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Best Skateboard Truck Brands That Make Quality Trucks – Reviews



Skateboard trucks are classified as metal T-shaped pieces that can be mounted on the underside of the skateboard and keep your wheels and bearings firmly attached to the deck of your skateboard. Confused about what skateboard truck brand you should go for? Here is a complete guide on all of the brands you can consider and what factors you need to consider before purchasing your skateboard trucks.

List of Top Skateboard Trucks Brands

1. Independent Trucks

There is no denying the fact that independent trucks are the best when talking about the trucks. Many skaters prefer Independent trucks and these are pretty much familiar. Independent skates were started by the guy names Fausto Vitello back in 1978. He also founded thrasher magazine. This company manufactures high-quality trucks that perfectly fits with the skateboards. Independent trucks have a unique personality that has not been changed to this date. It is no wonder that most of the skaters love independent trucks because of their high performance. People tend to go for independent skates due to multiple reasons like their excellent durability, strength and wonderful glide.

You just need to figure out the width of the truck that is going to work best with your deck and wheel then you can choose from various options. Independent trucks come in three different sizes, the standard profiles are 55mm (gap b/w axle and deck), mid profiles that are at 53.5mm and finally, you have low profiles that are around 48.5mm. Different heights are available depending upon different variants so to choose the right one, one should know about his/her wheel diameter and how long he is going to ride.

Generally, higher ones are used for bigger wheels and looser trucks. One more advantage of getting them is that you can also customize the distance between your axle and deck with the help of riser pads. To find the right width, you need to match the axle width as close to the size of your deck. The geometry that is design, weight and resistance has almost been kept the same. The lighter weight trucks are usually more expensive.

In short, independent trucks can easily be classified as one of the best with the highest quality and performance.

2. Thunder Trucks

Next up we have thunder trucks that offer premium truck quality. Thunder trucks are used by a lot of skaters all over the world. Thunder trucks are stylish, lightweight and strong. The features include titanium axles, hollow kingpins and powerfully forged baseplates.

Thunder trucks are great for street skateboarding, offers more stability and are more responsive to turns. Various width sizes are available for thunder trucks. Thunders have the best grinding performance. Different constructions are there to fulfill all the requirements of modern-day skateboarding. There are numbers of weight reduced models that come with the name light. They have a fast reaction and smooth turning. They are one of the most stable skateboard trucks.

Besides high trucks, low trucks are also available with low axles if you want close contact with the ground. Thunder trucks always try to bring improvements in their geometries and designs. Skaters prefer thunder trucks because of comfortable steering, smooth grind behavior and great durability.

Thunder also provides mounting kits and other spare parts. Moreover, broken kingpins can be replaced with an original part to further enhance the life of the trucks. Thunder also provides bushings with certain degrees of hardness. This way you can make your own individual setup. Thunder trucks will be the best companions for your skateboards and take your riding skills to a next level.

In short, thunder trucks prove to be one of the best trucks and that is why so many skateboarders go for thunder trucks for skateboarding.

3. Venture

Venture can be considered one of the best brands for skateboard trucks. They have been distributed via deluxe distribution since 2011 and are manufactured in San Francisco. They have a vast variety of skateboard trucks available in different colors, sizes and designs. That means you can easily style your skateboard. Venture provides the best grinding performance, turning and gives you an amazing riding experience overall.

Venture trucks provide a lot of stability and are really durable. The most noticeable design feature is that they are made up of aluminum which makes them lightweight and strong at the same time. With their latest innovations, the V-Lights and the V-Hollows, they have further reduced the weight. Ventures go really well for mini ramps, bowls and vert. Venture trucks are really affordable. Venture tends to manufacture trucks that have relatively shorter hanger widths. They have really good grinding performance with no kingpin interference. Due to their geometry, they are really stable and a strong kingpin keeps everything together. They work well with bushings and tend to be more stable.

A drawback of using venture can be the possible deterioration of the bushings that can happen a bit fast. Another drawback of using venture is that it offers less turn as compared to independent and thunder trucks. Replacing the bushings can help solve this issue as then you can have better and smooth turns.

Therefore, venture can be really considered as one of the best brands for your skateboard truck.

4. Tensor Trucks

Are you familiar with the guy named Rodney Mullen? Let me refresh your memory. The legendary skateboarder turned some of the really exciting tricks into reality, like the kickflip, heelflip, flat ground ollie and the 360-degree flip. The guy who won the skateboard championship when he was only 14. Yes, if you have guessed correctly then he is the guy who engineered these trucks.

Tensor Trucks come with excellent features. You can practice almost every trick in them and do your own freestyle. Finest metals are used in the manufacturing process of these trucks which promises the highest quality trucks. These are designed with technical skateboarding in mind. Magnesium is used for the truck hanger and base plate that makes the trucks really strong while producing a super smooth grinding surface and reducing the weight. All tensor skateboard trucks come with high-quality bushings. Tensor forwent the basic plastic sliders (though they are still available online) and introduced the response range which was comparatively lightweight and then they were replaced further by the lightest design known as Magnesium MAGLIGHT’s.

Tensors are really confident about the quality of the product they are providing that they even offer a lifetime guarantee for manufacturer defects and craftsmanship.

Tensors trucks have great strength because of the reinforced hanger which redistributes the weight in all of the key areas. It has better control due to the interlocking bushings that interlock with the truck hanger keeping it accurately centered so that it responds fast. The kingpin is lowered for more clearance. It reacts fast and has smoother turns with the lesser wheel bite because of its size.

Therefore, tensor trucks provide the perfect quality and performance and are good to go for skaters.

5. Grind King Trucks

Donald Cassel was the one who founded Grind King Trucks in the 1990s. The guy has deep knowledge of trucks as he tried to solve many problems regarding the trucks and due to that finally, he invented GK-9. These are the trucks best known for grinding.

The special feature of the grind king trucks are the hex-head kingpins but it can be a bit problematic as well as it requires special tools for adjusting. Grind King Trucks has been a great innovator to make high-performance skateboard trucks.


They have been innovating their designs considering improving the features like bushing design, strength, lightness, and giving high performance. Grind King skateboard trucks also consist of upgraded bushings that tend to rebounds the hanger back to its central position which eliminates the problem of sticking that many skaters have to face. They have tremendous strength as they are built with 356 heat-treated aluminum which means they are built to last. As they are made from aluminum so that means it is lightweight while also keeping a significant amount of strength. It has a very quick response and smoother turns.

The only drawback is that they are a bit weak due to the aluminum hanger so you will have to replace them often.

A special feature with Grind King trucks are the hex-head kingpins, but also this special feature is a special nuisance because you need special tools if youre going to do any adjusting. But once again, these are the best if you like grinding.

6. Royal Trucks

Next on the list, we have royal trucks which offer great performance and quality. These can be considered similar to venture trucks. A lot of skaters all around the world tend to go for royal trucks. These were founded by Rudy Johnson and Mariano and based in Torrance, California. It was founded in 1999. They have earned a good reputation because of their high-quality trucks. Royal trucks have a huge product range and are distributed by a company known as Girl Distribution Company.

Royal truck offers the best rides with a really good grinding. The turning is stable and smooth. The pivot of these trucks is excellent. They are very durable and lightweight.

Theres a huge range of Royal trucks sizes from which one has to choose. All of these trucks are available in standardized sizes like 5.0, 5.25 and 5.5 widths. Certain trucks also come in low height. The lower trucks only come in 5.0 and 5.25.

Royal trucks are quite sure of their products quality so they offer a lifelong guarantee where you replace them for free. However, the rider cannot replace them if it is his/her own fault.

In a nutshell, many pro skaters choose royal trucks for their skateboards to get a perfect and smooth ride.

7. Fury Trucks

Lets talk about fury trucks. It has been producing high-quality skates since 1998 If you want to have something that is long-lasting, has a beautiful design and great strength, fury trucks will be your top choice.

Theyre comparatively bulkier than most of the skates but less than tensor. They have a good amount of stability due to the pivot present in the hanger that helps in the redistribution of the weight in the key areas. The alloy used is really hard due to which the grounding is really fast.

Most of the Furys trucks especially Evo 2 are difficult to get loose so it might not be a good thing for someone who rides loose trucks. While the fury trucks have these amazing features like great durability, stability, and strong alloy, you will still be needing to buy softer bushings to get a quicker response.

Fury trucks are the most durable in the market. Theyre really responsive because of their poly-urethane hard shell cap bushings. As they are built with high clearance, they have better capabilities and stability. These trucks are finished with high-gloss, steel baseplates and an amazing printed logo. These are available in various colors. Not only they have a brilliant performance but also look physically appealing. Their base plates are heat treated so that they can ride on rougher surfaces effortlessly.

The price is very affordable if you want to buy bullets. These trucks offer the best grinding and skating like any other professional skateboard trucks will do. This will be the best choice for someone who is inexperienced and wants to get that pro feeling while also not spending too much money. If you have practiced enough on bullets and you want to switch, try going for the Silver or the Indys.

Fury trucks are one of the most stable and long-lasting trucks in the market. One should definitely take them into consideration.

8. Krux

Krux is known for making trucks. Most of its ads are about having fun. Although krux has been all about the fun, it has developed some really amazing trucks over the year. One development of krux is an Allen-key headed kingpin that is designed to reduce the damage that will happen to the kingpin. This worked, but due to these trucks fall off a lot and so krux are creating the usual trucks again.

Krux trucks are really good for a cruise. While they can handle a beating, Krux can often be found on mini ramps and on the streets. So, you should really look forward to buying Krux if you are looking for your trucks to rock the local mini ramp or a street.

Krux trucks have a lower hanger and kingpin and they tend to be very light. They also have a signature hole right in the middle of the hanger. Krux has the best cushions and has really vibrant colors.

One drawback is that the bushings will probably feel broken in from day one, so you dont actually know what is happening in its creation. You will need to work on the trucks. This way you will get a pro feeling right from the very start.

