Thrasher Unearthed A Pair of Hidden Gems This Week

Thrasher’s no slouch when it comes to finding and featuring amazing skate videos, but in the last couple days, they’ve lit a flame under two full-length films that deserve attention. We’ve got a pretty good sampling of skate styles, tricks, film techniques, and a wide-ranging soundtrack here, so there’s a little something for everyone. Enjoy.

Quadrants” from Alex St. Pierre highlights Portland Oregon from all four angles. Click the video above to watch Preston Harper, Kyle Manning, Dylan Fletcher, Ryan Shultz, Matt Jones, Dorian Warneck, Isaiah Arnold, Aidan Olmstead, Carter Donnell, and Trent Walker take on the town.

Check out “All for the Best” by William McCarthy coming to us straight from Dallas. Featuring the talents of Johnanthan Phfarr, Neen Williams, Derek Stanko, Jonathan Perez, Johnathan Smith, Ryan Bernal, Keegan Mccutchen, Phil Kessell, Coyt Coffey, Bobby Wilson, David Duvall, Bret Gregory, Greg Mosely, Rj Ochoa, Daniel Terran, Frankie Heck, Kyle Stone, Luke Graffis, Zach McBride, Tony Gomez, and Wade Mullendore.


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