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6 Best Skateboards Under 50 Dollars in 2022 – Cheap Yet Durable!



Are you tight on budget or don’t want to spend more than $50 on a skateboard but still want to get quality? Well, you have landed at the right place.

For our readers, we searched the market and found the best skateboards under 50 dollars that have excellent quality and you will enjoy riding these top-notch skateboards.

These skateboards are perfect for almost every age group and can last longer too because of their solid build quality.

You can find an expensive board or a cheaper one whatever suits your budget. Best boards under 50 have all the basic requirements that can help you enjoy and have fun.

The list of articles in this product is picked for your convenience considering the durability, quality, and cost of the board.

Let’s check out the reviews of budget-friendly skateboards.

Best Skateboards Under 50 Dollars | Reviewing the Top Picks

1. MEKETEC Mini Cruiser Skateboard – Overall Best

Overall Best
MEKETEC Mini Cruiser Skateboard
  • Made with solid polypropylene, aluminum, and plastic
  • High Speed ABEC 7 bearings
  • Value to money
  • Suitable for any level of riders
04/27/2024 07:54 am GMT

Getting kids out for a sport when they are not willing to do so will surely be a headache for parents. With the high increase in the use of screens among young kids, they enjoy sitting on a couch the whole day long and the idea of getting out feels hectic to them.

But as a parent, you will be aware of the hazard of the excess use of electronic gadgets and that’s why you want your kid to have a fruitful activity.

Meketec has designed some really cool-looking affordable boards that will appeal to your kids a lot and intrigue them into skateboarding. The colors are very attractive and unique so your kid will have a variety of options to choose from.

Keeping kids in mind this board is designed to be super lightweight. It only weighs 3.8 lbs so young kids can easily handle the board alone without any fear of injuring themselves.

The board is a plastic cruiser that can easily fit inside a backpack so it’s super easy to carry it around. Being plastic the board deck won’t get affected by water.

Being compact and lightweight the board is convenient to take for skateboarding or commuting. Skateboards are a great mode of commuting to school for kids. This will save the cost of bus transport and also have a lesser environmental impact.

Meketec skateboards are our premium pick and have the deck made of sturdy polypropylene and are super sturdy. The board is made of 4 smooth and soft casters that provide a stable and rideable experience. This plastic cruiser is CE certified so you can purchase it for your dear ones with full confidence.

This strong board has enough strength that you can roll with it on any terrain carelessly. Skateboarding is fun and quick to learn. At the start, one may find stability issues but once you gain more stability you’ll enjoy the experience. Once you have the required skills you’ll love cruising with your board.

This skateboard has fast 60 mm bearings giving the rider a great riding experience. The 23-inch long deck has enough space so kids can easily stabilize themselves.

Meketec has designed the skateboard with different color trucks so it makes the skateboard stand out more and thus kids are more inclined towards the sport as colors increase kids’ interest.

The colorful heavy-duty trucks make the ride super comfortable. This board can support weight up to 200 lbs so it is secure and safe for kids to use this board for distant travel.

  • Variety of colorful design deck and trucks which appeal the kids
  • Polypropylene deck is bendable and sturdy
  • Super light board measuring only 3.8 lbs so it’s easy to fit it inside a backpack
  • CE certified board fit for beginners as well as experienced riders
  • Can support up to 200 lbs
  • Super tight trucks can restrict wheel free movement


2. MoBoard Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

MoBoard Graphic Complete Skateboard 22'' Skateboard Wth Interchangeable Wheels
  • Fully assembled plastic deck
  • Smooth polyurethane wheels
  • Can bear a maximum load of 198lbs
  • Available in different cool colors and designs

Looking for a product within a tight budget can be difficult when it comes to finding the right specifications.

Budget-friendly products might lack the most needed qualities a rider is looking for in his or her skateboard. MoBoard has designed the most efficient skateboard on a low budget.

MoBoard skateboard is 22 Inches long and has a variety of colors and designs that give an attractive appearance to the board and helps get skaters more involved in the sport. Especially young skaters are more into colors and designs that help them stand out and represent a style of music pattern.

