Tony Hawk Cosigns Supreme in New Episode of “Sneaker Shopping”

Tony Hawk is someone that you don’t immediately associate with sneaker culture. But he has had his own signature shoes for the past 30 years, and has watched that world evolve since the beginning. That alone makes him a great choice as a guest on Complex’s “Sneaker Shopping.” Tony walks Joe La Puma through his history with footwear in the latest episode, and weighs in with his thoughts on Supreme at the 7:05 mark.

I love that it validates skating across the board; and it’s core. It’s not like someone is trying to package skating into some other thing, and sell it to a bigger audience. They are rooted in skating. They support skaters. So I fully back it. The resell thing is crazy! Yes, it’s all ridiculous. It’s excessive. But it’s core, and promotes good skating. That’s what I love about it.

Tony wraps it up with a fairly modest $2,556.39 spend at Stadium Goods on some gifts for the family. Check out his picks below.

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