Ishod’s Signature Dunks Drop Today

After last year’s Porche-inspired Dunks, Ishod Wair is getting more personal. Today marks the release of The Ishod Signature shoe from Nike SB in style that might look somewhat familiar. This pair has a vintage look on purpose, harking back to Ishod’s love of 90’s style basketball shoes. The new release comes complete with billiard balls printed on the soles and Wair’s name on the tongue, plus lots of other little sneakerhead goodies to discover. According to the release interview, they are inspired by:

Intangibles, instinct, and flair. The greatest skateboarders are defined by style and originality. That’s Ishod Wair. Every line and every hammer comes down to craft, control, and confidence that Ishod exudes. For Ishod, it’s always been a balance of raw talent and obsession, getting inside skateboarding and outside of your head. After years of excellence, Nike SB and Ishod Wair present his first signature shoe, a testament to his attention to detail and imagination. Driven by every milestone, we caught up with Ishod to dig into his inspiration to start fresh for his debut signature silhouette. 

Want to know how these shoes came to be? Read the rest of the interview here.