A Menace Documentary May Be in the Works, but Not From ‘Epicly Later’d’

Yesterday, Joey Suriel made a post on Instagram that threw out the idea of a Menace documentary. It was then reposted by Steven Cales. While this could mean anything, it’s hard to ignore the potential foreshadowing here.

With fall approaching, we thought that this could somehow be linked to Season 2 of Viceland’s Epicly Later’d. We were wrong. Patrick O’Dell confirmed via email this afternoon that a second season of Later’d has yet to be greenlit by the network, and that there are currently no plans to redo the Menace episode for television.

To add even more fuel to our curiosity, we also received a cryptic text message for Lee Smith hours ago saying that he wanted to send us something via email. No word on if this is at all related. The message has not hit our inbox yet. But we’ll certainly keep you updated on any new developments.

For now, you can view Suriel’s post from yesterday below.

Image Via Menace