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How to Look Cool Wearing a Skateboard Helmet – Flaunt Them Looks



Wearing helmets is considered odd in a fashion sense, while it’s nothing more than a myth. You can look dashing and modern with a skateboard helmet if you know what and how to wear it. Well, that sounds a little tricky because there are too many options in today’s market, and I can’t review each. So I decided to help you provide a guide on How to Look Cool Wearing a Skateboard Helmet regardless of the product you choose.

Since we are talking about helmets, we must be aware of their benefits. A helmet is not something included in a fashion wardrobe but safety gear that should be worn while you’re on the board. There have been a lot of accidents, even deaths, in the past, which happened because of the absence of a helmet because a helmet protects our head region where the most crucial organ of our body locates, i.e., the brain. So, none of us wants to risk our lives on risk.

Still, I am sure many teenagers might be thinking about their looks more than their safety, while others are worried about the irritating comments by their fellows. Don’t fret, folks! This article is dedicated to all those outlook-sensitive riders who think wearing a helmet is not cool because I will change this mindset by giving the best possible ways to look great with safety gear.

How to Look Cool Wearing A Skateboard Helmet

I started skating very early when I wasn’t aware of safety precautions and considered the harsh nicknames seriously. With time, experiences taught me that there is nothing more important than your health; as we all heard, “Health is Wealth, “I decided to never give up on any precautionary equipment, but what about those ruthless comments? I started trying some ways to look cool anyway and I am sharing those methods below:

Change Your Mindset

Your mindset is the leading cause behind all this dilemma! Let’s suppose you’re wearing a beautiful outfit but inside, you kept thinking wrong about that; what would happen? You will lose your self-confidence, and stress will appear on your face. So, you see, the problem is not in the dress but in your mentality, which needs to be changed immediately.

I know things take time to become smoother, but try to change your mind as fast as possible. Trust me; you will feel better only if you will think better! It is always a better idea to assume positive thoughts rather than considering the adverse outcomes only. What do you think is better: neglecting your friends’ stupid comments or lying on a hospital bed? The decision is all yours!

Select the Best Option

Come on, skaters! We are already living in 2022; the market has expanded by introducing various modern, stylish, and highly convenient helmets. There are hundreds of options, each claiming itself the excellent one, but the best one for you should suit your head size, fashion sense, etc. To purchase the best skateboard helmet, buyers should consider the following factors: build quality, size, brand, reliability, color or visuals, breath-ability, comfort, and resistance.

Sounds confusing? I know; that’s why I will share a few perfect skateboard helmets, which I found excellent. However, there is no restriction, you can choose according to your preference freely. The first choice is the “Thousand Heritage Helmet,” which stays on the head uniformly and provides a great fit. This helmet comes with a magnetic lock system which is pretty modern, convenient, and reliable. The best thing is that this is ASTM and CPSC-certified safety gear.

Secondly, I found “Triple 8 Gotham” one of the most comfortable and reliable helmets. It boasts effortless adjustment, which will save you extra time. This helmet has holes over it which ensures breath-ability, and air ventilation also facilitates sweat-free rides.

Third and last, I refer “Protec Sticker Bomb,” which looks so cool and beautiful. If you’re conscious about fashion sense, then you’ll love this funky colorful helmet. Its incredible visuals don’t compromise its quality; it is a highly durable and reliable helmet. The best feature of this safety gear is its unique ventilation mechanism because of its eleven open vents. Isn’t it flawless?

Embellish Your Helmet

What if you got a plain black helmet? Seems dull? Don’t stress! You can decorate it with your favorite colors, patterns, stickers, or whatever you have. It will be fun if you perform this creative activity with your skating partners. All you have to do is collect some markers, stickers, or labels like retro, matte, vivid colors, Osiris labels, and more. Then, gently attach those onto your plain helmet randomly, and you’re done!

Moreover, you can also create patterns using markers if you’re good at drawing. Please make sure to use good quality waterproof markers for this activity to avoid fading away later. When you are done with the decoration, keep the helmet for drying, and guess what? It is all set to wear!


Does Tony Hawk wear protective gear?

Yes, Tony Hawk, who is a famous American skateboarder, does wear all safety gear. At the professional level, it is strictly prohibited to ride a skateboard without precautionary equipment. A helmet is one of the essential protective gear for skateboarding.

What do professional skateboarders wear?

