prevent unnecessary movements. However, while tightening laces and straps, you need to consider the blood flow factor. A wrist guard should be tight enough to keep your bones aligned and loose enough to allow blood flow.

Wrapping Up

A wrist guard should be an indispensable part of your roller sports protective gear if you want to enjoy risk-free and fear-free cruising. After trying dozens of different options on the market, we have filtered out these products that stood best for quality and performance.

Our top-three favorites on the list are:

Remember, you cannot enjoy the full advantage of wrist guards until they offer the perfect fit for your wrist and arm. It is advised to invest in wrist guards that are further adjustable to get the perfect fit.


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