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Best Female Skateboarders of All Time – 15 Most Famous Female Skaters



Skateboarding has always been a male-dominated sport. It was very difficult for women to join this sport mainly due to the social taboos. It was in 1960 that female skateboarders also joined the game. They paved the way for young girls to join skateboarding as a profession. These best female skateboarders laid down the foundation for women to be professional skateboarders.

Previously women have been skateboarding on streets but there were no professional grounds for them. Then Patti McGee appeared as the first professional female skateboarder. She had to go through a lot of challenges to get the world record as the first professional female skateboarder. Her brother who worked in a woodshop surprised her with a beginner skateboard. She broke the ice for other females and in this way, women also start participating in skateboarding. Today women stand side by side with men in skateboarding, giving them a tough challenge.

Without further ado, Let’s read about these best female skateboarders and how they earned their name in skateboarding.

List of 15 Best Female Skateboarders of All Time

1. Patti McGee

Patti McGee Skateboarder

In every list of best female skateboarders, the name Patti McGee must be mentioned. She was the first female skateboarder. In 1964 she won the female national skateboard championship, being the first woman to do so.

Patti McGee holds the owner of setting the world record as the most fast-paced girl on a skateboard at the speed of 47 miles per hour Worlds teen fair. This proves her passion and love for skateboarding. She did a national level tour that was sponsored by Vita Pak and during her journey, she also appeared on a lot of TV shows and later was featured in a lot of magazines. Plus, she was also featured on the front cover in some magazines.

It was later in 2010 that she finally gets the honor to join the skateboarding hall of fame which finally proved her worth. You can also have a look at the best skateboards for girls.

2. Erica Nicole Madrid

Erica Nicole Madrid Best Female Skateboarder

She is one of the most recent female skateboarders. Erica was really ahead of her age. She started gymnastics at the age of 2, the age when most children can barely walk. She continued practicing gymnastics for 15 years. During this time she won many regional, state-level, and also national level competitions. This was all possible due to her love for skateboarding.

It was at this age that she started taking interest in skateboarding. She practiced a lot and became the only human being who can do inward Fly away lache and she gave this stunt the name the Madrid. Besides being a skateboarder she also runs a fitness blog at Strong is the new sexy. Thus she is very fond of fitness as fitness has always been the key factor in skateboarding.

3. Peggy Oki

Peggy Oki

This name truly deserves a place in the list of best female skateboarders because of her heroic efforts. She was the first women who joined Z boys. She joined a male skaters group without any hesitation and it was said that she was a better skater than them, which was a huge compliment. It was not like she loved skating from the start. However, she loved boards from the start. At the start, she was a surfer but later she turned to skateboard.

When she joined zephyr boys, her style was then said to be raw and valiant. Be sides being a skateboarder Peggy Oki was an active environmentalist and frequently do projects to inform people about the impact of our environment on our planet. For this purpose, she created 2 projects named Origami Whales and Whales and Dolphin Ambassador program. In this way, she educated a lot of people.

4. Rayssa Leal

Rayssa Leal Skateboarder

At merely the age of 12, Rayssa Leal has made her way in the best female skateboarders. She is a true representation of women’s empowerment in skateboarding. In the present era when female skateboarders have been a role model for many young girls, Rayssa Leal also took inspiration from them and started practicing skateboarding. She went viral when she made a video of her skateboarding in which she flipped a stair set with her heels while she was in a fairy dress. This happened in 2015 and she got Nike Sb sponsorship.

In a short time period, she has become a professional skateboarder and has made her position in the industry despite her young age and the hurdles that came in her way.

5. Samarria Brevard

Samarria Brevard Best Female Skateboarder

Samarria has made her way in the list of best female skateboarders at the age of just 25. She is one of those people who have been born to be a skateboarder. In 2017, she participated in X games and won the silver medal, and was called Serena Williams of Skating. Initially, she assumed that the comparison was based on their skin color as both were black but later it turned out that it was due to her powerful skill set which makes her stand out.

