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Des Moines Streetstyle Open Returns for its Second Year



Des Moines Streetstyle Open returns for its second year on September 22-24. Modeled after the Copenhagen Open, this multi-day event organized by Skate DSM will take place at different spots in the Des Moines metro.

The opening and final events will be held at the Lauridsen Skatepark. See the schedule below.

Thursday, September 22

Welcome to Town Session at Lauridsen Skatepark
5:00 pm: Beginner Flow Bowl Session with prizes for participants
6:00 pm: Event 1 – Final details TBD
7:00 pm: Event 2 Presented by Street Plant and Mike Vallely – Final details TBD

Friday, September 23

1:00 pm: Stop 1 – Lauridsen Amphitheater at Water Works Park

  • Session/Best Trick on the stage and additional obstacle
  • Final details TBD

4:00pm: Stop 2 – Legion Skatepark

  • Men’s and Women’s Divisions
  • Registration required
  • 3 skater jams, 3 mins each
  • Top 5 advance to Finals
  • Finals: 3, 1 min runs, best counts

Saturday, September 24

1:00 pm: Polk County Administrative Building

  • Session/Best Trick on the stairs
  • Final details TBD

4:00 pm: Stop 2 – Red Bull Mind the Gap
5:30 pm: Jam 1
6:00 pm: Jam 2
6:30 pm: Jam 3

  • Registration: 20 skaters max per Jam
  • Awards immediately following. Plus $500 in travel towards Mind the Gap in Atlanta in December.

Watch the Recap of the Des Moines Street Style Open 2021 below.

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Luan Oliveira vs. Jamie Griffin: BATB 13 Face Off



It’s the last battle before the Finals Night! BATB 11 Champion Luan Oliveira faces off against defending BATB 12 Champion Jamie Griffin for the last spot in the Final Four!

So far, Chris Cole, Nick Holt, and Tyler Peterson have secured their spots in the finals. Who will claim the final spot? Watch the full video above.

The Finals Night will happen on November 11.

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Get to Know the Exposure 2023 Winners



Here are the winners of the major events in Exposure 2023, an annual skateboarding competition for women, trans, non-binary and other gender-diverse individuals.

Bowl Open-Pro

1st: Lilly Erickson
2nd: Jordyn Barratt
3rd: Bryce Wettstein

Vert Open-Pro 

1st: Kihana Ogawa
2nd: Bryce Wettstein
3rd: Juno Matsuoka

Street Open-Pro

1st: Paige Heyn
2nd: Kylie Frank
3rd: Ria Tanno

The first Exposure in 2012 was inspired by the Underexposed documentary, which was created by Exposure co-founder and Olympian Amelia Brodka.

The documentary highlighted the lack of opportunities for female skateboarders at the time, as women’s divisions had been removed from all major skate events. This made it difficult for the best female skateboarders in the world to secure supportive sponsors.

Therefore, it was crucial to create a new space within the sport for both professional female, trans and nonbinary skateboarders, as well as amateurs looking to be introduced to skateboarding.

Exposure started as an annual skateboarding competition that was inclusive to girls, women, trans and nonbinary people from all over the globe. The competition hosted events in park, street and vert disciplines.

As the event grew in popularity, skaters traveled from as far as Japan, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, and across Europe to compete in the annual competition. The initial field of 32 female competitors grew to 230 competitors by 2020.

The prize purse for the competition also saw substantial growth. By 2016, Exposure offered the largest prize purse in women’s skateboarding. Legends such as Tony Hawk, Andrew Reynolds, Steve Caballero, and Christian Hosoi regularly show their support on deck.

The event also raises awareness and donates proceeds to a local shelter for survivors of domestic violence.

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Rayssa Leal Claims Victory at STU Open for Second Year in a Row



Monster Energy team rider Rayssa Leal defended her title at the STU Open 2023 Women’s Street Skateboarding in Rio de Janeiro.

At the STU Open Rio, Rayssa successfully executed some amazing tricks including frontside bluntslide on the big rail, kickflip backside lipslide on the flat rail, backside tailslide on the big rail, gap out backside lipslide on the A-frame rail, and kickflip frontside boardslide on the big rail. The impressive display of skills earned her 85.70 points and a second consecutive win.

The reigning SLS World Champion, Leal, hails from Brazil and also won a silver medal in the Women’s Skateboard Street event at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Women’s Street Skateboarding contest at Duó Square skatepark featured an international roster of talented riders from Argentina, Brazil, and the United States, among others.

In the Men’s Street Paraskate discipline reserved for adaptive athletes, 24-year-old Felipe Nunes from Curitiba, Brazil took first place with a perfect run. Nunes also took a podium spot by claiming second place in the Men’s Adaptive Skate Park discipline.

In the Men’s Skateboard Street final, Matias Del Ollio from Argentina took the top spot. He was trailing in the first run but made a comeback for the best trick earning a score of 86.19, pushing his average to 84.66 

Giovanni Vianna from Santo Andre, Brazil took second place with a stacked run: Tricks including Caballerial backside lipslide the big rail, bluntslide the flat rail, frontside crooked the flat rail, backside overcrook the handrail, gap to frontside lipslide the A-frame, fakie 5-0 grind the Hubba and Caballerial frontside noseslide the big rail earned Vianna a final score of 83.92 points.

Del Ollio and Vianna were joined on the podium by 26-year-old Jhancarlos Gonzalez from Bogota, Colombia, placing third. Gonzalez put down technical tricks such as switch backside lipslide the big rail, backside 270 lipslide the flat rail, gap to frontside Smith grind the rail, frontside 270 lipslide the A-frame rail, and Caballerial frontside boardslide fakie the big rail for 83.74 points.

The heavily contested Men’s Skateboard Park final concluded with Pedro Barros winning the gold. Tom Schaar and Augusto Akio completed the podium for second and third place, respectively.

In the Men’s Skate Street Best Trick event, 17-year-old Filipe Mota from Minas Gerais, Brazil, took the trophy by putting down a technical kickflip hurricane down the big rail. The Women’s Skate Street Best Trick contest saw Rayssa Leal take top honors.

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