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Best Skateboard For 8 Year Old Kids – Reviews & Buying Guide



Are you thinking about gifting a skateboard to your 8 year old kid but don’t know which is the best skateboard for 8 year old?. It surely will be the most useful present for your growing kid. Today is the age of the internet so the use of electronic devices is excessive and results in kids lying on the couch the whole day long. This has instilled laziness in kids and they often are hesitant to go out in nature or involve in hard physical activity. Skateboarding a healthy sport for the mind and body will provide your kid the fun and company that will enhance their interest in the sport and they will be keen to play with other kids of the same age more often.

We have picked the best colorful durable and comfortable skateboard for the kids in this article so it becomes easier for you so to decide the perfect one for your kid.

Here are our top 3 recommendations for the Skateboards for 8 Year Old.


Rimable Skateboard

RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard

  • Fully Assembled
  • PU Wheels
  • Aluminum Trucks


SKITCH Skateboard

SKITCH Skateboard

  • Premium quality
  • Perfect for small kids
  • Best skate gift



SKATE XS skateboard

  • Made for kids
  • Bamboo deck
  • Cool deck designs

Best Skateboards for 8 Year Old Kids | Reviewing The Top Picks

1. SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Kids Skateboard

SKATE XS skateboard


  • Best for beginner kids
  • 53mm wheels
  • Solid bamboo deck
  • Assembled in USA


When looking for a cool board for kids one surely wants a colorful board that has attractive designs. SkateXS has designed skateboards in 24 different colors so you will get the best option for your kid according to the taste. The decks are designed especially for beginner skaters so it’s easy for them to stabilize themselves on the board and maneuver. With these skateboards, the kids are able to learn to ride the board more easily and the chances of falling or injuring themselves are reduced. Thus it’s important to get the perfect size of the board.

SkateXS skateboard is our premium pick with the bamboo deck. The bamboo board deck is lightweight so kids can easily carry it around. The deck is durable and provides the best pop. The pop helps in performing the complex tricks with ease. The skateboard comes pre-assembled so it’s ready to ride as it comes out of the box. Quality grip tape on top of the deck gives the skater needed traction so it’s easier to stabilize oneself on board. These skateboards by SkateXS have such high quality that you can use one to participate in a skating competition.

Various size options are available according to the age and weight of the kid. Choosing the right size makes the sport more comfortable and easier to learn. With the right board, it won’t take long for the kid to learn the skills of how to ride a board efficiently.

  • Bamboo deck is lightweight and provides better pop
  • The quality black grip tape improves deck traction
  • 24 colors skateboard options are available
  • The board comes pre-assembled ready to ride
  • Not a cheaper option

2. RIMABLE Complete 22″ Skateboard

RIMABLE Skateboard for kids


  • Made with top quality aluminum & plastic
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Best mini cruiser for kids
  • 198 LB load capacity


Wooden decks can chip off and are sensitive to water but a plastic deck works well even in rain. No need to worry about cracking your deck as you step out for a ride in the rain. Rimable skateboards are available in 9 different colors. The wheels are colored too. This makes skating more fun. Rimable mini cruiser skateboard is our editor’s choice product as it helps to promote skating among young kids. This skateboard is super affordable so it will help more people join the sport. The amazing patterns on the board will engage the kids in sport more than otherwise.

The deck is 22 inches long. The board can maximum support 198 pounds weight. The board is comfortable enough so one can even ride it barefooted. The quality deck is super affordable so everyone can experience a comfortable ride. This board can help the young kids commute to school more efficiently. The deck surface has a waffle appearance so it’s easy for the skater to stabilize themselves on the board. The board is lightweight and thus kids will be able to carry it around comfortably. This strong board can be used by the whole family whether young or adult.

Having one board that can fulfill the needs of the whole family becomes surely very comfy. Solid aluminum trucks make it easy to take turns and this action provides better control of the ride. The quality PU wheels can run on any bumpy road.

  • Waffle texture plastic deck surface
  • Colored deck and wheels
  • Super lightweight and portable
  • 22″ long mini cruiser style deck perfect for commuting
  • Bearings wear out early

3. WhiteFang Complete Skateboard For Beginners

WhiteFang Skateboard


  • Solid 7 layers Canadian maple deck
  • Super smooth & speedy ride
  • Built for commuting
  • Best for tricks


Want to run with super speed, try out these boards. The high Rebound PU wheels with ABEC 9 precision bearings respond to the situation on the ground super quick. These wheels are super fun and affordable for commuting. Whether you want to ride the board on streets or in a park, the wheels can bear it all. Commute all day without any noise. Not one of those who like loud colors or design? This deck has a minimalist black white graphic design. The graphic design is super durable and lasts much longer than all other boards. Get a board that can serve you for a lifetime.