She is an imaginative young person who aspires to make a difference. She aims to own a vegan restaurant, make a name in skateboarding and make this world a better place to live. Currently, she is working on some music videos but due to her excellent skill set, she is even able to do a 360-degree flip with 10 stair sets.

6. Elissa Steamer

Elissa Steamer Female Skateboarder

It was in 1989 that Elissa started her skateboarding career. Elissas first sponsorship was from Toy Machine. She has filmed for the Welcome to Hell video in 1996. However later she left it and joined Bootleg during the time interval of 1998-2003.

She has won 4 gold medals in X games thus proving her capability. Later in 2003, she was named as the Female skater of the year. This clearly states how brilliant she was. Many young girls even today look up to her when starting skateboarding as a professional career. She has appeared in the Pro Skater series. This earned her a lot of money that helped her continue her career as a skateboarder. However, she now owned her own brand for skateboarding accessories named Gnarhunters.

7. Margielyn Didal

Margielyn Didal Skateboarder

Didal is a Filipino female skateboarder. She is just 21 years old yet she holds a firm position in the field of skateboarding. She was first recognized when in 2018 she competed in the X Games and won the gold medal.

Didal has to face many challenges in her career. Initially, she practiced with her friends in a park which was later on closed. They had no place to practice so they started practicing on the streets and were often scolded by guards and police officers but she never lost hope.

She then competed in Street league Skateboarding in which she stood 8th. She continued participating and in 2018 she came in the eyes of the organizers of X games and they invited her to compete. Also, she was the first Philippines person to compete in it and she also won it. Later she was recognized worldwide and was featured in the 25 most influential teens of 2018, all thanks to her hard work.

8. Leticia Bufoni

Leticia Bufoni Skateboarder

Leticia has paved her way in the list of best female skateboarders as a Brazilian street skateboarder. This is because she has not only participated in X games 5 times but has also won it thus having 5 gold medals. She is the most famous skateboarder having 3.4 million fans on social media.

In the 2020 summer Olympics, she plans to participate and win and is currently working on it.


Another remarkable fact is that she was only 14 years old when she participated in X games for the first time. Due to her excellent skills, she has tied a record with Elissa streamers record of the most gold in the SKB Street for women with her XG Shanghais title. So overall she has earned 6 gold medals in X games from 2010-2014. Thus she surely is one of the best female skateboarders known today.

9. Sabre Norris

Sabre Norris Best Female Skater

Sabre is only a 16-year-old girl yet while following female skateboarders from a young age she has also made a name among them. She is the 1st Australian girl and also the 3rd female in the world who did 540 on a half pie. Her video went viral and people praised her a lot.

She owns a YouTube channel and she got famous when she went to the Ellen show. Later she also released 5 songs with the help of her brothers and sisters. But besides all this, she has a keen interest in surfing and skateboarding.

10. Alexis Sablone

Alexis Sablone Skateboarder

Alexis is an American skateboarder and also an artist. She was fond of skateboarding from a really young age. When she was 12 she participated in a contest for the first time. However, she has first recognized for her work in the video Wonderful, Horrible Life. In 2003, she entered X games and secured the second position in it. From then on she took part in every X game thats being held and up till now she has won 3 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medal.

She was a member of the WKND Skateboard team and in 2017 they gave her the signature pro deck. She loves to travel internationally and she also has appeared in my public places.

In addition to her career in skateboarding, she has also got an academic degree in architecture that is an all-rounder.

11. Cara Beth Burnside

Cara Beth Burnside

It was in 1989 when Cara entered skateboarding. She became famous when she appeared on the cover of Thrasher magazine representing her excellence in the vertical ramp. Initially, she fell short of money to continue skateboarding so she started snowboarding too to earn some money for her skateboarding.

