Lizzie Armanto Becomes the First Female Skateboarder to Do the Loop

History was made yesterday when Lizzie Armanto became the first female skateboarder to successfully do the loop.  It happened at the NextVR live broadcast at Tony Hawk’s 900 Films office in Vista, California. The Birdman was on hand to document this milestone event, and provides some great insight into how it went down and what it was like to witness it live. Have a look at Tony’s Instagram post below.

I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions today with our infamous BBHJ loop. First was terror and pride watching my sons @rileyhawk & @keeganhawk try it, then seeing Riley get as close as humanly possible but slam into the flat at the exit (see his last post). It was unnerving, but he got up quickly. @jeromygreen and @charlieblair01 made it shortly thereafter. As everyone packed up and left, @lizziearmanto put her pads back on and started tying it again. Our live @nextvr event was over, but she was going the distance. Less than an hour later, this happened. It was pure skateboarding passion and talent converging in this milestone moment, making Lizzie the first woman to successfully do a loop. I am thankful that Riley is ok, and that I played a small part in this conquest. Thanks to anyone that watched our event, and special thanks to everyone that stayed to help Lizzie achieve this dream. I’m still buzzing.

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Image Via Penny Skateboards