Atiba Jefferson and Ty Evans Collaborate on New Turnstile Video

Hot on the heels of Greg Hunt’s Cat Power video, Atiba Jefferson and Ty Evans collaborated on this new visual for Turnstile’s “Bomb / I Don’t Wanna Be Blind.” The duo have been working together since their tenure at Transworld 20 years ago—which makes their effort here even cooler. With Atiba directing and Ty running the cameras, the video’s ties to skateboarding are undeniable. So it makes sense that it features some familiar faces from our world including: Kader Sylla, Zach Allen, and Ryder Mclaughlin.

The narrative is the classic tale of a group of skaters and punks’ day being disrupted by a passerby in a car. As you can imagine, chaos ensues. While the plot for this may be simple, the visuals are not. Check out Atiba and Ty’s latest offering above. One can only hope that they talked about a Chomp on This sequel while they were working on this.