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UPDATE: Will Marshall Is Now Pro for Alltimers, Expect a New Part Later Today



Alltimers unveiled Will Marshall’s debut pro model last night. And there’s a video part slated to drop on Thrasher later today to punctuate the release. This should definitely be a treat. We’ll update when the video is online. For now, have a look at Will’s first pro graphic below.

UPDATE 12.09.19: What we thought would be a part for Alltimers turned out to be a DC Shoes introduction. Check it out above.

Images Via Alltimers


Puma Skateboarding Drops its First Skate Video



Puma released its inaugural skate video titled ‘FOREVER FASTER AND PUSH’ and showcased the brand’s prowess in the sport.

Filmed exclusively in Tokyo’s metropolitan area, this video is a tribute to the street skateboarding scene of the 90s. It features Kouki Arima , Sora Negishi, Mantaro Tokura, Yonesaka, and Ginpei Saito.

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Ishod and James Celebrate Friendship in NJ x There x Real Video



ICYMI here’s “20 Yrs of NJ – Ishod x James Friendship Part.”

The video part is in celebration of NJ Skateshop’s 20th anniversary and the friendship between Ishod Wair and James Pitonyak.

It featured old clips of the two skating in various spots in New Jersey when they were still kids.

It also promotes the NJ X THERE X REAL ‘Friendship’ deck, which features a graphic of Ishod and James as kids.

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Erased x Mob Grip



Filipe Mota, Kyonosuke Yamashita, and Andrew Arnold hold it down in SF for the collab video of Mob Grip and Erased.

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