Hawk Hops on the NFT Bandwagon

If you’ve ever wanted to own Tony Hawk’s frontside cab, finger flip, gymnast plant, magic dance, or varial 5, now’s your chance. They’ll be up for sale as NFTs tomorrow afternoon. The collection is called “Last Trick” and according to Market Realist, “The collection includes 16,600 ‘mystery containers’—a digital box where the NFT is stored—and one container costs $40.00. With one collectible per container, the rarity of each collectible varies. The rarity is delineated by either carbon, platinum, emerald, sapphire, or ruby. If users complete a set of all five items within the same rarity class, they will be eligible to receive an ‘Immortal Statue’ in that rarity. Numbering the collectibles from 1–30, separated by their rarity class, the collection’s premium NFT are noted in collectibles 26–30 since they represent the ‘Immortal Statues,’ which can’t be bought, only earned.”

Hawk previously had NFTs up for sale on Autograph, and of course they sold out within minutes. Last Trick goes live on Thursday at 5pm ET, and since early access fans have been chomping at the bit since pre access was granted on Tuesday, this round of NFTs aren’t expected to stay on shelves long.

“After seeing how quickly my Preseason Access collection sold out, I was inspired to do something bigger and more personal with my latest assortment of NFTs,” Hawk said. “For The Tony Hawk Last Trick Collection with Autograph, I selected five of my signature tricks to retire and reinterpreted them in animated NFTs that will last forever.“ (Boardroom)

Hawk’s been retiring tricks for awhile now as he slowly leaves the scene. In March, he performed his last ever ollie 540 (which is also up for sale as an NFT). You can watch this version for free, though.

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