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Ethan Cairns and Boipelo Awuah Take Top Spots at Street Lines Tournament



In his first major career win, newcomer Ethan Cairns snagged the top spot in the men’s division at the inaugural Street Lines Skate Tournament in South Africa. The win surprised Cairns himself, who said, “I went to the contest with no expectations. I wanted to skate and have fun. (However), I ended up winning the contest, (which) was really unexpected. It was good to see all the amazing skaters and watch everyone try their best.”

The women’s division saw an impressive turnout, with top three spots going to Olympian Melissa Williams in third, Natalie Bramley in second, and first for 15-year-old Olympian Boipelo Awuah

According to LW Mag

Ethan Cairns stepped it up in the finals and skated amazingly well through his run and trick segments with Back Smiths on lock, a Frontside 270 and Kickflip Frontside 50-50 down the rail, Frontside Feeble, Backside Tailslide on the grind ledges and a huge Front Shuv down the 8-Stairs to claim the overall victory.


Boipelo Awuah dominated the field throughout the qualifying and finals with her super consistent skating touching every obstacle in the park. Stacked runs with tricks like a Boardslide down the rail, Noseslide on the ledge, Kickflip and Switch 180 over the kicker-to-kicker, 50-50 down the hubba, Backside Ollies and Backside Heelflips over the hip put her on the top step of the podium.

We can’t wait to see what they do next!



Get Behind the Scenes of the Red Bull Bowl Rippers



In September, Red Bull Bowl Rippers brought pro skateboarding action back to Marseille’s famous beachside Bowl Du Prado after a two-year hiatus.

As thousands of enthusiastic French spectators witnessed the action-packed event, Marc Churchill and Corbin Harris interviewed the participating skaters, as well as industry veterans such as Greg Poissonnier, Chris Gregson, and Bryce Kanights. They also spoke with the event organizer, Jeremie Grynblat, and local hero Vincent Matheron to understand what makes this unique proving ground so special and why people keep coming back to it for decades.

The first Bowl Rippers was held in 2016 at the iconic park to celebrate its 25th year. Now on its sixth edition, The Red Bull Bowl Rippers continued the Bowl Du Prado’s legacy of enshrining legends into a new era.

The Bowl Du Prado, designed by Jean-Pierre Collinet, has been visited by every great skateboarder to leave their mark on the sport. Along with famous names like Cardiel, Speyer, Trujillo, and Petersen, there are also local legends like Molinier, Benoliel, Salah, and the Matheron clan who have all contributed to the skatepark’s worldwide notoriety.

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Brazilian Skaters Sweep SLS 2023 Super Crown in Hometown Victory



It’s a double win for Brazilians after Rayssa Leal and Giovanni Vianna took home the Championship Crown for Street League Skateboarding 2023 held on their home turf last weekend.

In the men’s division, the top qualifier from the 2023 SLS Super Crown knockout round, Vincent Milou, was the one to beat with a total score of 36.3 from his line score of 9.4 that he earned in his second run and trick scores of 8.8, 9.1, and 9.0.

But Vianna swooped in and took the lead after scoring 9.4 in his 4th trick. Adding this to his highest line score of 9.1 and trick scores of 8.8 and 9.1 for his first two attempts, Vianna was able to bring his score to 36.4.

Milou tried to recover his spot with his final trick but failed, sealing Vianna’s claim to the super crown.

Meanwhile, 2022 Super Crown Champion Gustavo Ribeiro made it to third place with a final score of 27.1.

He was initially in the lead with a line score of 9.3 in his first run until Vincent Milou topped his score with his second run for the line.

Ribeiro dropped into 4th place but made a comeback with his fourth attempt for the single tricks, edging out Felipe Gustavo. Felipe failed his last two attempts in the trick round and remained in 4th place.

Watch how the 2023 SLS Super Crown Men’s Final went down below.

With a final score of 31.9, Rayssa Leal got her second straight Super Crown in the women’s division.

