Mero Name Drops Harold Hunter in Tony Hawk Interview

We knew there was a reason why we gravitated towards this show. In a case of game recognizes game, Mero from Desus & Mero shouts out Harold Hunter, and name drops Zoo York’s Mixtape during the show’s recent interview with Tony Hawk.

Is there a favorite part from a video that you’ve seen? I know personally for me—rest in peace Harold Hunter—when the Zoo York Mixtape came out, I think it was like ’96 [or] ’97; I was like, “I’m skateboarding now.” It was hip hop. It was New York. It was a different twist on skateboarding.

The quote starts at 2:27, and they even show a clip of Harold. It’s really crazy how much RB Umali’s classic influenced popular culture. Watch the full interview above.

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