Shortly, skaters go for the iconic design of the krux skateboard trucks. If you want to buy something that is really long-lasting, you should really consider buying them.

9. Ace

Last but not least we have on the list are ace trucks. These trucks are available in a lot of colors so you can personally style your skateboard.


If you are looking for trucks that are the most stable but also have a better turning power, you should consider buying Ace trucks. Ace trucks are really light and stable. They have no gimmicks which can be considered a plus point as they do not go well with an ace skateboard truck. Ace skateboard trucks have really good re-activeness and turn-ability.

A possible drawback is that the pivot cup is really bad. Moreover, theyre not the smoothest when comes to grinding.

So, this is everything you need to know before buying the ace skateboard trucks.


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Is it worth spending more money on a lightweight truck?

It depends upon your skating style whether you prefer lightweight or not.

Whenever I turn, the trucks become squeaky. How can I fix it?

The squeakiness comes from a thing called Pivot cup. It happens due to the friction that occurs between the pivot bushing and the hangers. You can fix it by taking the hanger off the base-plate and put something like graphite/wax in the pivot cup. Use the hanger to spread it around. Reassemble the truck and you are good to go.

What kind of truck one should buy?

It really depends upon what board you are using. The cruiser type boards can go well with the reverse-kingpin style truck because it has increased movements and can turn better. However, traditional skateboard truck can be preferred for street, parks and skating parks because they have comparatively lower heights and they can do better kick turning instead of lean turning. Additionally, there are much lesser chances of kingpin bite if you use a traditional skateboard truck.

We really recommend that you buy something that fits your skating style and consider all the factors that are mentioned in detail in this article. You should go for the trucks that actually fulfill your requirements like where do you skate and what board do you use You may need to test out these and figure out what works the best for you. You need to feel and test these trucks before you can say which one you prefer. All of them are long-lasting and of high quality but you need to know what works best for you!

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7 Best Skateboard Trucks For Beginners in 2022 – Smooth & Durable!



Choosing the right skateboard truck can really boost up your skating game. However, getting to know what sizes are recommended for you can be really tricky and confusing sometimes especially when you are a beginner. In this article I have reviewed the best skateboard trucks for beginners available on the market.

I’ve discussed in detail about everything you need to know about the measurements and sizes of the skateboard trucks so that you can make the right choice. So without further ado, lets jump into this and read the reviews.

1. [CCS] Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard Trucks


  • Set of 2 high-quality trucks
  • Sturdy steel base plate
  • rebound bushings for smooth and controlled turns
  • High-Grade No-Slip Kingpin
  • 1″ Phillips hardware to mount


When looking for a trustworthy skateboard truck, millions of skaters have trusted CCS since 1985. CCS skates are well known for their durability and effective performance. It is the best choice for skaters. These are available in 3 different sizes in raw/black colors.

The qualities of the best skateboard trucks are that they are durable and lightweight. CCS skateboard trucks are designed exactly this way. They are designed to be reliable and are absolutely perfect for every skater. No matter at what level the skater is. The beginner skater requires something that is not only durable but also can roll and turn easily. Every skater needs a truck with an axle that cannot easily slip and a hanger along with it that can provide enough clearance as the primary function of the truck is to include the grinding and running smoothly on the rough areas.

It comes with a set of 2 trucks and a sturdy steel base. In order to ensure smooth and controlled turns, premium high rebound bushes are used to get the best performance. Quality components are used in the manufacturing of these skates. High-Grade No-Slip Kingpin is also used. These trucks also include 1″ Phillips hardware that is required for the mounting purpose. All these things add to the strength and stability of these perfect trucks.

CCS skateboard trucks can run smoothly even in relatively rough areas. No matter what is your expertise level, they will perform efficiently. And what is the best thing about these trucks is that they come in the most affordable price range. So yes, you will get the best quality in the minimum price range.

  • Durable
  • Super stable
  • Smooth roll
  • High quality
  • Smooth grinding
  • Premium rebound brushes
  • No considerable cons found


2. Cal 7 180mm Trucks with Wheels, Bearings, Hardware

Cal 7 180mm Trucks


  • Lightweight aluminum holds
  • 70mm 78A durometer wheels
  • 9.75″ wide, Grade 8 axle
  • A 50-degree baseplate
  • A 180mm hanger
  • A riser pads


Next up we have Cal 7 180mm Trucks that provides the highest quality. Nerve yourself for some perfect longboarding cruising. This premium package provides you with everything you need to start your skating journey. Cal 7 is a trusted brand for providing skateboard products. Each skateboard product is carefully handpicked by experts who have a deep knowledge of what the skater would want.

This package comes with flashy wheels that are available in a lot of colours. The grippy 78A durometer PU wheels come along with 70 x 51mm size ideal that are ideal for longboard cruising. It is specifically designed for longboards that have longer wheelbases, a 50-degree baseplate delivers sharper and fast turns for effective performance. The 9.75 ” wide, Grade 8 axle is designed from virgin grade aluminium without any additives and delivers enough strength while also maintaining a lightweight feel.

The combination sets are finalized with 2 riser pads and sturdy steel hardware. Cal 7 skateboard trucks are constructed with a 50-degree baseplate for effective speedier performance and carving quick and smooth turns. These are manufactured from a very high-quality material that is a grade 8 axle which is 9.75″ wide with a 180mm hanger. These are available in stylish black matte or silver colours. It has a tough and high-quality aluminium axle. Stronger the axle, the stronger the ride.  The wheels are durable and are available in various colours like red, neon, purple, yellow, green, and many more.

Moreover, it has premium ABEC bearings that offer fast and smooth spin. The whole set includes 8 bearings used for front and rear axles and also for the four spacers so that your bearings are parallel and enhances the life of your skateboard. Just buy a deck and grip tape, and you’ll have everything you need.

All in all, these are designed to give the maximum satisfaction to the customer and are really long-lasting. You really won’t regret buying them!

  • Long-lasting
  • stable
  • Smooth roll
  • High quality
  • Smooth grinding
  • Many colours available
  • Some hardware issues


3. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard


  • a 5-inch hanger
  • Lightweight
  • made from an aluminum alloy


Next, we have havoc 5.0 skateboard trucks which come with the finest features. They are originally made in China. No matter what the skill level of a skater is, choosing havoc skateboard trucks is always a great option.

Havoc trucks are available for both skateboards and longboards and come in various colors so that you choose according to your style. These trucks are always the best choice due to their durability, strength and lightweight.

The best thing about these trucks is that they are affordable. They provide you with the most affordable deal. So if you do not have a big budget or you are thinking about a deck, you should totally choose havoc. These trucks only have a 5-inch hanger, so they are only about 7.5 inches from Tip to Tip.  These are made from an aluminum alloy that makes them not only strong but lightweight as well.

Havoc never compromises on quality and you will get the same quality in the minimal price range. Havoc Trucks have standardized sizes and are a good fit for most deck sizes and can easily fit the common sizes of wheels.

  • Durable and strong construction
  • High performance and durability
  • Effective turnability
  • Increased stability
  • No considerable con found yet


4. Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks Set of 2

Gullwing Sidewinder


  • double kingpin
  • Perfect for uphill and downhill rides
  • Multiple color options available
  • Bushings to absorb the shock


If you are looking for some trucks that are smooth and durable, the Gullwing Sidewinders are the trucks for you. The Gullwing Sidewinder Longboard truck is really fun and easy to move through compacted spaces. The Sidewinder longboard carving truck is durable, stable and long-lasting.

The Sidewinders feature a ‘double kingpin’ setup which permits the truck to steer away from the regular trucks which tighten the turning radius and also doubles the rebound required for carves and pumps. This means that by pumping, you can generate momentum which will enable you to carve the tightest lines any skateboarder knows.


It is highly recommended that these trucks are paired with the Sector 9 “Sidewinder Series” skateboard decks for maximum movement. Also, it is very important to be aware that these trucks must be placed on an adequately shaped deck with proper clearance to work effectively and to avoid the condition of wheel bite.

This product has one of the most durable and stable designs and built with great precision.

  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Highly stable
  • Strong construction
  • Affordable
  • A little hard to adjust the base plate


5. INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks 129mm Silver Raw STAGE



  • double kingpin
  • Perfect for uphill and downhill rides
  • Multiple color options available
  • Bushings to absorb the shock


If you are looking for the best skateboard truck, independent skateboard trucks are the right choice.

Independent skateboard trucks are one of the most durable having a high-performance truck that can be used for all types of skateboarding. It consists of a 356 T6 Aluminum hanger and baseplate that not only reduces the weight but also provides strength. Also, it has a solid Chromoly steel axle that provides the additional strength so that you do your tricks without any difficulty, a grade 8 kingpin that is durable as it has to hold everything together. It also comes with some of the best supercush cushions with a cylinder bottom. These are smartly designed which means these will have stability, smooth turning, better grind and less wheel bite so that you can easily pull out those cool tricks.

Lastly, a skater should really consider these as they are long-lasting and have premium quality.

  • Highly stable
  • High performance
  • Smooth turn/spin
  • Long Lasting and durable
  • lightweight
  • No considerable con found yet


6. Thunder Unisex Team

Thunder Unisex


  • Lightweight
  • Quicker turns and fast reactions
  • Guaranteed against all defects
  • Exclusive quick response geometry


Next up we have thunder unisex team trucks that are one of the best trucks available in the market. These are strong, long-lasting and deliver a satisfactory performance and come in the most affordable price range. It is light in weight without any compromise to durability and strength. It offers quick turns and also gives relatively fast reactions.

Additionally, it has an exclusive quick response geometry that prevents the wheel bite and offers stability and balance with the perfect performance. The bushing provides stability and shock absorbing. It is really to fit and install on the skateboard. It has the minimal wheel bite and better grind performance.

In short, these will provide you the best riding experience in the minimal price range.