As I said before, professionals are not allowed to ride without wearing protective gear. All skateboarding competitions follow this rule strictly. During skateboarding, riders wear helmets for head and face protection, arm pads for securing their limbs, and knee pads for the safety of joints. Some skateboarders wear goggles, too, for eye protection.

Why is skateboarding bad?

In my opinion, skateboarding is not bad if done protectively. However, some people think that skating is a risky activity, especially for younger kids, because they have poor stability, coordination, and balance. Plus, their bones are less developed, which puts them at high risk of injuries.


I hope that all your concerns related to the outlook of wearing a helmet will be clear now. Please never forget that safety always comes first. You need to be careful about yourself, be a bit creative, and choose the best helmet from the market. Then, there will be no way you look odd wearing a helmet!

Happy Skating 🙂

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He documented his journey on his YouTube channel.

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How Long Do Skateboards Last – Skateboards Lifespan FAQs



Most skaters wonder how long do skateboards last before buying a new one. Tricky yet important to know because it will help you decide which kind of board you should buy for yourself. Judging the life of a skateboard is tricky because it depends on multiple diverse factors.

The lifespan of the skateboard really depends on the usability and the riding style. After spending years in skateboarding, we came to the conclusion that a skateboard can last between 5 months to 2 years. Don’t forget the factors like maintenance, built quality of the deck and weather conditions also determine the life of your skateboard. Some skaters will still be shredding the same skateboard for years and some will get it broken within months.

The quality of production, the technique of use, the environment of use, and maintenance all will affect how long the board stays in good condition. Skateboarding is a fun and healthy sport that is now becoming a source of commuting as well. Keep in mind that different shapes and types of boards are used for different purposes, and so their life span will also vary.

Due to an increase in demand and interest, skateboards with different lengths, widths, strengths, heights, and durability are available. For an occasional skater who rides on smooth surfaces and takes proper care of parts, the board will last for years.

For passionate users that use daily or learn different stunts in harsh environments, the board will last only months after which the deck will break or either the bearings will rust. Deck, bearings, trucks, and wheels are the most important parts of a board and are affected differently by use. These parts are individually available, and only the affected part can be changed without any need of purchasing a new one.

To learn how long do skateboards last we’ll go through the life of individual hardware parts, their cleaning technique and factors most often damaging them.

How Long do Skateboards Last?

Board decks are the most expensive and the ones most easy to wear and tear. Longboards used just for riding last longer. On average, a longboard lasts between 2 weeks to 5 months. Material and frequency of use also determine life expectancy of the skateboard. Usually, thicker decks last longer than other ones and occasional smooth is most safe than flipping and jumping. Keep these two listed points in consideration to increase the deck life.

  • Keep deck away from moisture

Decks are made up of wood. Wood absorbs water and becomes damaged. Immediately dry off the deck after water skating or keep the board in the air to let dry off completely.

  • Proper maintenance at home

Whether the edges have become sharp or some small cracks are visible use glue to seal off the spaces. With cracked decks, it’s necessary not to overload the deck or perform technical stunts.



How long do skateboard trucks last?

How long skateboard trucks lastTrucks last for years as they are made of metal so no need to change a truck unless few small cracks occur or the axle is bent. Truck parts are available in the market so no need of buying a new set frequently. Trucks provide attachment for wheels to the deck and so are very important. Whenever the deck is damaged, it’s best not to be careless and go out on a ride as it can have severe consequences and the rider can get severely damaged. Do you feel a problem taking turns? Has the ride become jerky with time? These are the signs that your trucks need attention. If the size of the truck is fine, then get individual parts from the nearby shop, and your issue will be solved. Clean trucks after a dirty ride with a cloth soaked in soapy water and then properly dry them.

Do you feel a squeaky noise every time you ride the board? Lubricate your pivot cup and bushings. When these surfaces are too dry, turning the hanger in the pivot cup causes the noise. If you don’t know about how to select the right skateboard truck, you can read the reviews of best skateboard trucks.



How long do skateboard bearings last?

How long do skateboard bearings lastAre your wheels not spinning properly? Check the bearings on your skateboard. Cleaning and lubricating bearings solve the issue. Bearings are the part of the board that tends to accumulate most dirt and dust. Bearings last for years with proper maintenance. Each wheel has two bearings so to clean remove the bearings from the wheel and spray them with a cleaner or use a bearing cleaning kit manufactured by brands. Please don’t place the bearings in the water at all or don’t try cleaning them with water. Water rusts and erodes bearings and leaves you with the only option to buy a new set. Completely dry off your bearings or else get ready for a new purchase. Use an air dryer for drying off moisture. Lubrication is a must for bearings so that the ride is smooth and stable.

