Vans 1st Global Collab Feature: “Nice To See You”

The Vans team picked some of their best talent from around the world to assemble their first-ever globally collaborative feature-length skate film, and without a doubt, it is a work of art. Although there are a ton of amazing skaters here, each featuring some of the most beautiful skate spots in the world, Aussie Chima Ferguson steals the show. Watch his part here.

The full film (produced by Greg Hunt) stars Adelaide Norris, Alexey Krasniy, Breana Geering, Chima Ferguson, Daiki Hoshino, Diego Todd, Digby Luxton, Dustin Henry, Etienne Gagne, Nick Michel, Notis Aggelis, Pedro Delfino, Rio Morishige, Ronnie Sandoval, Shogo Zama, Simon Zuzic, Una Farrar, and Wang Guohua and includes a few other special appearances. We highly recommend watching the whole video if you have time. Gorgeous filmography, great soundtrack, sick moves by top skaters in amazing locations — what else could you want? 

Kick back and watch the 45-minute video here.


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