  • Longlasting
  • Strong design
  • Great performance
  • High quality
  • High stability
  • 1 truck is received for some people


7. Core Skateboard Trucks

Core Skateboard Trucks


  • Premium USA Made Bushings
  • Lightweight aluminium alloy hangers
  • Heavy-duty baseplates
  • Premium USA Made Bushings
  • Pivot cups


Core trucks are known for their perfect performance and affordable prices Core Trucks are lightweight and give plenty of clearance for grinds. These trucks are the perfect choice for skaters. They come in a minimal price range without any compromise in the quality. They are constructed and assembled in the USA entirely. Therefore, these trucks are best for a smooth and consistent ride.

Moreover, these trucks feature aluminium alloy hangers that will not only make them lightweight but also durable. They consist of heavy-duty baseplates, and premium USA Made Bushings and Pivot Cups provide a smooth and consistent ride. Super high rebound (SHR) bushings and pivot cups offer a quick reactive ride. The sizes available are 4. 75″ – 7. 375″ Axle Length – Fits Decks 7. 0″ – 7. 5″. They come in many colours so you can style conveniently.

All in all, these skateboard trucks have the finest quality and skaters should definitely go for the

  • Longlasting
  • High quality
  • High stability
  • Reacts fast
  • Smooth spin
  • Some users find it difficult to tighten the truck

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Frequently Asked Questions About Skateboard Trucks For Beginners

What is the function of the axle?

The axle is a long pin running through the hanger which attaches to the wheel. For an accurate fit, the ends of the axle should line up with the skateboard’s side

What wrench socket is required for the axle nut?

All of the axle nuts require a 3/8 inch wrench socket for working.

What is the function of the hanger?

It is the triangular part that is quite large and is attached to the axle.

What is a kingpin and why it is used?


The kingpin is a big bolt that can perfectly fit in the bushings and holds every part together. Hollow kingpins are on the rise as they are lightweight but don’t comparatively less durable. Even solid kingpins can break as they have to control all the pressure over the bushes.

What kingpin you should use: hollow or full?

When deciding about this, think about whether you want lightweight or you want the kingpin to hold more pressure and weight. Go with which factor you prefer.

What wrench socket is required for the kingpin?

All of the kingpin nuts require a 9/16 inch wrench socket.

What do bushings do?

These are soft rings that are fitted around the kingpin and are required for smooth and quick turns.

What materials are used?

Mostly aluminium hangers and steel axles are used for skateboard trucks Other options may include titanium or brushed steel.

Buying Guide For Skateboard Trucks For Beginners

Choosing a Skateboard Truck Profile

A truck profile is known as the distance between the hanger and the bottom of the skate deck. Mostly mid-sized trucks are used but they can be substituted with low or high trucks depending upon the skating style.

Low: It is designed for low wheels; low trucks deliver more stability for some moves like flip tricks. A 50-53mm wheel size is recommended for low trucks.

Mid: Mid-level trucks are usually used for street/park skateboarding. A 53-56mm wheel is recommended.

High: Ideal for large wheels, high trucks are made for cruising streets and a 56mm+ wheel size is recommended for high trucks.

Choosing the Right Truck Width for the Deck

The first thing you need to know while buying the skateboards is to know the width of the deck. For the perfect truck size, the truck width should match the truck deck size like a 7.75″ deck matches a 5.0″ truck, an 8.0″ deck matches a 5.25″ truck that will make it more stable for tricks like kickflips and heelflips. One more advantage is that it is easier to know where the wheels are when ramp comping or grinding rails.

Trucks Too Wide Can Cause Issues

While wide trucks often have more stability, wider trucks may have a lot of issues with them too.A bit wide is not the issue and some of the skaters even prefer wider skateboards but If your trucks are too wide for your skateboard you won’t be able to do any of the primo tricks as your board will position itself in some angle when it will rest on its side.

Another issue that may arise is that your feet will might touch the wheels of the skateboard. However, the taller skaters won’t face this issue. And finally, the board will be a little less responsive that will make it difficult to do the flips.

Using the Risers

Risers are used so that your skateboards are high from the ground and will act as a shock absorber and will decrease or eliminate the vibration while you are on your skateboard ride.


Risers are usually small and rectangular size made from rubber or plastic. You can choose a good riser by checking out its thickness. The thicker, the better it is as it absorbs the shock more efficiently.

Six screw holes are attached with each riser and it fits both small and longboards perfectly. By this you can always secure them between the main plate and the deck.

Tip: Always use the screws that are an inch longer than the risers you would use.

For example, if risers are1-1/4″, then screws should be 2-1/4″.

However, adding risers is not necessary rather it is optional. If you have 56mmor plus wheels, it is recommended for you to add the risers as they will provide more smooth and quick turns.

Moreover, when you will ride on a skateboard and take a sharp turn, you will experience your wheels bite. Use risers to stop that. They will act as a shock absorber and will provide a smoother turn.

They may not fully eliminate the effect but they are very likely to reduce the vibrations.

Material to Use:

It depends upon what kind of skater you are. If you are an advanced skater, go for a heavier metal.


We hope you found our reviews helpful and you were able to pick a skateboard for yourself. You are welcome to post your comments in the comment sections if you have any queries. Good luck!

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21 Best Skateboard Trucks in 2022 – Top Pick Reviews & Buying Guide



Do you feel instability and feel like falling sometimes while riding your skateboard? Well, this could be a sign that the trucks of your skateboard need your attention. When building a skateboard yourself or buying a complete skateboard from the market, always choose the Best Skateboard Trucks if you don’t want to fall into any trouble while skating. Although the trucks on skateboard are all about personal need yet some people prefer independent trucks and others go with the venture trucks because of their quality.

After an in-depth analysis, we have reviewed the top quality skateboard trucks that will give you an enjoyable skateboarding experience. Also, we went ahead and have provide the skateboard trucks buying guide that will tell you more about the things to look for when buying the skateboard trucks. To make our readers more informed about the trucks, we have explained about the profile, bushings, and other important parts/materials of trucks in the buying guide section as well.

So without further ado, Let’s read the reviews of trucks on our list. Following are our top 3 picks for the skateboard trucks.


Independent Trucks

INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks

  • Durable
  • Best for Tricks
  • Steel Axel


Venture Trucks

Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks

  • Super light material
  • Affordable
  • Provide a stable ride


Havoc 5.0 Trucks

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Cool color options

Best Skateboard Trucks | Reviewing the Top Picks

1. INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks – Best Overall

INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks


  • Aluminum Hanger
  • Come with Grade 8 Kingpin
  • Superior turn and stability
  • Last Longer


The first trucks that we have on our list are the Independent skateboard trucks. This pair of skateboard trucks comes in silver and measures 139mm. Moreover, these skateboard trucks are durable and are ideal to perform all the skating tricks.

The independent skateboard trucks 139mm are having stability that is perfect for a pro and beginner skater. We recommend buying this pair of skateboard trucks because these are having great balance even on sharp edges. Also, the independent skateboard trucks allow the skateboarder to perform several tricks easily.

It is recommended that you must check the deck of your skateboard before buying the trucks. The recommended deck size for these trucks is 7.4″ to 8″. Although the independent trucks are not having an eye-catching or appealing design but they surely deliver best performance.

Other Features

These skateboard trucks are having a simple metallic finishing of silver. This pair of skateboard trucks is quite budget-friendly and won’t break your bank. Also, you can enjoy the smoothest riding experience with these trucks.

We have included this product in our article because it has great customer reviews on Amazon and yeah, these trucks can work with any type of longboard or skateboard. They are ideal for the skateboard with a deck of 7.4 inches or wider.

These trucks are having the aluminum alloy hanger T6 and a steel axle. No doubt, the independent trucks are lightweight yet sturdy. These trucks will never hang up on the grinds and will give you an enhanced performance. These are made in the US and have the best turning powers.

These trucks are a bit difficult to attach to skateboard as it doesn’t come with any skate tool but you can buy the Skate Tools to fit them yourself. Lastly, this is one of the top skateboard trucks for street skaters no matter if you are a pro or beginner.

  • Comes in pair
  • 139 mm wide
  • Fits perfectly on several boards
  • Ideal for tricks
  • Sometimes it causes noise

2. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks – Best For Beginners

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks


  • Fit most of the deck sizes
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Great material
  • Affordable


The Havoc 5.0 skateboard trucks are one of the best beginner trucks for skateboards. It might feel like these trucks have cheap material but no, these trucks are very well built and are one of the thinnest and super light weight skateboard trucks. The reason behind its lightweight material is the aluminum composition. Moreover, don’t be afraid to try the tricks with these trucks as the material on these trucks is strong and durable.

Also, the Havoc trucks are available in several colors including pink, green, blue and some others. One of the best things about these boards is that they stick well and can be fitted easily on any board size. But we recommend these trucks for a 7.75-inch” deck and these 5.0 trucks have all the accessories to attach these trucks to the skateboard.


These Havoc skateboard trucks are having excellent reviews from the customers who bought these. Also, these trucks are best for the kids and for those people who are learning to ride a skateboard and for pro skaters as well. Specifically, these trucks are best for longboard skateboards.

Other Features

As if that’s not enough to buy this truck, let us tell you that these trucks are ideal because of durability, weight, and material. Havoc will never bring an expensive product and the trucks of skateboard should not cost more than a deck. So it is one of the best deals of trucks to buy.

More than that, these trucks fit best for all the decks of long and skateboards. Overall, it is one of our top choice for skateboard trucks to shred. Also, not to forget that the Havoc trucks can be modified too.

  • Sturdy, lightweight, and durable
  • Best for all type of riders
  • Great material
  • Fits on all skateboards and longboards
  • No cons as such

3. Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks – Budget Friendly

Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks


  • Super light material
  • Affordable
  • Excellent built quality
  • Best Low Trucks


Next up, we have the venture low skateboard trucks. These skateboard trucks are heavier than the independent skateboard trucks as these weighs 2lbs. Don’t worry; these trucks are quite stable and deliver excellent performance. These are one of the Best Beginners Skateboard Trucks and are also budget friendly. Moreover, venture super light low trucks are the all-rounders. When you get lower to the floor or street, the venture trucks give a better center of gravity. You can compare this pair of trucks with any other brand and you’ll surely feel a difference.

