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Tony Hawk and BONOMAZE Made a Song From Skate Sounds



Anyone that’s watched a skate video knows that skate sounds add a nice percussion to music. It works especially well with break beats. BONAMAZE takes this concept one step further by creating a song based entirely on sounds capture from skate tricks. Gilad Avnat and Stav Nahum linked up with Tony Hawk, David Loy, and Keire Johnson to handle skateboarding duties, and Russell Houghton to film. Have a look at the completed project and see how it was made above and below, respectively.


Monster Energy’s Aspire-Inspire Episode Features Mami Tezuka



Get to know more about Mami Tezuka in this episode of Aspire-Inspire by Monster Energy.

Surrounded by skaters growing up, Mami showed interest in skateboarding at around the age of three.

She started participating in competitions abroad in 2017. In 2021, she won silver in the X Games Women’s Skateboarding part. She landed third place in X Games Chiba 2022.

Fellow Monster Energy rider and friend Lizzie Armanto describes Mami as easy-going, fun to be around, and inspiring. “When I’m around her, I want to push myself better,”

Tezuka admits that she enjoys filming video parts more enjoyable than participating in contests.

“Competition is kind of stressful for me”, Mami said. But added that she does enjoy seeing everyone at contests.

“Filming part is more fun for me…it doesn’t to be hard, tricky trick, but you can see the style and progress of the skating”, explained Mami.

I want to inspire girl skaters and young people. Do what you love and then don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Mami tezuka

Aspire-Inspire is a mini-documentary series by Monster Energy. Previous episodes featured Aurelien Giraud, Kelvin Hoeffler, Rune Glifberg, Ayumu Hirano, Nyjah Huston, and Matt Berger.

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The Berrics Drops ‘Wonder Years’ Part Featuring Julian Jeang-Agliardi



Twelve-year-old Julian Jeang-Agliardi is killing it in his new part for FP Footwear entitled “Wonder Years”.

Now showing on The Berrics Youtube channel, Wonder Years was filmed and edited by Shane Darnell.

Julian has been participating in am contests since eight years old. Watch more of Julian in the video below and make sure to check out his YouTube channel with his brother Quentin.

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Jimmy Wilkins, Lilly Stoephasius win Tony Hawk’s Vert Alert 2022



Jimmy Wilkins is on a roll after winning Tony Hawk’s Vert Alert 2022.

Wilkins recently earned his 5th consecutive X Games Vert medal. He placed second in last year’s Vert Alert.

Mitchie Brusco and Moto Shibata joined him on the podium for second and third place respectively.

Last year’s Vert Alert Winner Edouard Damestoy won the Men’s Best Trick. He also recently won the first-ever Mega Park discipline for this year’s X Games.

Fifteen-year-old Lilly Stoephasius won the Women’s division. Bryce Wettstein came in at second place while Arisa Trew finished third. At nine years old, Reese Nelson, the youngest competitor, won the Women’s best trick contest.

Watch the full coverage of Tony Hawk’s Vert Alert 2022 below.

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