UPDATE: Watch the Footage That Accompanies Guy Mariano’s Team Classic

Hot on the heels (pun intended) of Guy Mariano’s latest golden nugget comes his colorway of the Nike SB team classic. It’s inspired by Guy’s Italian heritage, and features the horned hand good luck sign on the insole. Guy breaks it all down in a new interview that was released yesterday on the Nike SB website. We can definitely identify with the bit about lucky shoes and clothes.

I did say I’m not a superstitious type, but I have had that lucky pair of pants, shirt, or shoes that has given me the good juju that I’ll take out for those battle days. In my opinion, when something is comfortable for me and looks and feels good it personally skates better.

Head over to the Nike SB site to read the rest, and check out detailed images of the shoe.

UPDATE 08.26.19: There’s a few more clips that accompany what we saw on Instagram last week for the release of Guy Mariano’s Team Classic. We’ve switched up the embed above accordingly.