Other Features

The venture trucks sometimes sacrifice for doing the tough tricks. So as mentioned above, these trucks are best for beginners but you can cruise on the street or skate on the street with these trucks. The venture is one of the well known skateboard trucks company for their quality products.

Overall, these trucks are affordable and lightweight and you can buy the venture low lite under $50 only. After going through the customer reviews and testing the product we can say that these are super awesome skateboard trucks for cruising.

  • Super light material
  • Affordable
  • Don’t turn well sometimes

4. BEAR Grizzly Trucks – Best Longboard Trucks

BEAR Grizzly Trucks


  • Top quality aluminum material
  • Wide baseplate
  • Lightweight
  • Best for downhill riding


Next up, we have the BEAR Grizzly Trucks in Review. The Bear Grizzly longboard trucks are one of the speedy trucks on the market. Also, if you have to go on the road in a smooth and faster way then buy these awesome trucks. And with the bear grizzly, you will have an easy ride no matter the surface. These are one of the greatest trucks for someone who needs to upgrade the skateboard or longboard trucks.

The pair of BEAR Grizzly trucks comes with the finest aluminum material that last longer and will outperform other trucks. With these trucks on your skateboard or longboard, you can easily perform tricks and can take sharp turns like a pro.

However, the BEAR Grizzly longboard trucks are quite versatile and have a hole that allows the rider to fit these trucks according to their riding style or the old skating style. Plus, you can buy these trucks even if you don’t know the shape of bushings and this skateboard can easily fit according to any size of bushings.

Other Features

These trucks are having Fully-wrapped leaning system with bushing base lock-in. We have added this brand of skateboard trucks on our list because of the top-notch quality and the rider experience these trucks provide. The BEAR Grizzly trucks can be easily recognized because of the logo on the trucks.

This version of trucks has a new and better drill pattern which is ideal for street skating. Lastly, this skateboard truck is perfect to meet the industry standards and provide excellent skating experience.

  • Aluminum material
  • Versatile trucks
  • Best for Cruising
  • You can easily flip these
  • No cons as such

5. Caliber Longboard Trucks

Caliber Longboard Trucks


  • Most stable trucks
  • Provide better clearance
  • High quality material
  • Better control


The caliber trucks are the ideal trucks for longboard specifically. These offer several features that you won’t find in any other skateboard trucks. We have included this brand in our review because of its uniqueness. The inner area of the trucks gives you more space to connect the bushings. These trucks fit very well on the skateboards and have non-slip fittings.

Best of all, these trucks have one of the best snug fittings and provides a pivot cup surface area for the pin. This pair of skateboard trucks matches the diameter of precision for proper clearance. Also, it has a new in-house build process to make the trucks more durable.

Best of all, these caliber trucks are much stronger that the riders of any weight can easily ride the deck with these trucks. You can combine it with the base plate to get the perfect response. These trucks are 40% more stronger than the other precision trucks. Also, you can ride smoothly with these trucks across the road as well as at the skate parks. You can rely on these trucks without having any doubt.

Other Features

These trucks have several colors available like red, blue, black, and gold. As the skateboard trucks depend on your riding style so you can change them anytime you want. Additionally, these trucks are sold as a pair so you should keep that in mind before buying.

Further, these trucks are stable and you can achieve the perfect ride experience with these trucks. As said before, these trucks are 40% stronger and they have the best specifications. The innovative design of the Calibar Trucks keeps the rider safe while performing the tricks and riding on all most all type of surfaces.

Lastly, the bushing sheet will keep the weight stable when taking a sharp turn. You can have these affordable trucks with the best precision feel and these have an ultra-hr bushings that give the high-end feel of bushings.

  • No-slip bushings
  • 40% stronger than the previous model
  • Best for longboards
  • Best for extreme weather
  • Can’t handle all the tricks

6. Thunder Unisex Team Skateboard Trucks

Thunder Unisex Team


  • Very responsive on turns
  • Come with washers
  • Best for 8.25 decks
  • Shiny look and beautiful finishing


Next up, we have Thunder skateboard trucks that will definitely impress you with their features. These are one of the most popular skateboard trucks which have lightweight material and you can easily find them anywhere online or at the market. These thunder trucks for skateboards have a cool look. If you are daily skater or just skate in your free time as your hobby then these trucks are the right option for you without doubt. We also recommend these trucks to those people who do more street skating and tricks.

Other Features

Best of all, these skateboard trucks are favorite of many people and is often used too. Another good thing about these trucks is that these come with warranty from the company so you know that your investment will not go in vain. It ensures that this product is long-lasting and stable for street or for performing high end tricks.

Overall, these skateboard trucks are loved by many users because they offer the speedy ride. Because of being light weight, these trucks are loved by many skaters.

  • Quick on the edges
  • Best high trucks
  • Comes with warranty
  • Long lasting
  • Sold as one truck not a pair

7. Quest Boards Skateboard Trucks – Best Value For Money

Quest Boards Skateboard Trucks


  • Best for cruising
  • Double bushings
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Good for beginners and kids


The quest skateboard trucks come in a mate silver color and these can be good fit for those who like to perform new tricks on their skateboards. Besides that, the quest silver trucks are having a budget-friendly price and also have awesome quality. These trucks are made of lightweight material and high-end quality to meet the need of pro skaters. These trucks are best for cruising and using the skateboard for daily commute. And yeah, the Quest trucks are great for all kinds of skateboarders.

Other Features

The cool thing about these trucks is their price. So if you want to upgrade your skateboard but you are having a tight budget, then you can buy these budget friendly trucks. Don’t forget that it has the best quality than other skateboard trucks with the less price tag.

The steering of the trucks are featured with angled Kingpin. It is locked in place instead of attached loosely in the base of the trucks. All in all, these skateboard trucks are awesome because these allow the rider to perform all tricks safely at a budget-friendly price.

  • Good quality
  • Double bushing
  • Adjustable trucks from soft to hard modes
  • Features a steering
  • Causes noise
  • Difficult to tighten

8. Speed 5″ Turbo Truck Sets With Screws

Speed 5 Turbo Truck Sets With Screws


  • Best mid profile trucks
  • Built with high quality metal
  • Best for heavy riders
  • Sturdy and durable


Do you want your skateboard to look stylish and flashy? Well, here we have the Speed Skateboard Trucks that have an amazing stylish look to flaunt. These trucks are best for both skateboards and cruiser boards. These trucks have got an alloy built material which makes the trucks super light weight. And the speed of this truck is great, that’s why it is known as speed turbo trucks sets.

Moreover, these trucks will give the best performance in all types of skating styles. These trucks are easy to move and you can perform several tricks with the turbo trucks conveniently.

Other Features

Furthermore, these trucks have an incredible look and lightweight design. We recommend buying these trucks because it will give you the smoothest riding experience.

Overall, these speed trucks are from one of the well-known and reputable brand so you don’t have to be worried about the quality. You will have the best experience with these sturdy and durable trucks.

  • Comes in a pair
  • Best for the cruiser board
  • Metal-made skateboarding trucks
  • Can be used for longboards as well
  • No cons as such

9. Yocaher Longboard/Skateboard Trucks

Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Truck


  • Built with Aluminum Alloy material
  • Amazing maneuverability
  • Quiet Bushings
  • Easy to install


Next up, we present to you the Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Truck. This one is truly a package deal which provides all the essentials for any amazing skateboarding experience putting it among the top skateboard trucks.

Featuring a longboard with measurements 70 x 52 mm, this skateboard can easily accommodate users of all shapes and sizes. This makes it quite versatile and perfect for the common man.

The 1.5-inch hardware of the Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Truck is heavy-duty and also comes with black nuts and bolts, giving it a classy design. This not only ensures efficient performance but also helps prevent corrosion.

Other Features

The Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Truck also feature a 175mm hanger in addition to a 9.675-inch axle. These dimensions ensure a steady height while riding in addition to a superb chop so that you can perform all the tricks you want with absolute ease. Using black quarter-inch riser pads, the risers help maintain a suitable distance between the wheels and the deck.

Pressure on the board is significantly reduced by preventing direct contact between the deck and the trucks. In addition, the Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Truck is available at quite a reasonable price which means that you will not have to empty your pocket for a great skateboard.

However, one problem reported by some users was the brand logo disappears if the skateboard is scrubbed while cleaning.


All in all, the Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Truck offers an amazing skateboarding experience along with durability at an amazing price ensuring that they are truly one of the great skateboard trucks!

  • Accommodate users of all shapes and sizes
  • Amazing maneuverability
  • Best for roads and sidewalks
  • Efficient performance
  • Brand logo disappears if scrubbed

10. Paris V2 Skateboard Trucks

Paris V2 Skateboard Trucks


  • These trucks have great carving
  • Last longer
  • Responsive
  • 6 Holes baseplate


Looking for a pair that will last you a long time? We have exactly what your heart desires. The Paris V2 Skateboard Trucks will stick by your side through thick and thin (roads). They have been manufactured in USA and the body is made of premium quality aluminum making them lightweight yet extremely sturdy and one of the top quality skateboard trucks.

The grade 8 steel axels and pressed in kingpin ensure prolonged durability for the users. The Paris V2 180 mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks are especially passed through the specialized T5 heat treatment process which helps keep the skateboard together even if you perform difficult tricks on rugged paths.

The design of these skateboard trucks further add to their amazing performance. It ensures super fluid and smooth turns for riders. You can easily maneuver it the way you want without having to put in too much effort. This makes it so much easier to perform complex tricks on the go.

Other Features

The 6-hole model design of the Paris V2 Trucks’ baseplate is truly an added perk. This makes it much easier to install them into your deck despite the model of your skateboard.

