UPDATE: Watch Run The Jewels Perform ‘RTJ4’ Live Adult Swim

Miss going to concerts? We do too. Fortunately, we’re collectively in luck in that department. Run The Jewels will be performing RTJ4 in its entirety on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel for free on October 10 as part of a promotion that Mike and El are participating in with Ben & Jerry’s to encourage people to vote. If you’re not registered yet, we’ve been running a Skater’s Vote link at the top of the site for the past few months.

UPDATE 10.18.20: Mike and El turned all the way up for this. One of our top five New York moments is seeing R.T.J. perform in the back of Max Fish for its 30th anniversary last December. We highly recommend catching a live show if you ever get the opportunity. Watch the Adult Swim performance above.