How Antwuan Dixon’s Marketing Played Into His Lifestyle Choices

Antwuan Dixon has one of skateboarding’s most infamous stories. His meteoric rise to fame at 16 after Baker 3 [2005] will never be forgotten. The decent that followed was almost just as quick. Twuan’s post-debut years were punctuated with well-documented bouts with drugs, alcohol, and jail. Now sober after his latest stint in rehab, Antwuan has been focussing on skateboarding again. His recent Instagram clips show shades of the old Twuan, and have been receiving collective heart-eye emojis from skateboarding on a whole.

For its latest episode, Antwuan sits down for an hour-and-a-half long interview with The Nine Club in which he weigh in on his past. At the 13:23 mark, Twuan talks about how his early marketing played into the lifestyle that lead to his troubles.

The whole time I’m on Deathwish, every board graphic was glorifying the fact that I’m the wild kid. [I had the] Get Out off Jail Free [board], my first one [pro model] was handcuffs behind my back. [It was] this, that, and the other. [It  was] building the brand at that time. But at the same time, I thought, “Cool, this is how it’s supposed to be.” But you catch a little time or whatever, and the whole script flips… It was like, “Damn, it was all good just a week ago.”

Dixon goes on to ponder his choices, and how things could have been different as the interview progresses. This is certainly a must-watch for any Antwuan Dixon fan.

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