Greater control is ensured using a 180mm hanger and 50-degree carving angle. This not only makes riding easier but also makes it much safer. You also get a life long guarantee with these trucks which means that you will always have support if anything ever goes wrong.

On the downside, baseplate of the trucks is a bit too close to their sides. This may be cause for issues.

In conclusion, the Paris V2 180 mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks offer amazing durability which truly make them a one-time investment.

  • Best for 9-10 inches deck
  • Easier to install
  • Greater control
  • Lifelong guarantee
  • A bit squeeky

11. Silver Truck Company L-Class Pro – Best Low Trucks

Silver Truck Company L-Class Pro


  • Durable material
  • Come in a set of 2 trucks
  • Come with hollow kingpin
  • Warranty against breakage


Are you a professional skateboarder? Are you looking for skateboard trucks that will help you achieve the unachievable? We can say with full surety that the Silver Truck Company L-Class Pro are meant for you. They are premium quality professional model skateboard trucks which ensure an amazing ride.

They are available in a set of 2 for a skateboard. Perfect for beginners, intermediate and expert players, the Silver Truck Company L-Class Pro can be easily used by anyone who loves to ride the skateboard. They offer great value for money with their amazing design and efficient operation.

The company has been producing skateboard trucks for the past 10 years so you know you are in experienced hands when you buy their product. They have perfected their skills over the product and provide you with a top-notch product that ensures amazing performance along with durability.

Other Features

The Silver Truck Company L-Class Pro has a sturdy design which can easily endure rugged paths and difficult tricks which put quite an impact on the skateboard. This means that you will be able to use them for many years to come without having to worry about any faults.

It features an amazing hollow kingpin which further adds to its design and performance. Available in multiple colors, there is a Silver Truck Company L-Class Pro for everyone! You can choose the color of your choice and have an amazing ride.

However, it is quite expansive so you will need to reconsider your budget before you invest in it.

In short, the Silver Truck Company L-Class Pro may be expansive but it surely does offer full value for money and deserve a place among the best beginners’ skateboard trucks.

  • Best for beginners, intermediate and expert skaters
  • Great value for money
  • Top-notch product
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Expansive

12. Cal 7 Combo with 139mm Trucks, Wheels and Bearings

Cal 7 Combo with 139mm Trucks


  • Durable
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Increased shock absorption
  • Easier handling


Another from our favorites are the Cal 7 Combo skateboard trucks. The cal7 company offers a combo of Trucks, Wheels and Bearings for those who don’t know much about the parts so that they can get a package of all the items at one place. They offer some amazing features which truly put them over the top. They measure about 5.25 inches. Featuring 99A PU wheels with a measurement of 52 x 31 mm, the trucks ensure durability. The wheels can bear harsh conditions while still allowing for a comfortable ride.

For increased shock absorption, the Cal 7 Combo skateboard trucks also feature ABEC 7 bearings. These make the ride much smoother so that you can concentrate on tricks. The 3mm riser pads not only prevent vibration against rough surfaces but also help improve wheel bite.


They are made of aluminum which gives them a sturdier nature despite being lightweight for easier handling. The material of the skateboard trucks is also another factor which aids in a safe and smooth ride.

Other Features

Other perks that put the Cal 7 Combo skateboard trucks among the best trucks for skateboards is the large variety of colors that these are available in. You can choose from 32 different color combinations which include transparent and opaque sets. This means that you are not only getting a high quality and efficient skateboard but also something that you can use to show your unique taste and style. Now, what could be better then that?

However, some users have complained that the wheels are a bit too hard.

In conclusion, the Cal 7 Combo skateboard trucks offer amazing features which will truly win you over.

  • Come in a set
  • Best value for money
  • Can be assembled easily
  • Recommended for beginners
  • Wheels are a little too hard

13. Turbo 5.0 Pro Skateboard Trucks

Turbo 5.0 Pro Skateboard Trucks


  • Good control
  • High strength
  • Multiple color options
  • Lightweight


Is time of the utmost importance to you? Then, the Turbo 5.0 (7.75″ Axle) Pro Skateboard Trucks will prove to be the perfect product for you. It delivers a lightening quick response which means that you will be able to maneuver the skateboard quickly as per your liking. This also makes the ride much safer because you will be able to bring the skateboard to a quick stop in order to prevent accidents.

The Turbo 5.0 (7.75″ Axle) Pro Skateboard Trucks has a very lightweight design which makes its handling much easier. Being lightweight, the skateboard trucks are also much faster giving you an edge over others. Despite the lightweight, the trucks ensure great strength and can easily endure all kinds of rough terrains and hard impacts.

Levels of strength and control of the Turbo 5.0 (7.75″ Axle) Pro Skateboard Trucks are unbeatable. The custom turbo detailing is an added perk in its design which ensures a smooth and safe ride.

Other Features

Axle of the Turbo 5.0 (7.75″ Axle) Pro Skateboard Trucks measures about 7.75 inches. These dimensions aid in a smooth ride and ensure that you have a good experience. These trucks are sold in a pair of 2.

You also get multiple color options which means you can get one which matches your taste and style. Who says that you have to make do with a plain pair of trucks? These trucks are most suitable for a 5.5 to 8-inch deck size. This means that they will go perfectly with most skateboards making them the perfect trucks for everyone!

On the downside, customers have complained that customer service of the company is a little slow which means it might take you some time to get assistance if some problem comes up.

All in all, the Turbo 5.0 (7.75″ Axle) Pro Skateboard Trucks offer amazing control and strength and so we believe that they deserve a place in our list of top trucks.

  • Come in a set of two
  • Strong and durable
  • Offer good stability
  • Quick and responsive
  • Slow Customer Service by the company

14. TENSOR Alloy Skateboard Trucks

TENSOR Alloy Skateboard Trucks


  • Lightweight to a great extent
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Long-lasting
  • Reasonable price


Tensor skateboard trucks are one of the best-selling skateboard trucks. Where there is Tensor, there certainly exists innovation as well. This brand is known for its top quality and excellence, evolution, and know-how.

The Tensor brand was primarily famous for the production of trucks that comprised a polymer base-plate slider. It was a piece of malleable plastic under the lower part of the truck. This slider makes the skateboard slide in a better way while performing different tricks such as tail-slides, nose, etc. It can also be replaced easily at a low cost.

The leading selling point of Tensor skateboard trucks is their weight. Usually, trucks are weighed in tons but these trucks weigh in just a few grams. They use lightweight up-to-date materials in manufacturing. Eloquent features and modernization are the main symbols of Tensor trucks.

Other Features

Tensor possesses a very petite void kingpin. An axle is attached with this pin that shears the supplementary weight. It also has a hook made of Magnesium accompanied by a base-plate that not only aids in the reduction of weight but also upholds the toughness of the steel.

Along with the fact that this skateboard truck is 29% lighter in weight than the usual steel trucks, it also features uncomplicated ollies. This feature assists in easy skating with the board. Its vacant hinge removes the materials which make it even lighter without affecting its sturdiness and stability.

Tensor is so assertive about the caliber of their trucks that they provide a lifetime warranty for possible imperfections and craft. They offer proper installation of their skateboard trucks. Still, if you need sort of any replacement of any part, you can directly mail them for a free replacement.

However, the trucks can feel a little heavy to some users. In short, the Tensor skateboard trucks use innovation to bring you an amazing skateboarding experience.

  • Hanger width is 5.25″
  • Best mid trucks
  • Cost saving
  • Long-lasting
  • Well built
  • Bushings are not good
  • Screwing takes time

15. Gullwing Sidewinder 2 Longboard/Skateboard Trucks

Gullwing Sidewinder 2 Longboard Skateboard Trucks


  • Best for cruising and carving
  • Dual pivot hanger for smooth turns
  • Cone-shaped bushing for stability
  • Suitable for rides in hilly areas
  • Strong and sturdy


Gullwing Sidewinder II is another mind-blowing skateboard truck with an unbelievable turnoff radius which is appreciable for the execution of some sharp maneuvers and sliding. Nevertheless, these skateboard trucks may not be of many benefits for you if you are a beginner. Though, they can still do the task for you. But if you are into skating and want some incredibly extravagant turns, Gullwing Sidewinders are the best for you.

One of its attractive parts is its kingpin. This feature of these trucks makes them different from other trucks available in the market. It has two separate kingpins that offer two distinct turning points for you. Ultimately, it makes your skateboard ride higher, providing an enjoyable and smooth ride.

Apart from these actions of this dual kingpin skateboard truck model, Gullwing Sidewinder permits the user to proceed towards the moves and feelings that one can enjoy on a surfboard. The two separate kingpins concept provides the rider with massive responsiveness and an amazing pop to speed up while carving.

Other Features

Gullwing Sidewinders skateboard trucks are designed in such a way that they fall in the category of the best skateboard trucks. They feature the best-quality 89a cone along with its bushings. The main purpose of these bushings is to make the turning much better, especially when the rider is around considerably sharp turns. Consequently, this averts the wheel bite and you will get good carving and stability around the settlement.

There is also a strong hanger made of aluminum on the base-plate. It can easily endure uneven bumps while doing those crazy feats on the road.

On the downside, it is a little hard to install onto the skateboards.

All in all, the Gullwing Sidewinders skateboard truck offers great maneuverability that is why these are known to be best skateboard trucks for cruising and we recommend going with these trucks.

  • Best for longboards
  • Dual pivot hanger for smooth turns
  • Offer best performance with shark wheels
  • Good on fast turns
  • Hard to push the deck with these trucks

16. MINI-LOGO Skateboard Trucks

MINI LOGO Skateboard Trucks


  • Lifetime warranty
  • High rebound bushings
  • Precision axles
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Provides smooth turning


If you are searching for high-quality and high-performance skateboard trucks in some reasonable price range, then we advise you to overlook the rest of the skateboards and grab your hands on the Mini Logo range.

