UPDATE: Watch Shane O’Neill’s Video Part for His Debut Nike SB Shoe

After 15 years of hard work, it looks like Shane O’Neill is getting his first signature shoe from Nike SB. The April founder took to Instagram this evening to give a first look at the design. No word on an official release date; but we’re imaging that these will hit shops in the first few months of 2020. We’ll update as more details become available. For now, have a look at Shane’s announcement below.

UPDATE 02.12.20: Shane’s new part debuted this morning via Nike SB’s YouTube channel. We’ve updated this post accordingly.

UPDATE 01.31.20: With his debut shoe set to release tomorrow, Shane breaks down the technical details of the design in this new interview posted on the Nike SB website this afternoon along with the above introductory animation. We’ll update again when the video part drops.

The process started by identifying everything I believe is needed in a skate shoe. From the bottom of the sole to the height of the heel and every little detail in between. Once we’d figured out exactly what was going in the shoe for skating we then worked on the overall look and feel of the shoe. – Shane O’Neill

UPDATE 01.28.20: Shane O’Neill just announced that his shoe will be releasing on February 1 with a video part following soon after. Have a look at the below post for a preview of all four of the debut colors.

UPDATE 01.15.20: Shane’s most recent Instagram post reveals his upcoming shoe in black, and also mentions that a video part will accompany the release. We’ll continue to monitor this story as it unfolds.

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