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Nyjah Huston and Rayssa Leal Top SLS Finals in Lake Havasu



Get used to seeing this superstar’s name everywhere. Rayssa Leal took home another SLS win — her second in the series — topping Momiji Nishiya and Funa Nakayama in 2nd and 3rd. The top three spots shuffled around quite a bit toward the end, giving this heat high drama, but the 13-year-old Olympic medalist pulled it out at the last minute. Rayssa landed on the podium with a beautiful kickflip 50-50 down the hubba to wrap up the finals.

After coming in second in the Salt Lake City SLS prelims this summer, Nyjah Huston is comfy at the top of the podium once again, with Dashawn Jordan and Felipe Gustavo close behind. Dashawn Jordan wowed the crowd with a nollie inward heel front board with huge air, but it wasn’t enough to get him out of second. Even with an automatic win, Nyjah finished up the round with a switch heelflip 5-0 just to go out with a bang.

Watch both stunning videos here.

Men’s Final

Women’s Final

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Lazer Crawford Wins Damn Am LA



Lazer Crawford landed first place in Damn Am LA, securing a straight shot to the semi-finals in this year’s Tampa Am.

Toa Sasaki, Malachi Gray, Abner Prieto, Taiga Nagai, Cole Wayka, Junnosuke Hasegawa, Koston Eaton, Sena Watanabe, Matty Jessee, Yuki Sawashima, and Nobi Villalobos made it to the top 12. They will automatically qualify for the Tampa Am Saturday Qualifier.

A global amateur skateboarding contest series, Damn Am is a pathway to Tampa Am. Over 10,000 skaters, some of them now top pros, have participated in the event since its inception in 2001.

To qualify for Damn Am, a skater must meet any ONE of the following criteria:

  • Prior participation in Damn Am / Tampa Am events
  • Support and backing of established industry brands
  • Footage showing ability and skill that we think could be potentially enough to place in the top 12

Held at The Berrics, Damn Am LA is the first of the series this year. The next stops will be in Murakami, Japan (June 9-11); Breda, Netherlands (July 12-14); and New York City (September 8-9).

The 29th Tampa Am will be held on October 12-15, 2023, at the Skatepark of Tampa.

Those who did not qualify for the Tampa Am via the Damn Am can still get their shot through the Last Chance Open to be held on Friday, October 13.

Visit the Skate Park of Tampa website for more details about the Damn Am.

Watch how the whole thing went down below.

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Voting is now Open for the Red Bull Terminal Takeover Best Video



Voting is now open for the best skate video compilation for the Red Bull Terminal Takeover.

Ten skateboarding teams representing skate shops from states across the country got together in the Old MSY Airport Terminal last April for the ultimate skate jam.

The teams were tasked to explore and skate the terminal for two days and come up with their best video compilation.

Head over to Red Bull Terminal Takeover to check out all the entries and vote for your favorite video. You can vote until June 2.

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Watch the Highlights of Far’n High 2023



The SPoT crew returned to Far’n High and brought a media crew along for the ride. Here’s what they captured in their trip leading to Far’n High 2023 Finals in Paris.

Maurio McCoy, Ivan Monteiro, and Remco Erkeland took the podium in this year’s event.

The 2023 Far’n High was in partnership with Skatepark of Tampa. The highest placing am at the contest will get a straight shot to the 2023 Tampa Am Semi-Finals, which will be held in October.

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