Karl Watson Confirms That His Children’s Book Will Become a Cartoon

Karl Watson mentioned that his My First Skateboard children’s book may be getting made into an animated series in his Chrome Ball Incident interview back in November. It sounds like things have progressed; and it is now officially getting made into a show. He breaks the news when talking about his upcoming projects starting at the 46:55 mark of the latest episode of The Bunt.

The book got picked up to be a cartoon series. So we’re working on that right now. Maybe in a couple of years, you guys will see something come to life. I don’t know. There’s opportunities man. As Jim Thiebaud told me—Jim gave me the best advice ever—He said, “Karl, you need to know how to say no sometime.” I had to think about that… I need to say no to some opportunities that come my way; because not everything is a good opportunity.

Listen to the entire interview above.