On her second Line attempt, she got her first Nine Club score in the SLS competition. She executed a backside Smith grind the big rail, manual the box, noseslide big spin the Euro Gap ledge, frontside nosegrind the Hubba, kickflip frontside boardslide the rail, kickflip up the Euro Gap, and frontside bluntslide the big rail for 9.0 points.

Leal retained the energy with a flawless backside tailslide the big rail for 8.0 points on her first attempt for the best trick round. She followed up with a frontside nosegrind the big rail for 6.4 points in her second attempt. 

Leal landed a perfect kickflip frontside boardslide the big rail for 8.5 points in her next attempt, bringing her score to a dominant 31.9 points overall.

Momiji Nishiya and Paige Heyn completed the podium in second and third place, respectively.

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IOC Announces Winners of First Let’s Move Street Challenge



The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has revealed the first-ever winners of the Let’s Move Street Challenge – the unique online competition supported by Worldwide Olympic Partner Samsung, inviting BMX, Breaking and Skateboarding enthusiasts to showcase their best moves and creative skills.

Twenty-one winners from 13 countries have been selected by the judges from thousands of entries, unlocking an all-access trip to watch some of the best athletes competing for their ticket to Paris 2024 at the first Olympic Qualifier Series in Shanghai.


BMX Freestyle Park
Melville Smith (United States of America)
Ozawa “Miharu” Miharu (Japan)

BMX Real Street
Andres “Mickey” Michael (New Zealand)
Eleonora (Greece)

BMX Dirt
Tommy Crail (United States of America)
Michelle Neuner (Switzerland)

Skateboarding Park
Eddie Acres (Australia)
Malgorzata Burkacka (Poland)

Skateboarding Real Street
Carlos Burgos (Cuba)
Guadalupe Aime (Argentina)

Skateboarding Street Park
James Huntley (New Zealand)
Keily Frank

Breaking Best Round
Penny “Penny” Deng (People’s Republic of China)
“Vinilla” Yelyzaveta Ovcharova (Ukraine)

Breaking Power Move
Pisani “Arthur” Alves de Silva Arthur (Brazil)
Bgirl Small (People’s Republic of China)

Breaking Footwork
Keith Jennings “Ghost”
Adejoke “Cruxy” Victoria Akinbogym (Nigeria)

Street culture
Jonatan Mineiro “Ze pequeno BMX” (Brazil)

Best produced
Maxime Castillon (France)

Most surprising video
Higor Cruz “Higorcruzb” Balthazar (Brazil)

These 21 award winners selected by the judges will now have the opportunity to experience first-hand the athletes’ Road to Paris 2024, with an-all access trip to an Olympic qualifying event in Shanghai in May 2024.

The new Olympic Qualifier Series is a four-part event series that will bring together the best athletes in one urban park for a festival-style event and will serve as the ultimate qualification stage for BMX Freestyle, Breaking, Skateboarding and Sport Climbing.

At least half of the qualification spots for Paris 2024 will be allocated through the Olympic Qualifier Series, with 464 athletes set to compete.

The winners were revealed during a one-off, 60-minute show streamed on, bringing together participants, fans and athletes from across the three sports to celebrate the competition and the sports and communities surrounding them.

It was hosted by BMX rider Darryl Nau, and featured judges Christie Hughes (BMX), Suzanne Reekers (Skateboard), BBOY Spin (Breaking) and Little Shao (Creative).


Fans were also able to join a live chat to share their reactions to the winners and interact with each other and had the chance to win exclusive Let’s Move Street Challenge merchandise.

The Let’s Move Street Challenge, supported by Worldwide Olympic Partner Samsung, is a new Olympic initiative from the IOC. It is a unique digital competition that invited people from around the world to showcase their sporting and creative talent in BMX, Breaking and Skateboarding.

With the vision of being open, accessible and inclusive and providing inspiration to practise sport, competitors were invited to enter the challenge by submitting a 30-second video of themselves performing their best move.

All the Olympic Street Challenge entries are available to watch now on

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