Here’s A Sneak Peek at the Upcoming ‘Skate Kitchen’ Film

Jonah Hill’s mid90s isn’t the only film involving skateboarding hitting theaters in 2018. Crystal Moselle’s Skate Kitchen is set to release this Friday. Loosely based on the stars’ real lives, the film stars Jaden Smith and Rachelle Vinberg and will take a look at gender roles through following a group of girl skaters in New York as they navigate a male-dominated culture.

Skate Kitchen is already being compared to Larry Clark’s cult-class Kids [1995], only told from a female perspective. The above clip comes via Vulture and gives little away about the narrative of the film. But it is a glimpse of what’s to come none-the-less.

Between mid90s, Ballers, and Skate Kitchen, skateboarding is enjoying its biggest cinematic crossover year ever. It seems that as a culture we have fully ascended into the mainstream in 2018.

We’ll certainly be watching where all of this goes in the future.