UPDATE: Now That He’s a Free Agent, Which Company Will Snag Louie Lopez?

Louie Lopez has been a hot topic of conversation since the news broke that he parted ways with Flip last week. This announcement came just one month after the debut of Lopez’s signature pro shoe from Converse. Given that, and the year that he had in 2018, Lopez is clearly one of the hottest commodities in skateboarding right now, and must be fielding offers left and right. The internet has been speculating that Lopez could end up anywhere from FA to Element. Your guess is as good as ours on where he will ultimately go. But given all of the interest, it was only right to continue our Remix series with “West End” mixed with a sprinkling of Lopez’s Spitfire part. 

UPDATE 04.02.19: Yesterday, Chocolate pulled a fast one on skateboarding with its April Fools joke announcing Louie Lopez as its new team addition. The brand has since updated the post; and the new caption points in the direction of where most people have been speculating that he will end up. Time will tell.

Image Via Chocolate