WhiteFang Skateboards are not only for beginners but the skilled can ride and get a great experience too. Customized emery paper gives better stability and grip on the board so the skater won’t fall and injure himself. The symmetric concave design helps learn how to ride a board much efficiently. The concave design allows for easy long-distance travel. Enough deck space gives considerable room for the skater to stand comfortably for the long commute. The skateboard deck is made of 7 layers of maple wood. This offers a perfect mixture of toughness and weight. The board can support up to 330 pounds and contains magnesium alloy trucks.


WhiteFang has the best-selling skateboard for beginner skaters. The board comes pre-assembled so it saves one from the hassle of assorting different parts together. The pattern on the board lasts much longer and thus making it a great choice for both beginner and pro Skaters.

  • 7 maple wood layers thick deck
  • Minimalist graphic design that lasts for long
  • Double Kick start dis-symmetric concave design
  • Sandpaper helps in better stability during the commute
  • Wheels bite while taking turns

4. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard


  • Affordable and durable
  • Cool deck graphics
  • Great for learners
  • Super high rebound wheels


Want a quality deck that can provide a quality experience at an affordable price, Powell has a super high-quality material board that can do the job. So whether you are a beginner or a quality conscious advanced skater it can work for both. Each component of this board is made of high-quality material and tested during production to provide high-quality results to the buyer. No matter how bumpy the road becomes the highly rebound polyurethane wheels provide grip on the road unlike any other board within the same price range. The affordable price makes the board a great choice for all the skaters.

The 31 inches long plastic deck has enough space for the skater to balance himself comfortably on the board. This much space allows the beginner to have a better grip on the board and makes it easy to learn the skills of riding aboard. This dragon-designed deck might fascinate many kids and so can be a great birthday present for them. One can perform tricks with this board but often a longboard is used for cruising. The board is good for kid or adult beginner skaters alike. The wheels have a treaded surface that makes the ride experience more comfortable.

The surface of the deck is somewhat concave which makes it easy for beginners to stabilize themselves but also makes it hard to learn the tricks. These boards can thus be a great option for those who want to use skateboards as a means of commute and save the earth from harmful chemicals.

  • Colorful dragon design deck will be fascinating for many young kids
  • Symmetric concave-shaped deck that provides better grip
  • Affordable boards for the whole family
  • 31″ longboard with enough standing space for the long commute
  • The deck tends to crack easily

5. Slide Street Surf Skateboard

Slide Street Surf Skateboard for 8 yeard old kids


  • High speed Bevo Gold ABEC 7 bearings
  • Comes with trucks adjustment tool
  • Good for surf-skating
  • Best for pumping


Roller Derby has a board that can be used for surfing, snowboarding, or cruising through the streets. What’s special about these skateboards? Although the boards might look like all other options available in the market they have special spring trucks. These spring-loaded trucks help the skater pump the skateboard through turns. Thus it enables the skater to maintain momentum without having to push. This provides the skater with a next-level riding experience. The patented spring-loaded trucks system is a highlighting feature of this board.

Roller Derby skateboards have decks made of Canadian maple that are thick and can support the large weight. This board can be useful for large-weight skaters. The package includes a skate tool that helps with tightening loosened nuts and parts of the board. The skateboard tool is very helpful for adjusting the level of tightness of trucks and bearings. The front trucks are carver trucks that can even go uphill. This board is great for those who want to learn pumping and carving. This board is 34 inches long and super affordable and is available in 3 different colors.

The big size and color options make it a must-have option for those who want to learn to pump. The board is a little too long for those who want to practice complex tricks but it will be great to use the board and learn to carve. The maple wood is thick and lasts long despite excessive pressure.

  • Spring-loaded trucks design helps provide better momentum
  • The package includes a skate tool that helps tighten parts of the board
  • Surfing board design great for learning carving and pumping
  • Maple wood deck available in 3 different colors
  • Trucks might make weird noises

6. SKITCH Complete Skateboard

SKITCH Skateboard for kids


  • Best skateboard gift set
  • Adjustable for all body sizes
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Best unisex skateboard


SKITCH has designed this skateboard package for passionate skaters. The skateboard bearings are designed to roll fast and provide a smooth ride. The speed can be limited by using the skate tool that comes with the board. The decks are made of plastic that remains sturdy enough for a long ride. High-quality plastic provides the board with flexibility according to the skater’s size and weight. Thus everyone can enjoy a ride on this board irrespective of their size and weight. Customize the parts of the board according to your own taste and preference.

