Chris Pfanner Talks Photography in Volcom’s “Slightly Removed”

There are many similarities between skateboarding and photography. Timing and having an eye for what will look good both come to mind. Chris Pfanner delves into the topic in this new short from Volcom in which he and Alex Cruysberghs explore Vancouver, and its surrounding area. While the debate on whether skateboarding is an art or sport rages on daily, Pfanner adds another point in the art column with this new piece. When comparing shooting photos to landing tricks, Pfanner had this to say:

When I look through the viewfinder, I’m focused on what I’m shooting. It’s the same thing when I step on a skateboard and I’m really focused. I forget everything around me. Both have similar meditative aspects. It’s a good stress relief.

Head to Volcom’s site to view the full feature complete with the Slightly Removed collection lookbook, and an interview with Pfanner.

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