UPDATE: Paul Rodriguez Says He Will Be Skating Again Next Month

Back in June, Paul Rodriguez suffered a devastating injury that left him with a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus. Down but not out, Paul began his road to recovery, which is being documenting through a YouTube series shot and edited by Alan Hannon. We’ll continue to update this post as each episode is released.

UPDATE 06.14.19: It’s been about six months since we’ve gotten an injury update from P-Rod. His latest “Road to Recovery” episode dropped today; and despite some minor setbacks, Paul says that he’s cleared to start skating again next month. Watch the episode above.

UPDATE 12.17.18: Paul had surgery back in October, and his doctors are saying that he should be fully healed and back on his board by this summer. He reflects on his career in skateboarding and what the future holds in Episode 3 of “Road To Recovery.” Have a look at this introspective episode below.

UPDATE 8.23.18: In Episode 2, a now walking and driving P-Rod takes us through the lead-up to his surgery. Along the way, he meets Joshua and his father Carlos.

Joshua was diagnosed with brain cancer three years ago, and has been battling it ever since. His story inspired Paul to do a special shirt through Primitive and donate the proceeds to the charity of Carlos’s choice. P-Rod is also using his platform to promote the NEGU challenge in honor of childhood cancer awareness month.

This episode is inspirational on many levels, check it out below.

For more on the backstory behind Paul’s injury, you can view Episode 1 of “Road To Recovery” below.

Image Via Mountain Dew