Vans’ ‘Alright, Ok’ to Make Its Debut Tonight at 8pm E.S.T.

We’re finally going to get to witness the fruits of Elijah Berle’s labor over the past two years this evening. Alright, Ok will be premiering via Vans’ YouTube channel at 8pm E.S.T. Crafted by Greg Hunt, It features Gilbert Crockett alongside Elijah with a guest appearance from Justin Henry. The video follows the trio through trips to Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, New York, Virginia, and California to capture what will likely be a highlight of 2020’s video offerings. The question on everyone’s mind as of this writing should be whether or not Berle or Crockett’s performances will usurp Mason Silva’s SOTY run. We’ll find out tonight. For now, you can check out this digital zine to wet your whistle for what’s to come.