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Yuto Horigome Wins His 3rd SLS Contest This Year at Huntington Beach



After a long hiatus, SLS rolled into the Vans Park in Huntington Beach for its final stop of 2018. Yuto Horigome took home his third win a row, effectively sweeping this year’s entire SLS series. He was followed by Dashawn Jordan in 2nd, and Kelvin Hoefler in 3rd. You can watch the full contest via the SLS YouTube Channel. The World Championship will be happening in Rio de Janeiro next month.

Image Via SLS


Tampa Am Registration Ends on Saturday



It’s your final chance to join the Tampa Am 2022. Don’t miss the chance to register for the Last Chance Open on or before Saturday, October 1st.

One of the most anticipated amateur skateboarding contests, Tampa Am will happen on November 10-13 at the Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa, Florida.

The annual event started in 1995. Since then, it became a proving ground for amateur skaters all over the world. Many of the top pros today started out in Tampa Am.

The Friday Last Chance Open is for those who weren’t able to qualify through the Damn Am Series this year. Registration doesn’t mean automatic qualification in the contest. Those accepted will be receiving confirmation from the Skatepark of Tampa.

Here is the schedule for this year’s Tampa Am.

Thursday, Nov. 10Friday, Nov. 11Saturday, Nov. 12Sunday, Nov. 13
9:00 amDoors Open/PracticeDoors Open/PracticeDoors Open/PracticeDoors Open/Practice
12:00 pmLast Chance Open
Select 150 skaters who have been approved based on video footage or notable results in prior Damn Am or Tampa Am contests
Tampa Am Qualifiers
Who skates
2nd to 12th place Damn Am Winners
2nd to 10th place from the Last Chance Open
Who skates
1st Placers in the previous Damn Ams
3rd thru 30th place in the Qualifiers
1st place in the Last Chance Open
3:00 pm Finals
Who skates
Top 10 from the Semis
Top 2 from the Qualifiers

5:00 pmRiders MeetingIndependent Best TrickAwards
Night LifeWelcome Party (6:00 pm)
Indoor Bowl Jam (7:00 pm)
After Party at the Bricks Restaurant (10:00 pm)
Art Show and Music Collective at the Bricks Restaurant (starts at 8:00 pm)Spot Anniversary Party + Madness Concrete Jam (6:00 pm)
After Party at the Bricks Restaurant (11:00 pm)
After Party at the Bricks Restaurant (9:00 pm)

Tickets are available on this page. Read the Tampa Am Ticket Guide for more information.

Watch the Tampa Am 2022 teaser below.

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Here are the Damn Am Japan Winners



Japanese skateboarder Toa Sasaki won Damn Am Japan held last weekend earning him a straight shot to the Tampa Am semi-finals which will be held on November 13.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Niko Sugimoto took the top spot in the women’s division. She and the rest of the top six will qualify for the 2023 SPoT Women’s Open. Raimu Sasaki won the Best Trick contest.

The competition is the last leg of the Damn Am Series for this year. Damn Am serves as a pathway to Tampa Am. Over 10,000 skaters, some of them now top pros, have participated in the event since its inception in 2001.

Watch the Qualifiers and Best Trick Contest below.

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Watch the Highlights of the GFL Series Brandon Here



Watch the highlights of the Grand for Life Series held in Brandon, Florida last September 10. This is the 4th stop of the GFL series for 2022.

Grind for Life Series is a national, all ages and skills skateboarding contest series organized by The Boardr. It features men’s and women’s street and bowl contests as well as adaptive skate.

The competition results for the latest and past events can be found here.

Part of the proceeds from the series benefits the Grind for Life Organization, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that assists cancer patients with travel expenses.

The next GFL stop will be at Charleston on October 1st.

The season finals and annual awards will be held on December 2-3 in Tampa, Florida.

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