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8 Best Skateboard Grip Tape in 2022 – Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide



Grip tapes are a part of the skateboard setup and are needed for an excellent balance and grip to perform stunts. They might cover the whole surface of a skateboard or are cut in some design by a skater. One side of a grip tape is adhesive, and the other is sandpaper-like. The grip tape gives traction which will keep feet on board. The Best Skateboard Grip Tapes help increase the lifespan of the deck too.

After an extensive research and testing the products, we have reviewed some of the top quality grip tapes for skateboards along with their specifications, pros and cons. All you need to do is just go through their reviews and pick the one that best suits your requirements.

A top-notch skateboard grip tape will provide the skateboarders good gripping. They help Skaters grip onto the board even while performing water sports. Grip tapes can accumulate dirt and mud, so it is to be changed to improve grip and provide safety from injury.


Black widow

Black Widow Skateboard Longboard Grip Tape

  • Attractive design
  • Authenticity
  • See-through


Black diamond

Black Diamond Sheet of Grip Tape

  • Excellent stability
  • Super durable
  • Endures extreme


Jessup skateboard

Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape

  • Easy to trim out
  • Gives stability
  • For wooden decks

Reviews of the Best Skateboard Grip Tapes

1. Black Widow Skateboard/Longboard Grip Tape

Black Widow Skateboard Longboard Grip Tape


  • Eight colors
  • Standard size
  • Wood compatible
  • Logo at back of the sheet
  • Sticky adhesive


Skateboarding has been a popular sport for a long. It takes time and tireless efforts to master this sport. With this long practice, it’s easy for its parts to wear out especially the grip tape which gives resistance and support accumulates dirt, and becomes ineffective it may even start to peel off, so it becomes necessary to remove the older one and replace it with a new one.

With so many grip tape brands in the markets, the aim is to achieve an industrial level finish with long durability. This grip tape comes in standard size and will fit most brand skateboards easily. Buyers can order according to the size of their board as it might fit some longboards also. It’s wood compatible. The grip tape sheet has a logo at the back, so no one gets fooled by a fake brand and get the real product.

Small air bubbles may form in this grip tape while applying. With the use of Grip tape, it becomes easy to balance oneself on a slippery surface, so grip tapes are used elsewhere also. It has eight colors to make your skateboard look more attractive and appealing. These eight colors are all available in standard size with good strong adhesion. As its structure like Sandpaper so it might scratch shoes although it won’t ultimately damage them. Making it the best skate grip.

  • Attractive Colorful options
  • Authenticity can be confirmed from the logo at the back of the sheet
  • Good strong adhesion
  • Can be easily cut
  • See-through, so skateboards own colors visible
  • Sticks rubber surface but comes off after some time
  • Small air bubbles might form

2. Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape

Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape


  • 8′ 33″ inches sheet
  • Wood compatible
  • Miniscule perforations
  • Silicon carbide grit


Skateboard grip tapes are needed for better stability during performing tricks. They ensure better skater safety, save them from breaking a bone or head injuries. People sought for long durability grip tapes as skateboarding is a sport that requires long term practice. The Best Skaters needs to re-perform the same trick multiple times to be able to achieve a professional level. This long repeated use of skateboards often makes grip tape peel off so need for reapplication.

Jessup skateboard grip tape comes as an 8′ 33″ inches sheet which can be used to cover most skateboard surfaces effectively. This grip tape will give the best control to the skater so he can coordinate well and perform stunts. JESSUP designed the first silicon carbide grip tape and is the master of the trade. It fits the deck concave perfectly. It’s compatible with wooden material. It has a non-slip surface so shoes can work better and won’t be damaged. It’s super durable for use by Skaters as it would not tear out easily. It is the editor’s choice product for use by pro skaters.

This grip tape has minute holes, so air bubbles are eliminated, and application is easy. The unique grip tape design makes it very appealing and one of the most durable skateboard grip tapes.