Speaking about her achievements she has won almost 16 titles in different competitions, which include a gold medal in the US snowboard Olympiad and for SKB in X games during the time period of 2003-2010.

Due to her efforts, X games started hosting events for women and it was in 2003 that the first women’s event was launched by X games. This paved the path for a society where women will be treated equally as men in skateboarding. She was also the first woman who owned a signature Skate shoes.

12. Sky Brown

Sky Brown

This 12-year-old professional female skateboarder is known worldwide not only because of her age but also for winning the Dancing with the stars TV program. She is a Japanese skateboarder. This young girl was not trained by any coach to do skateboarding rather due to her own interest she watched YouTube videos and did skateboarding. Shaun white who has won the snowboarding Olympiad is friends with the sky and they sometimes practice together.

Seeing her talent Nike sponsored her and this makes her the youngest athlete supported by Nike. People are very much inspired by this little angel and she has almost 602,000 followers on Instagram and on YouTube, her videos get over 29 million views. She also holds the owner of being the youngest professional athlete in the world.

13. Aori Nishimura

Aori Nishimura Skateboarder

Coming from a family where 2 sisters are already skateboarding Aori also developed an interest in skateboarding from the very start. In 2017, she participated in a Skateboarding competition held in Japan and won it. Also, she was the first athlete from Japan who participated in the X games and also won the gold medal. However, she had to face an injury shortly after this victory and had to undergo surgery. After 6 months she returned to competitions.

In 2019, she was crowned as the world skateboarding champion in a contest that is being held by World skate and SLS. She has also participated in Womens world champion of street skateboarding and has also won it. Thus she surely holds a place in the list of best female skateboarders.

14. Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie Armanto Best Female Skateboarder

Lizzie is a 27-year-old professional female skateboarder. In 2007, she and her brother started skateboarding. She loved it so much that she decided to adopt it as a professional career. She has won almost 30 skateboarding competitions. In 2010-2012 she stood first in the World cup of skateboarding point race.

She also participated in the X Games and won a silver medal in 2013. The thing that makes her stand out is that she completed a 360-degree ramp in 2018 that makes her the first female skateboarder to do so.

She planned to participate in Tokyo Olympics 2020. She appeared in the video game of Tony hawks series. Lizzie with all her work and determination has surely proved her worth to be on the list of best female skateboarders.

15. Alana Smith

Alana Smith Skater

Alana Smith is the youngest person who has won a medal in X games in 2003 at the age of just 12 years. Doing something that remarkable at such a young age was not easy. But Alana held her ground and proved that with determination you can do anything. She has also done a 540 Mc Twist at the same age proving her worth. This makes her one of the best female skateboarders.

In her recent works, she has joined Eugene as the first female ambassador. Thus she is not only very passionate about her skateboarding career but she also wants to pave way for women in the future to join skateboarding. She is a true model of women’s empowerment.


After reading this article and going through all the female skateboarders there must have been one that you are truly inspired from and who is your favorite. We have our favorites too and that female skateboarder is none other than Margielyn Didal. Margielyn has to go through so many challenges to be where she is today. She has to practice on the streets as she has nowhere else to go. This wasnt easy at all. Many times she was scolded by the policemen and guards but she never let her determination become any less.

She has seen a dream of having a career in skateboarding and has fulfilled it despite all that hardships. In 2018 she won the Gold medal in X games. This was the time she let the world know that when you aspire to something you must never give up. She became a sensation and a role model for many young girls.


We would also love to know who your favorite female skateboarder is. Kindly let us know in the comment section plus the reason you like her the most.


Who was the first female professional skateboarder?

Patti McGee holds the owner of being the first woman who took part in skateboarding on the professional level as a female and laid the foundation for many females to come and join this game.

Who has won the most gold medals in the X Games?

Leticia Bufoni has earned 6 gold medals in X games based on her excellent skills, becoming the female skateboarder with the most gold medals in X games.

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