Mini Logo skateboard trucks are the best low-range trucks available in the market. They provide smooth turning and are perfect for everyday cruising on the streets. Their carving, cruising, and turning are flawless. They grind unbelievably smooth, are super stout, and most of all, they are incredibly lightweight while being tough.

Its hanger has a little arched shape which helps you in better grinding. The shape of these skateboard trucks lets you stay up over it. It balances you in such a way to avoid any sliding towards the toe side hence preventing accidents.

These trucks are constructed at a mid-range height which is suitable for all kinds of skating. You can easily go up to nearly 58 mm on the wheel diameter without any terror of wheel bite. Mini Logo brand also manufactures the same truck in a small and a large height model too. So, you can choose either the board for a smaller skateboard or the board for greater transition skating with wheels above 60 mm in diameter.

Other Features

Although this skateboard truck is made for the small level, it features the same amalgamation of strength, firmness, and charming turning. Along with its not-so-heavy weight, it comes with exceptional alloys. Its high-quality bushings and accuracy-oriented axles provide you with sustenance on those harsh turns and insane skateboard stunts.

No brakes are required because of its latest technical construction. Best-quality rebound bushings are one of its exclusive features for a smooth and defined control.

However, they do not come with a wide range of sizes. The Mini Logo skateboard trucks will ensure a smooth skateboard ride which you will surely enjoy.

  • One of the best low trucks
  • Perfect for street skating
  • Work just well for heavy riders
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Good for beginners
  • They do not have a wide range of sizes

17. KRUX Skateboard Trucks

KRUX Skateboard Trucks


  • Reasonable in price
  • Strong baseplate
  • Comes in a set of two
  • Has the most comfortable cushions
  • Variety of styles and colors


The idea of the KRUX skateboard trucks is to provide the beginners as well as the experts with a truck the feeling as if they have been installed for many years even when they are brand new.

One of the developments of these skateboard trucks is its Allen-key-headed kingpin. It was designed to reduce the harm done to the kingpin. It worked but it also had some drawbacks such as they made your trucks fall so often. So, the KRUX brand is now designing trucks that have the normal kingpin too.

These are created for cruising. KRUX is often found on mini slopes and at usual street spots because they work the best there. Grinding and skating on a mini ramp or such spots with the fun design sounds cool. So, you should buy KRUX trucks if you into the local mini ramp or street sliding.

Other Features

They have the most iconic designs and funky styles to skate. These amazing styles and colors always make your day when you have a look at them. This skateboard truck has a huge oval-shaped hole in the hanger. This hole makes these trucks lighter in weight and very distinguishable. Its latest base design helps in the decrement of board breakage.

KRUX skateboard trucks are designed for all types of riders. No matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert-level skater, this truck holds your balance on the harshest turns and those insane street tricks. It also possesses one of the best cushions along with a firm baseplate that fits well with your skateboard.

However, they do lack advanced technologies found in other skateboard trucks. In short, the KRUX skateboard trucks will provide you with the best skateboarding experience.

  • Provide value for money
  • Best for kid skaters
  • Easy to install
  • Fit well on 7.5-8.0 decks
  • Lack some of the advanced technologies

18. INDEPENDENT STAGE-11 SILVER Skateboard Trucks



  • Come with a set of two
  • Composite steel axles with eight kingpins
  • Durable and provide smooth turning
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Best for girl beginners


Independent skateboard trucks are very hard-wearing and durable but their status is known for being heavy. This thing is now altered because the Independent brand has introduced the Stage-11 Silver skateboard trucks. Out of all the trucks, Independent trucks have the most to grind through. They are perfect for both street skateboarding and transition skateboarding. Stage-11 comes in further four different types:

  1. Standard
  2. Hollow
  3. Forged Hollow
  4. Forged Titanium

The metal used in these trucks feels considerably lenient and soft which makes them extraordinary for grinding. They are pretty high (such as the forged trucks are 53.5mm long and the standard ones are 55mm long). If you have always ridden lower trucks, this will consume some time to regulate. Independent trucks are pretty suitable to choose from according to the economical viewpoint. No doubt, they are somewhat more expensive but they are extremely long-lasting. Spending some extra money is quite worth it.

Other Features

Independent skateboard trucks originate in many different sizes. Their skateboard deck width ranges from 6.2″ to 10″. At times, more than one truck size may seem compatible but you do not have to worry much about this. The trucks do not need to support perfectly with your deck. There is also an option of personal favorite which you can select according to the size of the wheels.

The latest model of the Independent Stage-11 series features an unbelievable geometry. It is best to cover the hardest and uneven regions out there. It is an enhanced version of the previous skateboard trucks designed by the Independent brand but it exhibits improved performance which is prepared for modern skateboarding. Also, it offers better grind clearance hence providing minimum wheel bite.

However, its bushings are overly delicate. So, the Independent stage-11 silver truck can be a good choice for your skateboards.

  • These trucks weighs only 2 pounds
  • Best for old school decks
  • Best for streets
  • Made by a famous brand
  • Come with the washers
  • Bushings are a bit delicate

19. SILVER M-CLASS HOLLOW Skateboard Trucks



  • Improved turning capability
  • Provides a sensation of a clear and flawless ground
  • Energetic components providing strength
  • Hollow kingpin making it lightweight


Silver is the best brand for you if you are all set to feel some sort of modification in the way you skateboard. This skateboard truck has a nicely polished structure. M-Class hollow trucks are built up of exceptionally sturdy materials. They possess advanced turning capabilities that assist in smooth and even rides. Silver M-Hollow trucks are insanely durable. Their hollow kingpins make them light in weight as well. They have the steadiness and exactness to give you great skateboarding experiences each time you skate. All the Silver skateboard trucks are skillfully engraved with their whizzing logo.

Whether you want to slide down boundless hills or through your town, having these amazing skateboard trucks is important. Bringing up-to-date trucks will enhance your control and lift the overall appearance of your skateboard. Silver trucks are compatible for any level of rider, benefiting both the pros and the beginners. They have the power to survive the severest riding situations no matter what type of rider is operating it.

Other Features

Silver M-Class trucks augment the turning capability with their sophisticated structure and characteristic contours. The perfect aggregate of ground clearance, remarkably robust construction, and vibrant components add more value to its overall quality, strength, and smoothness of the Silver M-Class Hollow skateboard truck. The level of performance of this product simply meets the high demands that a top-class truck has.

Its axles are built to prevent any slippage. It comes with custom superior bushings. It also has a low kingpin to intensify the lock-in feature. Another benefit of choosing this M-class truck is that it elongates the distance between the tail of the deck and the earth, offering an extra pop while executing tricks.

Despite all of these features, you have to buy two sets of this truck to install them on your skateboard.

In a nutshell, Silver Class-M trucks can be the next-level trucks one can ever have.

  • Best for pro or beginner skaters
  • Come with warranty
  • Offer great control
  • A single skateboard requires two of these trucks

20. VJ 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

VJ 5.0 Skateboard Trucks


  • Variation in sizes
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Fit well on a 7.5″ or 8″ deck
  • A complete set with different tools
  • Affordable trucks


These trucks are originated from the trademark VJ. This company is not very famous but its products are quite good available at reasonable prices. If you are not fascinated by extravagant brands but in need of some good-quality skateboard trucks, we recommend you to consider these trucks. They are made up of aluminum that is extremely lightweight. VJ is not a brand that does compromises on quality.

VJ 5.0 skateboard trucks come in a complete exclusive package. This set includes bolts, screws, spacers, bearings, riser pads, and base plates along with trucks and wheels which is quite amazing.

Other Features

These skateboard trucks have a lot of options that assist you in customizing your skateboards. The base plates of this truck are worth mentioning here. They have six holes and are appropriate for both old-styled decks and the latest decks.

It has a 5-inch-long hanger. The width of its axle is 7.6 inches. Its all-purpose wheel (that can be customized as well) is its most amazing feature. This option allows you to choose from 52 mm, 53 mm, and 54 mm that too in various colors like green, pink, and red.


It has 608 standard ABEC 7 ideal bearings that are very versatile. They make this truck compatible with almost all the skateboard wheels. The diameter of these bearings is 22 mm and they are 7 mm wide. Its screws and riser pads help in the prevention of wheel bite.

Although these trucks are the favorite of many users, there exist some quality-control problems too.

Still, these skateboard trucks are worth buying and would not make you regret it later.

  • Come with bushings included
  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • Good for beginner kids
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to install
  • May cause squeaking at higher speeds

21. JIZMO Skateboard Trucks

JIZMO Skateboard Trucks


  • Extremely durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • ABEC-11 bearings
  • Bushings rank as 90a on the scale of hardness
  • Lightweight


If you are looking for a budget-friendly choice, you should consider these Jizmo Skateboard Trucks. They are quite reasonable in price. These trucks are paired with high-quality construction. They are easy to install and adjust. They react extremely well to even minor changes. It has a base-plate of moderate size. This standard base-plate has hollow axles along with a hollow kingpin that makes it fairly lightweight. Its overall design is quite user-friendly.

Jizmo skateboard truck set includes the whole lot one needs to shape a skateboard with a 7.75″ to 8.25″ deck. They are highly durable and provide the user with high performance for every sort of skateboarding including those crazy tricks. It is worth mentioning that these skateboard trucks are precisely designed for skateboards that are perfect for beginners as they offer a narrow fit regarding their deck.

Other Features

These skateboard trucks can be used for multipurpose skateboarding. They have highly precise ABEC-11 high-grade bearings that guarantee smooth turning and running. T-tool and all the stuff related to hardware are included in the set which is used in the adjustment and building of the skateboards. This T-tool makes sure that everything gets right into its place.

Their 100A hard and high rebound wheels provide smooth rolling, cruising, and wheeling. These wheels offer a fine grip and swiftness. So, these trucks are extremely ideal for skateboarding in streets and even surfaces like ramps and skate places.