  • Easy to trim out
  • Gives stability
  • Good for wooden skateboards
  • Width might be more comprehensive than stated

3. Black Diamond Sheet of Grip Tape

Black Diamond Sheet of Grip Tape


  • Nine color options
  • Cotton rib knitting
  • Easy to remove
  • 80 grit level
  • Dirt remover
  • Weather and waterproof


If just black seems boring for you and you want to play with some colors BLACK DIAMOND has designed colorful options for you which will enhance your skateboard charm. This grip tape comes in 9 different colors you can choose which you want. It has cotton rib knitting and is greatly adheres to the skateboard surface but is also easy to remove. Also, it has an 80 grit level, the industry standard for grip tape which will provide needed traction for daring tricks. This grip tape won’t damage shoes.

It comes in various sizes. The longboard size grip tape is 10′ 48 inches. The standard size tape is 9′ 33 inches, and the short length for mini skateboards is 4.5′ 15 inches. You can choose the size according to your skateboard size. It also comes as a 60ft long roll. This will be a cost-effective option if you need a bulk of Grip tape. This skateboard grip tape comes with a dirt remover so that your grip tape life is prolonged and removing dirt gives better stability.

This best-selling grip tape is easy to cut. It gives the skater a firm grip on the board. Also, It can endure harsh weather and is Waterproof. It is made with industrial-grade glue and09873r which adheres very well to the surface and you can easly wash it too. Due to good adhesion, it will not wear out. The sticky side sticks to smooth surfaces very well and can be used for other purposes apart from skateboard, e.g. scooter and stairs.

  • Industrial standard grit level gives excellent stability
  • Can be used for water sport
  • Endures extreme weather
  • Super durable
  • Air bubbles may form while applying

4. ZUEXT 11″ x 44″ Bubble-Free Waterproof Grip Tape

ZUEXT 11 x 44 Bubble-Free Waterproof Grip Tape


  • Size of tape is 11′ 44 inches
  • 0.78 mm thickness
  • Waterproof
  • Fine non-visible perforations
  • Silicon carbide grit binding
  • Bears extreme hot and cold


Skateboard grip tapes need to change after they accumulate dirt or tear due to repeated use. ZUEXT grip tape is our premium pick as it’s quickly adhering to long durability. Its thickness is 0.78mm. It has fine perforations that will avoid any air bubble accumulation. It will be useful not only for Skaters but can provide grip on other slippery surfaces as well for example stairs, scooter or pistol, and gun.

Its diamond silicon grit binding process gives very high strength bonding. This 11′ 44″ will fit most surfaces easily or it can be trimmed easily according to need without any fear of tearing. This grip tape is made of very high-quality material and is Waterproof, so doing water spots won’t damage your grip tape. This grip tape can bear extreme hot and cold and would not peel off. With this grip tape, Skaters can perform expert tricks with confidence.

The grip tape is especially hand-rolled to avoid any creasing during shipping. Flat packaged grip tapes get creased quickly, so it is a need to roll it up. It will last for a longer duration due to high-quality material. With the use of this grip tape, the rider will have a better grip, and this would provide more excellent safety they can avoid severe injuries. This grip will give a professional look to the skateboard. All these features make this skateboard the best grip tape of all.

  • Long durability
  • Professional finish
  • Greater safety
  • Fits most skateboards very easily
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces
  • Not very practical for use on fire arms

5. Mob Skateboard Grip Tape

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape


  • Four colors
  • Wood compatible
  • High strength
  • Two standard size sheets
  • Perforations


If you own a long skateboard then standard size this grip tape will fulfill your needs it comes in 2 sheets each measuring 9′ 33″ the standard size. It is available in 4 different colors and is compatible best with wooden surfaces. It is a durable waterproof grip tape and will not peel off in extreme heat or cold so Skaters can easily use it anywhere. Also, It has perforations for bubble Free application.