You can read the reviews of some of the best skateboard bearings here.

Bearings are made of steel. Steel is sensitive to water, so avoid using skateboard in water. After frequent rides, the board will be dirty. The bushings will have accumulated dirt and will cause issues while riding. Don’t make the mistake of lubricating a dirty bearing because then the dirt will get more dissolved and clog the bearing. Remove your bearings and clean them properly using a brush and cleaning solution once every three months if you are not a frequent user and once every month if you use your board in harsh environments often.



How long do skateboard wheels last?

How long skateboard wheels lastWheels are affected by how frequently and in what manner you use them. The wheels will get flat spots and get rugged due to daily use. For experienced pro skaters, the wheels will last only two weeks to 3 months due to excessive use but for beginners the wheels can last for years as. When wheels get flat spots the speed reduces, and the rider needs to push harder, so it’s better to change wheels. The wheels turn yellow as the urethane degrades with time.

Rotating the wheels is best to ensure even wearing and prolong life span. Remove all four wheels and put your right front wheel in place of the left rear wheel similarly put your left front wheel in place of the right rear wheel. When wheels are often rotated, changes of quick tearing are reduced. Moreover, If you don’t know which skateboard wheels are best for you, you can read the reviews of Skateboard Wheels and can easily select the right wheels for your skateboard.

Do you own high-quality skateboard wheels? If yes, then you’ll enjoy a fast ride and long durability. Hard wheels can endure more than soft wheels, but both wheels have different speeds and features. Soft wheels work with longboards for street skating. If you feel instability during the ride first adjust the axle nut, it should be loose or tight. The nut does become loose after use, and you can tighten it using a skate tool or screwdriver.



How to prolong the life of a skateboard?

Now you know all the individual parts of life and what affects them the most. Skaters often wonder how long do skateboards last, but nobody can give a perfect number. Some good tips for every skater about how to take care of their board, so it lasts long enough.

  • Don’t use skateboard in wet conditions

Water is harmful not only for your deck but trucks, bearings, wheels as well. The deck wood will absorb the moisture to become weak and break easily or slit open. Protect your board from rain and if it does get wet, somehow use an air dryer to dry it off quickly. Do not dip board in water for cleaning it’s worst it will do a lot of harm and damage. If you want to clean the deck, use a cloth to wipe off the surface.

  • Proper maintenance of skateboard

Like any other machine, your skateboard needs your attention and needs to be cleaned off from time to time. If you pay no heed and let dirt accumulate for long, the damage is irreparable, and you need to buy a new one. Cleaning a skateboard is very simple and easy for even beginners. Sand the edges of your skateboard to avoid tearing. Sanding will make edges smooth and avoid any damage from chipping. Use a skate tool to take wheels off from the axle. Remove bearings from a wheel. Place them in a cleaning solution and brush and dry off afterwards. Lubricate bearings using grease and wipe away dirt from wheels and trucks. Wheels can be dipped in the cleaning solution for enough time to soften the dirt and grime, but all other parts shouldn’t be.

  • Using tail guards for the skateboard

The most frequent issue of every skater is tail scrapping. If you learn the proper technique to stop the board, and you can avoid this problem. Tail scrapping causes razor tails thus damaging your board deck. The board will chip and tear down. The right way to stop the board is to use your shoe heel to stop. Dragging tail along the ground is what wears it down so keep tail above ground. Avoid using your ground on rough hard surfaces if you want to prolong the life of the board. Skateboarding in skate parks and car parks saves board from a lot of damage as they have smooth surfaces.

  • Symmetrical shape skateboard

The front and tail surface of a deck have different lengths and shapes, but now many companies are offering symmetrical skateboards which means you can ride your board anyway there’s no tailor front end. And considering how long do skateboards last it’s important to consider the shape of the deck.

How to prolong the life of skateboard

How to Clean Grip Tape

Don’t soak the grip tape in water or brush it off you’ll rip it off and destroy it. Use Company manufactured grip tape cleaners so it will last you long. You can buy some of the Best Grip Tapes for your skateboard.




Skateboarding is a trendy fun sport that’s equally beneficial as well. The people intending to buy one might be thinking how long do skateboards last, for all beginning skaters it is encouraging to know that skateboards last long and individual parts can be purchased and replaced. Some queries which some people have regarding skateboards are listed next

Is cleaning parts important for skateboard life?

