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The Road to Paris 2024 begins with World Street Skateboarding Rome 2022



The road to Paris 2024 has started for skateboarders this week as the World Steet Skateboarding is now on its way to determine who will make it to the Olympics.

Running from June 26 to July 3, the World Street Skateboarding is the first of the events where skaters can earn points for their Olympic World Skateboard Ranking. The final OWSR standing will be the basis for who will participate in Paris 2024.

Who are the participants in the World Street Skateboarding Rome 2022?

Here’s the list of some of the participants in the World Street Skateboarding 2022


  • Pamela Rosa
  • Rayssa Leal
  • Nishimura Aori
  • Nishiya Momiji
  • Nakayama Funa
  • Leticia Bufoni
  • Margie Didal
  • Roos Zwetslooot


  • Nyja Huston
  • Horigome Yuto
  • Shirai Sora
  • Kelvin Hoefler
  • Gustavo Ribeiro
  • Jagger Eaton
  • Aurelien Giraud
  • Vincent Milou

Go to the website to learn more about the event. Meanwhile, catch a glimpse of the first days of the week-long event below.

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Sky Brown Wins Dew Tour 2022 Women’s Park



Photo Credit: Durso Sky Brown Wins 2022 Dew Tour Des Moines Skateboard Park

Sky Brown is on a winning streak after placing first in the Women’s Park competition of the 2022 Dew Tour. She scored 89.66 in her third run which sealed her win.

Fresh off her win an X Games Women’s Park, Brown beat 2021 Dew Tour Women’s Park winner, Sakura Yosozumi who placed second this year with a best-run score of 83.

Cocona Hiraki came in third in the competition, scoring 82.66 in her best run.

The trio also swept the podium in the recently held Summer X Games 2022 with the same rankings. They were also the top three in the Summer Olympics with Yosozumi taking the gold, while Hiraki and Brown got the silver and bronze respectively.

Watch how the Dew Tour Women’s Park went down in the video below.

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Gustavo Ribeiro Wins Dew Tour 2022 Men’s Street Competition



Instagram will load in the frontend.

Gustavo Ribeiro won this year’s Dew Tour Men’s Street competition. The professional skater from Portugal started strong with 89 points in his first run securing him the top spot in the event.

He scored lower in his succeeding runs but no other contenders were able to beat his first run score.

Olympic gold medalist Yuto Horigome came in at second place with a score of 87.33 in his first run. Kelvin Hoefler nailed his third run and got the highest score of the 3rd runs at 86 points, bumping him into the third place.

Each of the 12 invited athletes was given three runs of 45 seconds. Only the highest scoring runs of each competitor count toward the final result.

Watch the full coverage of the Dew Tour Men’s Street and Women’s Park competitions below.

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Olympians Dominate 2022 Summer X Games Women’s Skateboard Park



Olympian Sky Brown wins the 2022 Summer X Games Women’s Skateboard Park – her second X Games gold.

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In 2020, Brown had an accident while skateboarding that resulted in multiple fractures in her skull, a broken arm, and other injuries. She has since recovered and was able to compete in the Olympics and 2021 Summer X Games where she won her first gold.

Brown was the youngest British Olympics medallist, winning the bronze in the Women’s Skatepark event at the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2021.

She is also a co-founder of Monarch Project, a board company she runs with Leticia Bufoni.

Olympic and X Games Chiba gold medalist, Sakura Yosozumi landed in second place this time around. She is also a silver medalist in World Skate Sao Paulo Park World Championships Women’s division.  

Tokyo Olympics silver medalist Cocona Hiraki took the third spot in the Summer X Games Women’s Skateboard Park. She was the youngest Japanese athlete to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. She finished second in the X Games Chiba Women’s Park held in April.

Other Day 4 Winners of 2022 Summer X Games

Australian skateboarder Shane O’ Neill won in the Men’s Skateboard Street category in this year’s Summer X Games. This is his first gold for X Games since first joining in 2010. He has previously won silver in 2016 X Games Oslo and bronze in the 2018 X Games Sydney.

Coming in at 2nd place is Vincent Milou from France. He also participated in the Tokyo Olympics in Men’s Street Skateboarding event and finished at 4th place.

X Games Chiba gold medalist Yuto Horigome from Japan got third place this time around. So far, he has 2 golds and 2 bronze in the X Games. He also won the gold for first ever Olympic Street Skateboarding event in the Tokyo Olympics.

Jamie Foy won the Men’s Street Best Trick beating Nyjah Huston and Dashawn Jordan who placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. This is Foy’s 2nd Street Best Trick win. Foy also won the Tampa Pro this year.

Day 1 Winners Recap

  • Men’s Vert – Jimmy Wilkins
  • Mega Park – Edouard Damestoy
  • Vert Best Trick – Elliot Sloan

Watch the highlights of the 2022 Summer X Games Women’s Skateboard Park below.

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