Skateboarding grip tapes need to fit the skateboard fully so the skater can perform his stunts with confidence and efficiently, so the size of Grip tape is important to note while buying. With temperature endurance, the grip tape lasts longer. Skateboarding requires repeated use to learn the art, this extended use can affect the grip tape, causing it to peel off, but more extraordinary adhesive property and good quality material will make the tape durable.

Skateboard grip tapes with wooden compatibility can be used for other slippery wooden surfaces as well. It is good to use for wooden stairs, scooters, etc. Colors are available so buyers can customize and design their skateboard as per their choice. It has tear-resistant material which you can trim easily. It has a grit binding so that grip tape will not wear out quickly. The skater can use grip tape for longer and perform all tricks with confidence.

  • Can be customized according to choice by using different colors
  • Good for wooden surfaces
  • Useful for covering larger than standard size surface
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
  • Creases on tape

6. ZUEXT 11″ x 50″ Clear Skateboard Grip Tape

ZUEXT 11 x 50 Clear Skateboard Grip Tape


  • Material is of high quality
  • Small pores for air escape
  • Silicon-Carbide material used for gripping
  • Thick up to 1.5mm
  • High safety ensured


Are you looking for a grip tape for your skateboard to keep it protected? Worry not. ZUEXT once again is here to solve this problem for you. ZUEXT, while keeping in mind your demands comes up with a skateboard grip tape that has many exciting features. Let us have a look at them.

This grip tape is waterproof hence protecting your skateboard even if it falls in the water. Also, it is transparent, no need to hide the original design of your skateboard which you liked the most. This grip tape has allowed air to escape through such small pores that are almost invisible to the naked eye, hence giving it a perfect shape in comparison with having large holes for the escape of air.

Still, with all these features are you even now worried if you should buy it or not because you are not sure if the size will fit your skateboard? No worries, it has a reliable size that allows it to be cut according to any skateboard size. Now the next thing people are mostly concerned about is for how long will it work? ZUXET gives you such high-quality material that it will remain in its best situation almost forever. Also, it will be the best gripping tape since they use Silicon-carbide in it. Now let us look at its key features.

  • Waterproof
  • All sizes available on your choice
  • Put in unique bags, so it doesn’t get damaged during shipping
  • Sometimes wrinkles on sheet

7. BooTaa Skateboard Grip Tape

BooTaa Skateboard Grip Tape


  • 45.2′ 10.6 inches
  • Silicone made
  • Plastic and paper compatible
  • Many perforations
  • 1.5 mm thickness
  • Tear-proof


Air bubbles of entrapped can cause stability issues, decrease the life of grip tape, causing it to wear out. This grip tape has fine perforations to let air bubbles escape while applying the tape on a skateboard. It comes in 45.2′ 10.6 inches size. It’s made up of silicone and suitable for paper or plastic. It is made with long-lasting glue so it won’t come off quickly and give needed traction and stability to skaters for a long duration.

Its thickness is 1.5mm. It can work well even bearing extreme heat or cold. It is tear-proof so it can be easily trimmed according to the size of the skateboard and will fit easily. It’s Waterproof so can be washed easily this will reduce dirt or mud accumulated in grip tape and makes it durable. The sandy surface of Grip Tape helps the skater balance well. Grip tapes are used to increase traction and avoid damage from a slippery surface. Slippery stairs can cause serious injury if one accidentally slips or any other product with which you need feel for better grip support, and a grip tape can be used.

This grip tape with forest camouflage pattern will easily adhere to your skateboard without forming any air bubbles as they’ll escape through the perforations, so grip tape adheres firmly. It can be used on any slippery surface for extra grip. This grip tape comes in a rolled form so it won’t get creased. It is rolled by hand and then individually packaged. It is made up of high-quality material so it won’t fade off with use.