Yes, individual parts maintenance affects the whole board. Cleaning a skateboard is easy even for beginners. Clean deck, trucks, and wheels with some cleaning solution while for bearings use bearing cleaning kit. Dry off all parts afterwards as moisture is very harmful to the whole board. It causes irreversible damage to different board parts. Lubricate the bearings and use sandpaper to make the edges smooth. Also, it avoids it from chipping off.

Does tail guard help prolong board life?

Yes, it does help. Due to tail scraping the tail becomes thin and is called razor tail. Tail scrapping is a technique of stopping a moving board by dragging the tail along the ground. Harsh grounds damage the tail wood extensively and cause it to chip off. Using a tail guard is one way to save the tail from damage; otherwise, the rider can learn the proper technique of stopping the board, riding on the smooth ground, or use an asymmetrical board.



We hope that you must have cleared your question about how long do skateboards last. Skateboarding is a fun, cheap and a pretty cool sport. The life of a skateboard depends on its manufacturing, maintenance, use, and quality. The factors are so diverse that no one time limit can be given for all boards. The Skaters should be cautious about using board only on smooth, dry surfaces if they want it to last for years. Cleaning and lubricating parts are key to a good ride experience even after long. Rough use damages all parts and ultimately leads to the need for buying a new one. If you have never bought a skateboard, we recommend checking out these Best Skateboards For Beginners.

Skateboard has very few simple parts which can be changed about damage. Skater won’t need to buy a whole new one. Thus avoid all such acts which destroy board, e.g. tail scraping, flipping, jumping, dipping in water, and overloading. For smart users, the board will last in good condition for years.

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Why Do Dogs Hate Skateboards? Easy Guide to Train Your Dog



I was so happy when I bought my first skateboard. But none of us, me and my family members, knew the stress we were putting ourselves in. Whatever the story was, it led me to the research of Why Do Dogs Hate Skateboards. Long story short, It was my first day of skateboarding. I noticed my pet dog behaved unusually like he was barking a lot and was aggressive. He has been with me for the last four years, and I never felt his behaviors the way he was behaving that day. I noticed that he was annoyed and irritated with my skateboard and its noise.

It turned out to be a nightmare for me, but then I researched a lot and concluded the primary reason dogs hate skateboards is the noise the skateboard creates, as it can trigger their aggression, anxiety, and fear. That barking was the defense mechanism the dogs used against their fears and nervousness. As I have researched this a lot, I wanted to share my experience and knowledge with you so you could manage both skateboards and your dogs at a time.

Why Do Dogs Hate Skateboards?

Dogs generally get crazy when they hear the sound of a skateboard. They bark and show aggression as a defense mechanism against the fear and anxiety of skateboard noise.

Cause of Dog’s Hatred towards Skateboards

The noise of wheels when they rattle on the concrete makes the dog hate skateboarding. This noise triggers their chase response. The nature of a dog consists of an intense chase response. This instinct of chase response in dogs triggers their defense mechanism. This quick and fast movement in front of their sight triggers them and makes them follow the skateboard.

But when they come near and observe the sound, the sound fears them, increasing their anxiety level. The sound seems to be annoying for them. Since all of the skateboards almost sound the same, the dog generally hate skateboards and skateboarders both. Moreover, some of the dogs, because of the presence of an instinct of predatory response in them, have the desire to chase towards every fast-moving object. This also creates hate feelings towards skateboards as the dog’s instinct becomes active.

Why Do Dogs Bark On Skateboard?

The nature of skateboards being so loud when they move on the concrete surface triggers aggression in dogs. This audible noise results in the barking of the dogs. Since the dog is said to be very sensitive in hearing, the sharp, loud, and continuous click-clack sound of the skateboard increases the sensitivity of hearing resulting in aggression.

Because of the aggression, dogs generally bark at the skateboarders. Moreover, the sound of the skateboard is usually unfamiliar to the dog, so when they hear it for the first time, it infuses fear in them, and they start shouting and barking as a reaction.

One last thing that can also cause aggression and barking of the dog when the skateboard moves in front of them is that when you skateboard in front of your dog with other skateboarders, they may find that other skateboarders are coming towards you to hurt you or to harm you. Since your dog is a pet dog, he will fight for you and bark at the other skateboarder. Check, some of the best skateboards for dogs in the market.