This set includes the trucks that are compatible with both the front and the back of skateboards. The axles are 7.6 inches long that makes the trucks perfect for tapered boards. The trucks also include a hard-wearing bushing which also contributes to smooth cruising.

However, they do not fit well with longboards. In short, Jizmo skateboard trucks offer excellent performance and value.

  • Come as a complete set
  • Easy to assemble
  • ABEC-11 bearings
  • Value for money
  • Comparatively not good for longboards

Read Also:

How to Choose Skateboard Trucks – The Buying Guide

A skateboard truck will affect the stability and having the ideal skateboard truck will allow the rider to perform the ultimate tricks and enjoy riding the skateboard. Similarly, having a wrong skateboard trucks can damage the wheels and deck. You won’t be able to perform tricks or turn quickly with a pair of trucks that is not strong to handle the rider weight. It is best to buy a pair skateboards truck that is equal to the deck or slightly smaller than the deck. Wrong trucks will not give you a pleasing experience of riding.

So it is better to avoid the mistake before buying a pair of trucks. Here, we will tell you how a skateboard truck can enhance performance. You should also look at the features of the skateboard truck as knowing the features, you will have a better idea to assess the material and durability of the product. If you feel like the trucks of skateboard are loose or making noise you can easily fix them by reading about How to Tighten and Measure Skateboard Trucks.

  • Bushing

The bushing is made from a soft material of firm filter and urethane that access the skateboard to run smoothly on the streets as well. You can easily install or remove the bushings on the trucks. We recommend going with the right set of bushings for your skateboard trucks to enjoy a smooth ride.

  • Kingpin

The kingpin is a bolt, large. And it fits under the bushing and perfectly holds the skateboard trucks another part stable. Also, it will keep other parts of the skateboard truck at a place while riding fast. The kingpins are light in weight, and they sometimes sacrifice the strength. So you must buy one, as these are extensively used among the skateboarders.

  • Hanger

The hanger of the truck is a triangular piece of metal. Also, it is one of the huge parts of the truck. Plus, the hanger functions to support the axle. So when the rider is performing any tough trick, hanger supports well.

  • Axle

An axle is kind of a long pin. The axle lies beside the hanger, and then it attaches to the skateboard’s wheels. Also, it is one of the nicest components of trucks to keep all the components at a place. Plus, the axle is fixed on the plate at the base of the skateboard through the screws.

Now that you are known to the elementary parts of a skateboard truck. Further, you must look for accurate specs and features. We will discuss those components below:

  • Height and width of the skateboard truck
  • The basic profile of the truck
  • Other details about the trucks parts’
  • The material which affects the performance of the trucks

Profile of the Skateboard Truck

A skateboard truck has 3 kinds of shapes or profiles. Also, the profile of the truck defines the distance of the deck and the hanger. The three types are low, medium, and high profile. So you have to choose it according to your skateboard.

If you have a skateboard with small wheels, then you can buy a truck of low profile because it will allow the rider to make the tricky moves. A low profile has better stability, and it is ideal for beginners. However, the low profile is compatible with a wheel size of 50mm.

Next comes the medium profile, and it is meant for those skaters who cruise on the park and streets, although the wheel size for them is 53mm. Last, the high profile trucks are for the larger wheels. And the wheel size should be greater than 56mm. Plus, you can use these skateboard trucks for all the tricks. Especially the high profile trucks are best for street tricks and cruise.

Height and Weight of the Trucks

As we have mentioned, the height above. The height of the truck should be according to the wheels. Plus, the width of the truck is a complicated thing. So you must match the deck and truck width for having the best experience.

Detail about the Other Parts of Truck

If we take a look at the other parts of the truck, the risers are most important. You can tell by the name that risers keep the skate high from the ground. Also, the risers can absorb shocks from the hard surfaces. The risers are made of rubber, and it is suitable for long and small skateboards.

Further, if the skater is riding on the longboard, you will surely enjoy the sharp edge turns. Plus, risers absorb all impacts to give the best experience. The riser is one of the crucial components to consider while buying a skateboard.

Best of all, some of the risers can eliminate the vibrations that are produced while skating. Also, there are several sizes of risers. And all the trucks don’t need risers. So you must check it before buying a truck.

The Material of the Trucks

Lastly, the trucks have a certain kind of material. Although the material of the truck can increase the price, you should buy a good material truck. Material matters while riding on any skateboard. So we suggest buying aluminum alloy or titanium alloys for durable construction. And these materials that we suggested are lightweight.

However, if you choose a truck that has magnesium material, there are chances that you can enjoy up to 25 percent more than the other materials. Although an aluminum alloy truck is long-lasting, make sure that you buy a skateboard that doesn’t have poor quality.


Finally, the last thing that you must consider is the warranty period. However, most of the truck brands offer warranty periods. We hope that our buyer’s guide will help you buy the right pair of trucks for your skateboard.

Types of Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks are divided into two main types that suit different styles of riding.

  • Reverse Kingpin

A skateboard kingpin is a bolt that functions to connect the hanger to the baseplate. In reverse kingpin trucks, the kingpin and the bushings both point outwards. The trucks are lower and more stable than the standard kingpin. These trucks are taller and wider and are used for cruising or downhill skating. Longboards often use reverse kingpin so it makes them more responsive.

  • Standard Kingpin

Standard kingpin trucks the kingpin and bushings face inward. Adjusting such trucks according to your personal skating needs is easy and these trucks can be used for any sort of skating. You want to skate through the streets with a friend or skate in a park. These are the right type of trucks for you.

Skateboard Truck Width

To choose the right deck size for a board it’s important to determine the width of a truck. This process can be difficult for a beginner but we have aimed to make it seem easy and quick. The width of a skateboard truck can be measured in two ways. One is axle width and the other is hanger width. The axle width is measured more from one end of the axle to the end of another axle. The hanger width or inner width is measured from one end of the hanger to the other.

The width of a truck must be matching the deck width. Too short or too long width both cause serious issues. A truck that is wider than the board will shift the center of gravity to sides and thus cause stability issues and will make it difficult to perform flip tricks. The axle width of your truck and the width of the skateboard deck should be almost the same.

Skateboard Truck Height

What’s the right height for a beginner skateboard truck? What’s the difference between high, medium, and low trucks, and how they affect the ride experience? The true answer is that height of trucks won’t affect the riding style much. High trucks raise the skater well above ground so chances of getting wheel bite are negligible. With higher trucks, the skater needs to push down more while popping.

The height of a truck is measured from the middle of the baseplate to the middle of the axle. Higher trucks mean the board will be high above the ground. The wheels are chosen to match the height of the trucks. Bigger the truck so bigger the wheels. The industry standard don’t mention any specific height labels for the trucks so the simple classification is

Low Trucks

They have the smallest height and the deck is nearer to the ground. This offers much better stability. The lower trucks decrease the distance between the deck and wheels so the chances of getting a wheel bite are high. The trucks are small so lightweight. Lower trucks are closer to the ground so they offer a lot more stability and a tighter center of gravity. This helps in performing the fine tricks.

Medium Trucks

These trucks have heights in between high and low trucks. They offer a great choice for anyone confused and not sure which height will suit their needs. These trucks can be useful for any type of skateboarding

High Trucks

These trucks raise the skater high above the ground. This increases the distance between the wheels and deck surface minimizing chances of any wheel bite but this height makes the deck unstable. These trucks have a stepper incline while popping and should be used only with big wheels. High trucks are great for turning.

For low-height trucks, a wheel size less than 55mm is fine. And for medium trucks, 55 to 60 mm wheels will complement the trucks. Simiarly, for higher trucks wheel size should be above 60 mm for sure.

Adjusting Trucks

The trucks are important when taking turns. To modify the ease of turning loosen or tighten up the kingpin. This can be done by using a skate tool. If you tighten the trucks too much this will affect the bushings and they will be damaged. If the trucks are loose this makes the board unstable and so injury chances increase. Adjust the tightness according to your need. For this having a skate tool is a must. A skate tool is an equipment that often comes with the skateboard and is very useful for making the right adjustments to the skateboard parts. If you don’t get one with your board it’s better to purchase it.

FAQ’s about Skateboard Trucks

Which Are The Best Brands Of Skateboard Trucks?

Some of the best brands of skateboard trucks are Independent Skateboard Trucks 129mm, Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, and Bear Grizzly 181mm Longboard and Skateboard Trucks. Check out of the complete list of Top Quality Skateboard Truck Brands.

Do Skateboard Trucks Have To Match With The Deck?

Yes, it matters a lot, and you should choose a deck that equals the width of your skateboard deck, so if you have a skateboard of 7 to 8 inches in width than buy trucks of 7.75 inches similarly, if you have wider boards that you will need a truck length of 8 inches.

What Are The Most Durable Skateboard Trucks?

Some of the most durable skateboard trucks are Independent Skateboard Truck 139mm, Caliber Trucks Cal II 50degree Longboard Trucks, and Thunder Unisex Team.

The Conclusion

There are various trucks available in the market that come with different quality and cost. In the end it really depends on the need of rider that which pair of trucks will provide a smooth ride.

After testing out the trucks and going through the reviews, We suggest going with the Independent Skateboard Trucks 129mm which are work fine for almost every skater. These skateboard trucks will allow you to do all the tricks on the street or at the park as well. The material of these trucks is durable and these trucks are built to last long. Also, they can easily turn for grinds and manuals.

However, all the trucks in our review have excellent material and qualities. So if you didn’t want to buy our suggestion, try any other options. One of the vital things that you must consider is the width of trucks.


Finally, the trucks should not be too small or large for the skateboard’s deck. So pick the truck that suits your skateboarding style and need.

We hope that we answered your questions regarding Best Skateboard Trucks and you will be able to choose the best for yourself 🙂

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Best Skateboard Trucks For Cruising on Streets – Reviews & FAQs



Cruising can be a lot of fun if you have the right gear for it. That includes the right shoes, clothes, skateboard and most importantly the right skateboard trucks. Not all skateboard trucks can work well while cruising so you need to look for something that matches your requirements.