  • Easy to trim
  • No air bubbles
  • Long-lasting adhesive property
  • Very hard to cut

8. Black Diamond 10″ x 48″ Skateboard Grip Tape

Black Diamond


  • Size adjustable even to old boards
  • The gripping material is silicon carbide.
  • High safety
  • Easy peel and stick use
  • Can be custom made according to your choice


While looking for a skateboard grip tape, Black Diamond must be on your list. Black diamond provides some of the most reliable and high quality skateboard grip tapes, which is why it is included in our list of best skateboard grip tapes. Now let us look what the features that make this grip tape stand out are.

Finding a grip tape that will fit the size of your skateboard has always been an issue. Mostly the grip tapes are not wide enough to fit the size. Black diamond while keeping in mind this necessity designs a 10 inches wide and 48 inches long skateboard grip tape that will surely fit your skateboard, hence solving your problem of size.

The next problem people mostly face is the gripping issue. What if the tape is not gripped firmly? What if you meet an accident because of that? So while looking for a tape for your skateboard be sure first that it grips firmly hence keeping you protected because safety is the priority. Black diamond for this purpose designs a grip tape that has silicon carbide material in it, therefore ensuring your safety and these materials are being held together through an efficient technique called Sintering.


Sometimes the usage is also an issue. You are always thinking about how I follow the steps to prevent it from damaging during the process. Black diamond, on the other hand, is easy to peel and stick. So easy to use.

  • Easy to install
  • Security ensured
  • Customized boards are handy features
  • Sometimes edges are somewhat shady

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Buy Skateboard Grip Tape

Skateboard grip tapes are a must-have if one wants to perform tricks. Without having a grip tape chance of slipping and injuring yourself increase a lot. Grip tapes give the traction thus extra support to let you balance yourself on the board and perform stunts alongside. There are many skateboard grip tape brands in the market keep the following main features in mind while buying your grip tape.


The size should be well-fitting for your skateboard. You can also look for bigger size sheets at less price. The big size sheets are cut to fit the board so one can also opt for rolls if much amount is needed.


Minute air perforations are made in grip tape sheets so that while applying it on a skateboard air can leak out no bubbles are formed, and the sheet is uniformly spread over the whole board.


This comes into consideration if you want an attractive looking skateboard and don’t want the usual dull colors. Colorful grip tapes give an appealing look to the skateboard and let skaters customize according to their choice. Many color options are available so the buyer can choose according to his style. Colors can be used to create a colorful pattern on a skateboard.

Water and Weatherproof

The best skateboard grip tape should have this feature so that it can be used in water and extreme weather such as heat or cold won’t affect the adhesion property of the tape. The tapes that are weatherproof can bear temperature extremes, and they won’t peel off. Washable material can be washed so that dirt can be removed and there is a better grip even after prolonged use.


Are grip tapes washable?

Yes, some skateboard grip tape are washable. They can be washed to remove dirt from the tape surface and increase its durability.

Are perforations in grip tape important?

Yes as grip tapes are used over slippery surfaces for better stability and traction, they need minute perforations so air bubbles can escape while applying it on the surface. Air bubbles if trapped decrease durability.


Skateboarders need grip tape to enhance stability. Grip tapes cover the skateboard surface. Skaters can perform stunts with confidence using grip tape. Next, we have picked some best options for you.

Black Diamond is the best grip tape available in the market at less price. It has various features. It comes with a dirt remover. Skater can remove accumulated dirt from his skateboard. Dust removing increases durability. This top grip tape is available in 9 different colors. It has the right size that fits most skateboard brands easily.

The second one that we recommend is Black Widow grip tape for prolonged use. It has minute perforations from which air bubbles escape. The premium skateboard grip tape is water and weatherproof. It has silicon carbide gripping, so it is very durable. Moreover, the tape is tear-proof. Skaters can easily trim out grip tape according to the size of the skateboard. It will give a professional finish to the skateboard. It can be used on multiple other slippery surfaces, e.g., stairs, scooters, pistols, and guns.

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