John Shanahan Breaks Down Vintage Sponsor in New Profile Video

John Shanahan seems to be at the core of DC’s recent rebrand. It’s been reintroducing the classic shoes and clothing from its wonder years for the past several seasons. Albeit limited, even Droors has made a comeback. In Grey’s new profile video on Shanahan, he reveals where he was getting his vintage gear from before the reissues.

Me and my boy Matt were always thrifting. We started selling them on eBay. It kind of took off on Instagram. That was his whole thing, Vintage Sponsor. He knows mad pro snowboarders and skateboarders. So say a snowboarder rides for Volcom, he’s finding old Volcom shit. It’s shit that they ride for already, but old shit. He hooks me up with old DC shit, and Droors, and DUB. It was a cool concept. And it definitely worked. It took off.

Watch the entire piece above. The selected quote starts at 1:13.