UPDATE: Watch Mark Suciu & the Habitat Team in ‘Connector Line’

As Mentioned in his SOLO interview back in October, Mark Suciu has a whole other part in his bag. Habitat’s Connector Line goes live on Sunday. Had it released a week earlier; it may have changed the outcome of this year’s SOTY decision. We’ll update when the video is online.

UPDATE 12.08.19: Habitat’s Connector Line dropped this morning; and it emphasizes our conjecture from yesterday regarding the SOTY decision. Suciu was definitely the most prolific of 2019. In addition to his latest bit of footage, the video features gems from the entire team that will likely put a smile on your face. And the Austyn Gillette guest clips have us wondering if there’s any possibility of him rejoining the Sovereign Sect in 2020. Speculation aside, this is a fantastic end-of-year treat. View the full 11 minutes above.