Brandon Westgate Talks Sobriety on the Latest Episode of The Nine Club

Brandon Westgate has been on quite a tear lately. He released parts in Element’s PEACE, and a solo effort for his debut NB Numeric shoe nearly back-to-back. The fact that he’s this productive while running his own cranberry farm in Massachusetts is admirable to say the least.

Another admirable admirable quality of Westgate’s is his two-year sobriety. He goes on the record about quitting, his family’s issues with alcohol and substance abuse, and friends that have past away from overdosing starting at the 1:21:14 mark of the latest episode of The Nine Club.

I haven’t been drinking for, like, two years. I felt like I was getting older, and more sore. You go on trips, and it becomes a thing. I had some times. When I first moved in [to his cranberry farm], it was all day to get you through the day; and to keep everybody motivated. I wasn’t paying anyone. I was like, “Here, free beer.”

I feel great. My main problem was just being sore. And then, having the kid. My dad drank a lot. He was definitely an alcoholic. My brother got into heroin, and had those problems. A lot of the people where I come from [end up addicted]. A lot of the kids that I went to school with are dead. They overdosed.

My brother did the jail thing. Then, figured out a rehab. He’s been sober for four years. And my dad too, he stopped drinking. He’s on three years. Then, I felt like the fuckup. I felt like, “These guys are killing it.” I wanted to break the cycle as well.

For more on Westgate, watch the full interview above.

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