The lightweight skateboard is super convenient for young skaters to carry around. The skateboard comes with a backpack so the kids can put it inside the bag when not riding and enjoy the journey. The board is fully adjustable for bigger riders. The professional choose this 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard for a smooth ride experience. The board is for all teen girls and boys and adult men and women. High flex bushings provide a butterfly ride feel. The alloy trucks provide better ride balance. This board is available in 2 appealing colors blue and pink.

The board can be fully adjusted according to different skill levels. If you want a slower speed just use the skate tool to adjust the bearings. Minimum skateboard weight allows easier portability for skaters especially young kids. Riser pads help the skater experience a better carving experience. This minimizes unwanted vibration.

  • The board comes with a backpack and skateboard tool
  • Speed level can be adjusted according to need using the Skate tool
  • Riser pads help provide a better carving experience
  • Sturdy and flexible plastic deck is available in two appealing colors
  • Too narrow and lacks lips on ends for braking

7. Retrospec Quip Retro Skateboard

Retrospec skateboard for 8 year old


  • Easy to control
  • Easy to carry
  • Available in many color combinations
  • Best retro street cruiser


Retrospec aims to design the most cool-looking board that can provide the best skating experience to the rider. The skateboard is made of high-strength injection-molded plastic which makes it easy to use. It’s easy to control the board movements. The smooth wheels are better able to soak the jerks resulting from bumpy roads and providing a smooth experience to the skater. The Waffle top pattern allows for easier turning. No need for a grip tape. The top Waffle design provides the needed stability. Due to Quip’s small kicktail just weave around town effortlessly and enjoy nature.

This plastic board flexes under your weight which provides the skater with the flexibility that is needed for a super ride. The wheels are made out of polyurethane are super comfortable and can be used to ride on a bumpy road too. This affordable Retrospec deck is available in 27 appealing colors. This huge collection of colors makes it easier for parents to get the kid’s favorite color board as a present. Both the deck and the wheels are colored which provides a very unique and cool look to the board. This small deck is ready to ride as you pull it out of the box.

The 22-inch long mini cruiser style board will easily fit inside any backpack and cause no issues while commuting. The 5-inch trucks provide better maneuverability and balance. The recommended weight limit for this board is 220 lbs. The board weighs only 4 pounds so it’s easy to carry even for young skaters.

  • 27 color options provide for great variety to choose from.
  • Grippy molded Waffle pattern on deck improves stability.
  • The plastic deck can support up to 220 lbs weight.
  • The board comes ready to ride with perfect wheels that soak up all street bumps
  • The board surface scratches easily

Read Also:

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Buy the Skateboard for 8 Year Old Kids

Buying a skateboard for 8 years old will prove to be a very useful present. Deciding the perfect board for a beginner young skater can be somewhat tricky. We have listed some key features to look for in your perfect purchase next.

  • Color

The color variety is a must when looking for a board for the young skater. Kids are appealed by colors and it intrigues and develops their interest in the sport. Some manufactures often cool graphics which will make the kids more attracted to the sport.

  • Deck size

Choose the deck size according to the weight of the kid. The right size deck will make the skating experience much better. The deck should be chosen according to the age and weight of the rider so maximum comfort will be experienced during the ride.

  • Grip tape

For beginners, stability is a major issue. Grip tape or sandpaper provides the needed traction so the rider is balanced on the board and chances of falling or injuring oneself are minimal. Some boards have a waffled top design that does the same job.

  • Trucks

The use of good size skateboard trucks will provide better balance and maneuverability. The use of quality trucks makes it easier to take turns and maintain momentum during the ride. Different parts of the skateboard can be loosened or tighten according to need by using a skate tool.


Overall best skateboard for 8-year-old

RIMABLE Complete 22″ Skateboard is the overall best skateboard for 8 years old. This plastic deck mini cruiser skateboard is super light and portable which makes it a great choice for young kids. The high-quality deck can support 198 pounds weight. The deck and wheels both are colored and many options are available so one can get the perfect color of choice.

Best value for money skateboard for 8 year old


SKITCH Complete Skateboard is the best value for money skateboard for 8 years old. This is a complete gift set that includes a skate tool and backpack along with the board. Riser pads on the board help provide a great carving experience. The board is designed for both beginners and pro skaters. The speed can be controlled by using the skate tool to tighten or loosen the parts of the board.


Can adult skaters ride the skateboards designed for kids?

Yes, most boards are designed for both adult and young skaters. Each board has a weight-bearing limit which should be kept in view before making a purchase. If the adult weight falls in between then they can ride the same skateboard. Choose the right skateboard size after considering the age and weight of the skater. Putting weight beyond the limit will cause the board to crack. Tighten or loosen the bearings to control speed according to the need of the skater.

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