Desensitization of a Dog to Skateboard

Desensitization of your dog towards a skateboard is not tricky but needs sometimes and requires patience from your side. What you have to do is to keep a skateboard in the place where your dog generally moves and plays inside your home. Please do not use the board at the start but keep it there. Your dog will get to know the board and feel familiar with it after some time. The phenomena of reinforcement will be applied to your dog.

Give your dog a treat when he moves calmly in the same room with a skateboard. Similarly, increase the reinforcement and make sure your dog touches the skateboard often by placing the treats near the skateboard. After your dog becomes desensitized towards the skateboard, you can also put his favorite food on the board’s surface. He will eat it and will initiate play with the skateboard naturally.

This way, he will become used to and familiar with the board without getting aggressive. Similarly, you can instruct your dog to sit and stay quiet when playing and skateboarding with other skateboarders. And if they remain in the same position and follow your instructions, give them a treat. Repeat this procedure again and again for a few days. In this way, they will learn that the skateboarders are no harm to you.

One more additional thing you can also do with your dog is to make it desensitized from the voice of the skateboard. It is to make him familiar with the voice of the skateboard slowly. For such purposes, you can find the skateboard sounds on YouTube. Play them at a very slow volume in front of your dog at first. If he keeps quiet and does not bark, reward him with the treat. In this way, you can slowly increase the volume and can make him familiar with the voice of the board too.

What Not to Do With Your Dog If He Is Anxious Towards Skateboards And Skateboarders

To learn what you should not do with your dog if he is anxious, you first need to understand how a dog reacts to anxiety. Following are some of the symptoms that show that your dog is worried about something. Make sure to look for these symptoms in your dog if he is aggressive and behaving abnormally. And as soon as you notice the following symptoms, make sure to treat your dog accordingly. Here is how to teach your dog to skateboard.

  • Excessive licking of the paws
  • Whining continuously
  • Frequent and loud barking
  • Tightness of the tail in between the legs
  • Dilation in the pupils
  • Shaking

Any of the symptoms mentioned above in your dog means that he is anxious towards any person or item around him. Following are some of the other steps that you can take to minimize the anxiety in your dog. They will also help you manage the barking and aggression of your dog towards the skateboards.

  • Never shout or yell at your dog if he reacts negatively towards the skateboards and skateboarders. This will trigger more aggression in them and will make them more stressed.
  • Give your dog some extra time and attention to make him familiar with this new item, such as a skateboard in your home.
  • Try to give them treats when they obey your instructions and rules related to the skateboard you have placed in front of them.
  • Desensitize his hearing sensitivity by making him able to listen to the sound of skateboarding through YouTube or other voice sources.

You can also take your dog towards the skateboard park, where he will observe the skateboarders. Command him to sit quietly in a strict manner. If your dog follows your instructions, he will follow your command and will observe the skateboarders without barking. This will also help him in getting familiar with skateboards and skateboarding.


Why do dogs bite wheels?

Dogs generally bite wheels because of the presence of prey instinct. Most dogs have the instinct of hunting and following. As soon as they note that the wheels are moving forward, that tends to follow them because it triggers the instinct in them. Furthermore, following everything moving in front of the dog’s eyes is fun and an adventure for the dog.

Can you longboard with your dog?

Yes, it’s possible to longboard with your dog. Instead, it is pretty adventurous and entertaining to board a long route with your dog. But ensure proper safety as dogs are somewhat unpredictable, so you should wear a helmet while longboarding with them. Stay attentive and always make sure that you can handle your dog and skateboard both at a time.

Do dogs like skateboards?

Dogs generally do not like skateboards because of the presence of sharp sounds while skateboarding. They are often seen barking at the skateboard and skateboarders. But it’s not difficult for you to desensitize your dog from the skateboards. You can follow simple instructions and specific tips and tricks to ensure your dog becomes familiar and used to skateboards and skateboarding.


Dogs are often noticed to hate skateboards. They are seen barking and shouting when the skateboard is moving. The triggering of aggression in dogs when they see skateboards is generally due to the instinct they carry. The chase instinct in the dog is triggered as soon as they hear the voice of the skateboard running on the concrete ground. The sounds of noise initiate aggression that ultimately results in barking and shouting.

It is not a big deal if your dog is barking at you when skateboarding. You can desensitize your dog with simple steps, as mentioned above. Make sure you do not shout or yell at your dog as it may make them more fearful and annoyed. The basic description of why and how this happens is mentioned above. Ensure to understand the cause first, then go with the steps to desensitize your dog.


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