Things are Looking Up for Tommy Sandoval

After sustaining an injury and subsequent knee surgery late last year, it sounds like Tommy Sandoval is getting back on the board. Not only that, but he’s celebrated his second year sober and shared his inspirational journey to friends and followers on Instagram yesterday:

“2 years sober from alcohol and I wouldn’t give it up for the world! It hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth it! Don’t get me wrong there has been moments where temptation could have easily got the best of me, but knowing the goal I’ve set out and for the life I envision living – alcohol is not for me. That’s one of the major key realizations that I have personally come to and truly believe. This is personal and I try to keep it that way for the most part, I don’t pressure friends or family to change nor do I go around preaching. I have many friends and family that drink n do their thing and I continue to support them as people no matter what. It’s not my place to tell someone they have an issue neither is it to push a sober lifestyle. I am doing my best to just live by example n show that there is always a way out, there are always people who love you more than you can imagine, and help is always available you just have to be willing to ask and receive it whole heartedly. Nothing but love n respect for each and every person who is struggling in any way shape or form… you can do whatever you set your mind to, stay strong, stay motivated, and never let anybody dictate your life but yourself!”

If Sandoval’s 2020 minidoc with Transworld was any indication, none of us should be too surprised that he’s kept his head clear and his work ethic intact despite it all.


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