Eric Koston Weighs in on the Intersection of Street & Skate Culture

It’s impossible not to notice the recent hybridization of street and skate culture. In the past five or so years, skateboarding has been integrated into pretty much all things urban. While this phenomena may seem new on a surface level, it goes much deeper when you dig a bit. Eric Koston weighs in with some interesting insight on the topic at the 34:00 mark of the latest episode of Business of Hype.

Those cultures have always collided. It hasn’t been as celebrated like this. [But] it’s always been around. We’ve been hanging with graffiti artists, and early streetwear brands before they were called streetwear. Hanging out at Triple 5 Soul in L.A., and getting mixtapes… all that stuff. We didn’t know what it was called. [It was just], this shit’s fresh. So it’s always been around. It’s just now, it seems to be much more elevated and celebrated.

Listen to the entire interview above.