Ethan Cairns and Boipelo Awuah Take Top Spots at Street Lines Tournament

In his first major career win, newcomer Ethan Cairns snagged the top spot in the men’s division at the inaugural Street Lines Skate Tournament in South Africa. The win surprised Cairns himself, who said, “I went to the contest with no expectations. I wanted to skate and have fun. (However), I ended up winning the contest, (which) was really unexpected. It was good to see all the amazing skaters and watch everyone try their best.”

The women’s division saw an impressive turnout, with top three spots going to Olympian Melissa Williams in third, Natalie Bramley in second, and first for 15-year-old Olympian Boipelo Awuah

According to LW Mag

Ethan Cairns stepped it up in the finals and skated amazingly well through his run and trick segments with Back Smiths on lock, a Frontside 270 and Kickflip Frontside 50-50 down the rail, Frontside Feeble, Backside Tailslide on the grind ledges and a huge Front Shuv down the 8-Stairs to claim the overall victory.


Boipelo Awuah dominated the field throughout the qualifying and finals with her super consistent skating touching every obstacle in the park. Stacked runs with tricks like a Boardslide down the rail, Noseslide on the ledge, Kickflip and Switch 180 over the kicker-to-kicker, 50-50 down the hubba, Backside Ollies and Backside Heelflips over the hip put her on the top step of the podium.

We can’t wait to see what they do next!