UPDATE: Yuto Horigome Wins Gold in Olympic Debut

From outcasts to Olympians, street skating made its debut at the 2021 Tokyo Games yesterday. Yuto Horigome upset Nyjah Huston to take home the first gold medal. You can view the competition’s climax and full list of results below. For a great backstory, we recommend this article published by The New York Times yesterday. It spotlights Yuto’s father, Ryota Horigome, who got him into skateboarding at an early age. Ryota is a former skater, and currently drives a taxi in Tokyo 28 days out of the month. The unlikely success angle would work well on the big screen. Maybe we’ll see a biopic in the coming decades.

UPDATE 07.26.21: 13 years olds dominated the Women’s competition with Momiji Nishiya and Rayssa Leal taking home gold and silver, respectively. Check the the highlights and full results below.

Image Via Atiba Jefferson