Brian Wenning’s DC Lynx Colorway Drops Today, Prepare for New Footage

Brian Wenning made the brown, tan, and orange colorway of the DC Lynx famous in Transworld’s Subtleties [2004]. 15 years later, DC is rereleasing the shoe as a Wenning colorway. It drops today, which is exciting in and of itself for fans of this classic silhouette. But what’s even more exciting is that Wenning is going to be linking up with the DC team in New York in honor of the release. So hopefully we’ll be seeing some new footage soon. He breaks this bit of news in a new interview posted by Transworld this morning.

Nice, so they drop on Go Skateboarding Day and you’re gonna do a little skate trip around the East Coast with some of the DC team?

We’re gonna do a little something in New York City. Hopefully it’s not a limited run. I’d like to see these on a lot of people’s feet.

Head over to Transworld to read the rest of the Q&A.

Image Via DC Shoes