The best trucks will ensure that you have full control over the skateboard and they will allow you to move around as you please. Now you certainly don’t want to be stuck with trucks that are hard to turn.

If you’re new to skateboards and trucks then you might have some trouble picking the perfect product. However, that’s where we come in. We will save you from the hassle of going through hundreds of products on the market by presenting to you the top cruising skateboard trucks. What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

List of 6 Best Skateboard Trucks for Cruising

Paris V2 180mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Independent Skateboard Trucks 129mm Stage 11⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Core Skateboard Trucks⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Venture Skateboard Trucks⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Thunder - Polished Skateboard Trucks⭐⭐⭐⭐
Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Paris V2 180mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks

Paris V2 Trucks


  • T6 heat treatment process
  • Grade 8 steel axles
  • Pressed-in kingpins
  • Paris 90a urethane bushings
  • 6-hole baseplate


Our first pick for the best skateboard trucks for cruising are the Paris V2 180mm 50 Longboard Skateboard Trucks. Let us explain why. First of all, these trucks have an outstanding design featuring an aluminum construction. This not only makes the trucks sturdy but also helps enhance their durability so that you can use them for a long time.

The manufacturers have ensured a husky model by incorporating the T6 heating technology which has made the structure of the tucks firmer and more robust. This way they can easily endure all kinds of abuse faced while you ride, be it rough roads or difficult tricks. Special attention has also been paid towards their geometrical design as the 50 degrees baseplate angle allows for a much more stable ride.

These trucks also feature a 6-hole baseplate which makes it suitable for all kinds of skateboards. Another important feature of a good pair of trucks is their bushings. In that regard, these come with premium quality urethane bushings. Cone-shaped bushings have been put on the top of these trucks along with barrel-shaped ones on the bottom. The top bushings help in ensuring a quick response while the bottom ones enhance the stability of the skateboard.

Their hangers have been properly expended in order to enhance stability. The hangers are built using aluminum alloy which makes them more durable. Pressed-in kingpins allow you to use the trucks for a longer duration. In addition, the multiple color options allow you to choose the trucks that match your style.

On the downside, these trucks cannot be used wide decks.

In conclusion, the Paris V2 180mm 50 Longboard Skateboard Trucks give you greater control over the skateboard making sure you enjoy your ride to the fullest.

  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Quick response
  • Lightweight
  • Not for wide decks

2. Independent Skateboard Trucks 129mm Stage 11

Paris V2 Trucks


  • Aluminum construction
  • T6 technology
  • Steel made axle
  • Robust structural components


Superior outlook and an admirable performance make the Independent Skateboard Trucks 129mm Stage 11 perfect for cruising. Once you use these trucks, you will become fans too! They are a pair of all-rounder trucks that will surely surpass all your expectation. Let’s learn more about them.

If you’re looking for a pair of sturdy and durable trucks then these should definitely be on the top of your list. Manufactured using premium quality aluminum, they not only provide you with extended durability but are also quite lightweight which makes them much more efficient. Incorporation of the T6 technology has added further stability to these trucks making your ride safer and easier.

They come in a pair of two and also feature a steel axle which has the strength to endure all kinds of impacts that the trucks may face during a ride. The geometrical structure of these trucks has been designed keeping in mind stability and efficiency for the riders. Their amazing design also helps you in making quick turns which are crucial for most tricks.

They are compatible with 56mm wheels and 7.4- to 8-inch-wide decks. If those are the dimensions of your skateboard, these trucks are the perfect choice for you. Even the hangers of these trucks have an impeccable design which allows you to maneuver the skateboard however you want without facing any resistance.

However, hardware is not included in the package so you will have to purchase that separately.

All these amazing features make the Independent Skateboard Trucks 129mm Stage 11 trucks the best choice for your cruising needs.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Good for street skating
  • Good control
  • Doesn’t come with hardware

3. Core Skateboard Trucks

Core Skateboard Trucks


  • Aluminum alloy hangers
  • Heavy duty baseplates
  • USA Made Bushings and Pivot Cups
  • Size 4.75 – 7.375″ Axle Length
  • Fits Decks 7.0″ – 7.5″


The third product on our list is another pair of amazing trucks which will surely win your heart. Core trucks have been in the market for producing extraordinary trucks for past 20 years now. Over the years they have combined their skills and experience to produce trucks which are both budget-friendly and incredibly efficient.

The Core Skateboard Trucks feature aluminum alloy hangers. They make the trucks lightweight while also ensuring durability so that you know that these trucks will last a very long time making them a one-time investment for you. Their robust design also helps the trucks endure any kind of impact that the skateboard might face while you’re riding on rugged terrains.

Their heavy-duty baseplates make them perfect for riders of all shapes and sizes. This also allows you to experiment with all kinds of tricks without worrying about damaging your trucks. Super high rebound bushings along with pivot cups help ensure a consistent, smooth and responsive ride so that you are in full control of your skateboard.

The trucks are completely assembled in USA. Axel length ranges between 4.75 to 7.735 inches. The trucks can be used for decks measuring 7 to 7.5 inches. You also get numerous color options so you can choose a pair which best goes with your skateboard. Just because they are trucks does not mean that you have to choose a boring pair. You have full liberty of choosing between different colors so that your skateboard can look colorful.

However, you cannot tighten the bushings on the skateboard.


In conclusion, the Core Skateboard Trucks offer quality and durability even within a budget.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Multiple color options
  • Good control
  • Cannot tighten bushings

4. Venture Skateboard Trucks

Venture Trucks


  • Polished design
  • Custom forged aluminum baseplate
  • Hollow kingpin
  • Hollow axle
  • Red bushings


If stability is your number 1 preference, then the next product that we are about to suggest will surely become the one for you. The Venture Skateboard Trucks ensure maximum stability so that you can focus on other important things while riding rather than missing out on all the fun in an effort to stay stable.

The polished design of these trucks makes them attractive for users. Their lightweight design is also quite crucial in making them more user-friendly. Being lightweight, they make it easier for you to maneuver the skateboard and they also reduce the overall weight of the skateboard making it more portable. No one likes dragging around heavy trucks anyways.

Custom forged aluminum baseplate offers extended durability for users. Aluminum is a lightweight material and therefore it helps reduce the overall weight of the trucks making them easier to control and maneuver. In addition, they also feature a hollow kingpin and a hollow axle in addition to red bushings.

The package includes 2 trucks. The premium quality kingpins and axle ensure better control and ultra-quick response which helps make the ride much safer. Quick response also enables you to perform difficult tricks with maximum ease.

However, the trucks don’t rise well above the ground so you may face wheel bite.

In conclusion, if you’re skating on the street, the Venture Skateboard Trucks will surely serve you well.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Too close to the ground

5. Thunder – Polished Skateboard Trucks

Thunder Polished Trucks


  • High-profile
  • Robust design
  • 149 mm hanger
  • Chrome kingpin


For new riders who are still on the path of learning, we would recommend the Thunder – Polished Skateboard Trucks. Let us explain why. These are high profile trucks which are perfect for newbies who want to go cruising on their skateboards. They will also be quite helpful in performing skating maneuvers so beginners can easily learn new tricks on these without having to face too much trouble.

If you are going for a ride on difficult terrains then you definitely need trucks which can easily resist hard blows. That’s where these trucks come in. Being robust yet lightweight, they make rides on rugged terrains so much easier. They can easily endure all kinds of impacts which means that they will surely last a long time even if you use them roughly.

These trucks not only offer phenomenal performance but they also have some dazzling looks to show for it. An elegant silver finish gives the trucks a classy look. You can keep looking amazing while you’re out riding with your friends.

These trucks go best with skateboards which measure 8.38 to 8.62 inches wide. The trucks feature a 149mm hanger which ensures a stable ride for the users. A chrome axle and kingpin help improve the structure of the trucks.

On the downside, these trucks cannot be used for speedy riding.

In short, the Thunder – Polished Skateboard Trucks offer great performance for beginners.

  • Durable
  • Elegant silver finish
  • Stable
  • Not for speedy rides

6. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

Havoc Skateboard Trucks


  • Aluminum alloy structure
  • Variety of colors
  • Fits range of board types
  • Compact design


The final product on our list is the Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks. If you don’t like bulky looking trucks that essentially weigh a ton then these trucks are definitely for you. These unique looking trucks have a skinny structure which help in reducing the weight of the trucks. Having much less material, these trucks don’t have a bulky looking design which is appreciated by many users.

The trucks are manufactured using lightweight aluminum alloy which is one of the major reasons behind their skinny and lightweight design. Just because they have a skinny design does not mean that they lack any features or efficiency required for cruising. They offer unparalleled performance despite their light exterior hence proving that they have essentially only shed the extra weight without affecting performance.

Available in many funky colors, these trucks give a unique look to your skateboard. You can choose between green, pink, light blue and many other flashy colors. They can easily fit different kinds of boards but they are most suitable for 7.75-inch decks. They come with all he necessary hardware which you might need for mounting them onto your skateboard including wheels and grip tape.

You can get these trucks for a very affordable price which means that they won’t be heavy on your pockets and so you won’t have to adjust your budget just to make space for trucks. You can get all these amazing features at an equally amazing price. Now that’s really amazing!

However, you may need to replace the bushings after a few rides.

All in all, we love the Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks an we would definitely recommend them for cruising.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Affordable
  • Good performance
  • Bushings may need to be replaced

Important FAQs to Consider When Buying Cruiser Skateboard Trucks

  • What trucks are best for cruising?

Paris V2 180mm 50 Longboard Skateboard Trucks are the best trucks for cruising.

  • What size trucks go with an 8.25 deck?

For an 8.25-inch deck you need 5.5-inch trucks.

  • Should I Get High Or Low Trucks?

This depends on the size of your wheels. If you have big wheels, you should go for high trucks in order to prevent wheel biting while low trucks are better for use with smaller wheels.

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