UPDATE: Nyjah Huston Wins 2020 Tampa Pro Contest

With the Tokyo Games in jeopardy, and the points and rankings as confusing as ever, it may be a good time to start focusing on skateboarding’s more traditional contests. It doesn’t get more historic than Tampa Pro. The 26th annual battle-royal style event is happing at the Skatepark of Tampa this weekend. It’s now sponsored by Monster Energy instead of Nike SB, and appears to be unsanctioned by the Olympics. Tune into the live webcast all weekend. We’ll update with the results tomorrow.

UPDATE 03.01.20: Congratulations to Nyjah Huston who won the second Tampa Pro of his career. View the full list of results below.

UPDATE 03.01.20: Watch the highlights from yesterday below. Today’s contest starts at 11:45am Eastern Time. You can steam it via the above link.