The skateboard deck is super comfortable and can be ridden even with bare feet. Skateboarding is a convenient way of replacing traditional means of transport.

This discussion has sprung up a lot lately due to the immense pollution seen around us at this time. The traditional means like buses and cars add a lot to this pollution so young people should be encouraged to start skateboarding to school.


This will not only boost their physical health but also eradicates excess environmental pollution. The board can maximum bear up to 198 pounds so young and adults alike can ride this skateboard.

MoBoard skateboard is our editor’s choice product as it has a thick 100% fresh deck which makes it easy to ride. MoBoard has designed an affordable board so everyone can skateboard and have fun.

The expensive prices of the skateboard can discourage many from desiring such dreams so it’s highly applaudable how MoBoard has designed a board with all essential features in an affordable range.

Now you can fulfill your skating dream with a skateboard that’s strong and will last long enough. This will encourage more and more people to try this sport.

This cruiser-style skateboard has a plastic deck that can be used in rain without fear of damaging the deck.

The 22-inch long deck gives enough space for the skater to stand comfortably and have a strong grip on the board. The board has nice flat tires so one can avoid crashes from tiny rocks.

Moreover, the decks have vibrant appealing colors that attract and intrigue the kids a lot.

This helps in getting them started with skateboarding. This affordable durable skateboard can be the perfect choice for your whole family. As the boards are super affordable so the whole family can enjoy skateboarding together.

  • Thick 100% fresh plastic cruiser that comes fully assembled
  • High-quality aluminum trucks that improve the ride experience
  • Amazing pattern and attractive color skateboard
  • Mini cruiser lightweight board design for easy transport
  • Top paint layer might come off easily


3. KPC Pro Complete Skateboard

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete, Ace
  • Precision bearings
  • Strong, Durable and Reliable
  • Comes with heavy-duty trucks
  • The grip tape on this skateboard is top-notch

Krown has the best-selling budget skateboard in the market. Krown emerges on the market list of skateboard makers in 1996.

The company had the aim to provide affordable and durable boards to people who are into the sport but can’t manage to afford the expensive stuff. Krown has now been successfully around for about 20 years and fulfilling the needs of all skateboarders beginner or professional.

With 20 years of market experience, Krown is now able to provide the best parts at the best price to its customers.

The skateboard has different cool graphics and colors. This helps one choose the color or design of their choice.

Having colorful boards can engage more interest of other skateboarders and thus a community of skateboarders will come into being who can commute together and motivate each other. The huge color variety can fit everyone’s choice.

No one will be left out. All skaters can get the perfect color for themselves.

This skateboard measures 8” x 32”. This skateboard size is for pro Skaters. This model is perfect for those perfect in sports who want to have a stable ride experience. The deck has a concave design which not only makes it easy to ride the board and has a better grip but also makes it easy to learn the different tricks and perform stunts easily.

The skateboard dimensions are designed to keep professional skaters in mind as they have already better stability on board and know basic details about how to ride a skateboard so they can use this strong board to learn the difficult tricks of this sport.

If you want a unit that comes fully assembled and you won’t need to put in much effort then this board is the perfect choice for every such customer. The board comes fully pre-assembled and ready to ride.

The board has an 80 grit black grip tape at the top that gives the skater needed traction to stabilize himself on the board and lessens the chances of fall and provides greater stability.

The deck of this skateboard is made of maple wood which is strong and able to bear the weight of the skaters no matter how big. The assorted trucks are available in different colors. The metal trucks last longer and thus make the purchase economical. The skaters can ride on this board on roads and parks.

  • Maple wood 32-inch long deck gives better stability
  • Colorful pattern and designs to fit the needs of all skaters
  • Metal trucks can bear more weight and are more strong than other options
  • Blacktop grip tape provides great traction to the skater that is needed to perform the tricks
  • Deck wood might chip off


4. YF YOUFU Skateboards

YF YOUFU Complete Skateboards, 31 inch Pro Skateboard
  • Durable maple deck
  • Comes with solid trucks and bearings
  • Double-kick tail deck design
  • Super smooth and easy to control
04/27/2024 07:18 am GMT

If you are looking for a strong sturdy professional-level skateboard that too within a budget YF has something for you in-store.

