Dashawn Jordan’s SLS Unsanctioned Cinderella Story

From bodied to bringing home the trophy, Dashawn Jordan‘s SLS Unsanctioned 3 win is one to remember. After (in his words) getting Mario Karted by a waxy rail in the very first run of the competition, Jordan dusted himself off and came through in the individual trick round with a front 270 lip, 360 flip 50-50 that locked perfectly onto that round rail, and a bigger spin flip front board. There was a little touch on the floor with that last one, which has some fans grumbling, but it was enough to impress the judges. Other highlights were Manny Santiago‘s 9 Club-worthy big heel boardslide, Vincent Milou‘s kickflip front tail with almost too much air over the hubba, and Gabriel Fortunato‘s magnificent hardflip.

This more casual competition was held in Miami’s Skatebird Skatepark and featured an all-women panel of judges – Aori Nishimura, Leticia Bufoni, and Rayssa Leal. The lineup was full of more familiar faces including Kelvin Hoefler, Lucas Rabelo, Felipe Gustavo, Dominick Walker, Trent McClung, and Carlos Ribeiro. Watch the full broadcast above.


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