Oski Opens Up in Candid Interview with Skate Jawn

It’s been a big year for Oski, between having been in the running for last year’s SOTY, dropping The Oski Documentary, and cranking out clips at breakneck pace, but he’s got plenty more in the pipeline. Lurpiv trucks, shark-themed Dunks, a move to the States, and lots more are on the way. Skate Jawn’s Larry Davis has plenty to go over in this catch-up with Oski Rozenberg. Read on for the deets on his latest projects, plus a personal deep-dive into overcoming health challenges and confronting the effects of societal privilege.

It’s been a busy week for you hasn’t it? What’s it like having so much on your plate?

It’s been a good time! I’ve been in Sweden for about two weeks for the opening of our new vintage & skate shop called Rapsfield. It’s been busy, but I’ve also made time for my family and friends from back home since I just moved to NYC and don’t get to see them all too often anymore. I’ve missed them for sure. I definitely have more responsibilities nowadays than what I used to have just a year ago. Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming since I’m just getting used to this new role, but I am happy about how things somehow worked out. It feels pretty surreal sometimes. Skateboarding has been my main focus for a long time now and because of it, I got to help create new projects and brands which hopefully can create a positive change for other people as well. Having the opportunity to do what you love for a living with your friends is the biggest win regardless, so I’m super grateful for everything that’s been happening lately.

Pop on over to Skate Jawn to read the rest of the interview.

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