Skateboarding is a fun sport that helps people get out into the street enjoy nature, put in some physical effort, and have great health.

YF YOUFU skateboard is for all whether beginners or professional skaters. It has Specifications that can fulfill the needs of all.


Skateboarding is a fashionable sport that is becoming more and more famous among young people. If you are totally new to the sport don’t worry it’s easy to learn the sport and you’ll be cruising the streets in no time.

The deck is made of 7 maple wood plies that are cold-pressed together with epoxy glue. The board is flexible so you’ll feel comfortable during your commute as you pass the rough terrains.

The shock absorbent feature makes the rider more comfortable and prevents you from any unwanted uneasiness during the commute.

The Emory non-slip surface is what makes the board even more superb and better cause the rider will have a better grip on the board and thus better stability makes it unlikely to fall and injure oneself.

Are you worried about the sturdiness of the board? Don’t worry about weight when buying this board as the strong board can easily bear up to 396 lbs of weight which makes it durable and you can step on it without worrying about your weight.

As the board is strong so it provides better safety and allows for a more comfortable ride experience.

No matter how rough the terrain is the strong board won’t crack and will last you long making the purchase cost-effective. The deck is 31 inches long providing enough space for any age skater.

Wheels are an important part of the skateboard. To have a smooth skateboard ride the wheels should be of high quality. YF has kept this in special check when designing the perfect budget skateboard.

This skateboard has 95 A polyurethane wheels that can effectively and efficiently control board direction. The board has ABEC-9 bearings which have great weight-bearing capacity.

They provide more support and help the skater be more steady during the ride. The skateboard is made of quality material so one can perform the tricks easily. Strong magnesium trucks keep the ride steady from time to time.

  • 31-inch longboard with enough standing space for skater
  • 7 ply maple wood deck with glue provides a better ride experience
  • Designed for both beginner and professional skaters
  • High-density waterproof grip tape provides good traction
  • A little bit heavy


5. Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

Krown KRRC-27 Rookie Complete Skateboard,Blue Flame,OS
  • Good starter skateboard
  • Assembled with a 7-Ply Maple deck
  • High-quality trucks and bushings
  • Great for all level skaters
04/27/2024 03:23 pm GMT

Looking for an affordable yet long-lasting board Krown must have something for you in-store. The Krown has been manufacturing skateboards for a long.

It has been around since 1996. After manufacturing different sizes and styles of skates for so long, the company has now varieties of options for all of its customers.

No matter you are a beginner or a professional skater wanting to learn the difficult tricks of the sport you will surely find something in their store that will match your taste. The variety is not only diverse in colors and design but the price range is also wide as well.

Krown skateboards are present in a variety of colors and designs. You no longer need to stick to those dull gloomy colors like gray-black or brown. Look in the store for cool funky colors and intricate patterns that will match your fashion sense.

The color variety is so varied that almost all whole families can find a board for themselves that has the color and design of their choice.

So don’t worry about finding the right product for your dear ones, Krown has varieties that will suit everyone. So if you face trouble settling with the right color head to Krown.

The measures of this skateboard are 7.5-31.5 inches. This narrow and long-length skateboard design is fit for those who want to get basic know-how of skateboarding. The new skaters will benefit will this long design as it offers enough leg space for beginner skaters to stabilize themselves.

The beginners are unable to stabilize themselves at the beginning so having a longboard will prevent them from falling and have a strong grip and prevents them from falling on the ground and injuring their bones or tissues. The modern concave deck allows for greater pop making the skateboard best for performing tricks.

The board comes pre-assembled and ready to ride as it comes out of the box. Heavy-duty aluminum trucks are strong enough to bear the weight and last long. This makes the rider comfortable during long travels.

The deck surface is covered with 80 grit black grip tape that provides needed traction to the skater and protects them from destabilizing during the commute.

The deck is made of Canadian maple which makes the board strong and makes it last for a considerable period of time. 52mm urethane graphic wheels make the ride smooth despite the rough terrain.

  • Narrow long design skateboard for beginner skaters
  • Canadian maple deck with a concave surface
  • 80 grit grip tape provides better stability to the skater
  • Various colors and attractive designs for different age group skaters
  • Deck might crack easily


6. Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard

Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard 7.5-8-Inch Deck (8" Fallout)
  • Made with high-quality maple wood
  • Lightweight trucks
  • 95A bushings that provide a smooth ride
  • Comes with warranty
04/27/2024 02:28 pm GMT

When looking for the best skateboard under 50 what the skater wants is a strong board that will last longer, has powerful wheels that provide a smooth ride experience and the paint or deck won’t chip off easily.

Cal has an affordable deck that can do the job pretty well. This skateboard is great for skating in parks, roads, or streets.

A skater can ride in a skating park or roam around the streets of town without any issues indicating that the board is strong enough to handle the stress. The symmetrical design of the skateboard with a double kicktail makes it easy for a skater to change position in an instant.

The various colors and designs give an eye-catching look to the skateboard so you will skate with more interest and boost your fashion style.

Being on a tight budget Does not mean one should have to buy a board that would chip off or cracks after a few rides. This board can provide efficient performance with a meager budget.

High-grade hardware gives the skater the needed confidence to skate the roads and ensure they are ready for all the tricks and stunts. This board has high-quality parts that complement the deck.

This skateboard deck is made of 100 percent maple wood. The skateboard has 7-ply wood that is glued together giving the board the needed thickness and durability. Premium board has maximum strength so one would get a smooth ride no matter what the terrains are like.

Good quality wheels are shock absorbent and have better control over the ground despite the conditions. All the boards have a Popsicle shape that makes them useful for skating on streets or parks. The asymmetrical shape makes it easy for the skater to change position.

The concave deck gives enough stability to the skater to perform the tricks easily. The 100 A urethane wheels of this board are ideal for going from smooth to rougher terrain. These wheels give enough grip to the skater. The wheels have a small diameter so the skater is able to pick up speed quickly.

The board comes pre-assembled ready to ride. One needs no effort to assemble the various parts. The aluminum trucks of the board are sturdy enough to support huge weight and last long. The 96A bushings are more smooth and better able to absorb shock resulting from the uneven surface.

  • 7.5 inches Popsicle design deck fit for both streets and parks
  • 100 A polyurethane wheels make the ride smooth and comfortable
  • Comes pre-assembled with 5-inch aluminum trucks that are sturdy
  • Covers manufacture defect with one year warranty
  • Grip tape might not last long


FAQs About Best Skateboards Under $50

Are skateboards under $50 durable?

Yes, the skateboards under $50 might be made of plastic or maple wood but they are super durable and are made of a strong deck that can bear the weight no matter how much.

Are skateboards available in colors and designs?

One needs to look for the desired color and pattern as the options are present in an enormous amount so it will be time to pick up the perfect product for yourself that matches your taste and style. Some manufacturers offer very diverse colors so almost any age group skater will have their desired product.


Overall best skateboard under 50

Skateboards Complete

Is the best skateboard under 50. The skateboard is for all age groups. The skateboard is available in a variety of colors and designs that will appeal to the kids and get them into skateboarding. This wide variety of colors and designs is to match the fashion style of skaters and help them have a skateboard that not only suits their taste but is also super durable. This board weighs only 3.8 lbs and is compact enough to fit inside the backpack. This helps the young skaters to easily carry their boards around no matter how distant the workplace or school is. This compact yet strong board can support up to 200 lbs of weight.

Best value for money skateboard under 50

YF YOUFU Skateboards

Is the best value for money skateboard under 50. The skateboard has a longboard design which means the skater will have enough space to stand comfortably. The skateboard deck is 31 inches long and is suitable for kids or young girls and boys. The deck is made of 7 layers of maple wood that are glued together for better thickness. The deck surface has grip tape that will provide traction to the rider. The skateboard has ABEC-9 bearings that can bear more weight. Thus any skater whether a beginner or a professional can have a comfortable riding experience with this board. The magnesium trucks keep the skater steady during the ride.

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