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17 Best Skateboarders of All Time Who Made History – Famous Skaters



17 Best Skateboarders of All Time Who Made History – Famous Skaters

Skateboarding has been here for decades and it has become a well know sport now. Many skaters now take skateboarding as their profession and many of them are so famous that we can easily call them Celebrities. For newbies to get motivated, we have made this list of best skateboarders of all time. These are world famous skaters who took skateboarding to another level. These best skaters of all time will inspire you and motivate you with their life stories and the hard work they put in to become a pro skateboarder.

However, there are no rules in skateboarding, but you have to be very careful when performing tricks to avoid injuries. Besides that, skateboarding is famous in the USA and across the globe. It is one of the best outdoor activity through which you can flaunt your skills and can enjoy your free time.

So now you will be curious to know about the professional skateboarders of all time… Right? Keep on reading to know how they performed those jaw dropping stunts. Also, you will know who invented the famous tricks like kickflips and how several skateboarders got injured many time but didnt leave skating as it was their passion.

Below we have the list of 17 Best Skaters of All Time who made history in skateboarding and earned the fame they deserved.

List of 17 Most Famous Skateboarders of All Time

Do you want to learn the new tricks about skateboarding? Have a guise at the expert skateboarders to know more about skateboarding. If yes, then you will be amazed to know about these world famous pro skateboarders.

You will be surprised to know about these talented skateboarders in the industry. And you will also come to know about their creativity and skills they are famous for and what made them so famous.

Without further ado, Let’s read more about these best skateboarders in the world.

1. Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk Skateboarder

Tony Hawk brought more height to the jump of skateboarding. He is the one who introduced the best tricks and kind of revamped the skateboarding sport and industry. He has been named as the most influential skater in the history. Tony has won many competitions worldwide.

Tony Hawk is into skateboarding since he was 14 years old and now he is a pro skater with several records. He is a pioneer to invent new tricks in skateboarding. More than that, Tony Hawk got several awards and is enjoying a successful career in skateboarding. His net worth is around $140 Million which make him the richest and highest paid skateboarder of all time. He is known to be the best street skater too.

Tony Hawk is one of the the best skateboarder of all time due to his high jumps with his skateboard. Also, he is known as The Birdman in the skating industry and owns a skateboards brand with the same name. And this guy is a pro skateboarder. He made a video game of skateboarding in 1999 named as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. He was the first pro skater to land a 900 trick successfully.

Besides that, Tony Hawk did a stunt in front of 275,000 people by keeping the skateboard beneath his feet. No one could beat his record till now. He is one of the best skateboarders of all time.

2. Rodney Mullen

Rodeny Mullen

If you are familiar with the skateboarding background, then you must have heard this name Rodney Mullen. Rodney is know to be the greatest skateboarders of all time as well. This skateboarder started skating at a very young age. He is known to be the best skateboarder due to his amazing skills and bringing innovative ideas in the skating sport. Also, this American Skateboarder is a legend of skateboarding world as he won his first World Skateboarding Championship at the age of just 14 which is really impressive. He is the legend of street skateboarding.

Besides that, Rodney is the first person to invent the flip tricks. Also, he is the one to make the best flip 360. Rodney impressed several people by his one-foot flatground Ollie, Backflip and Kickflip. Also, Rodney has got several medals for his incredible tricks. The stunts of Rodney arent easy at all as well. However, he is the first person to do some amazing feats with a skateboard. And after doing creative skills with the skateboard, he never gave up. Rodney skater got recognition all over the world in a few years.

Other than that, Rodney Mullen is a legendary skater who will stop the breath of people by doing the stunts. The kickflips and backflips of Rodney Mullen are pleasing to watch. Also, you will love all the tricks he performs.

So if you were looking for the Godfather of skateboarding, Rodney Mullen is that person. He did one-foot Ollie, double kick flip, side flip, back flip, and several other flips to gain recognition all over the world.

3. Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez

Next, we have Paul Rodriguez skateboarder also know as P-Rod, who was born and raised in California. Paul was taught skateboarding by his parents and he got a skateboard as a Christmas Present from his parents. That skateboard present made him so much passionate about skateboarding which eventually was the start of his skating career as a kid.

Paul started practicing skateboarding skills and was initially hired by a skateboarding team called One Eighteen and after some time with massive experience and winning several medals as a skater, he became a famous skateboarder. The profession of skateboarding gave him recognition all over the world and he earned his name among the most influential skateboarders in the world. Paul Rodriguez skateboarder net worth is estimated about $6 Million which he earned mainly through skateboarding and by some getting sponsorship from different brands.

Besides that, now he is the owner of a skateboarding park in California. He now also owns the brand Primitive Skateboarding which he started in 2014 with his partners. Also, Paul has a daughter now, and several people consider him the best skateboarder in the skateboarding history. In an interview, he said that skateboarding took away all his worries.

4. Bucky Lasek

Bucky Lasek

Do you know why we have this person in our list? That’s because he has won 13 medals in X Games competitions and 10 gold medals. Also, Bucky Lasek had several severe injuries, but he didnt stop skateboarding. After knowing the damages, you will say that he is too passionate about skateboarding.

This skateboarder came on the cover of a magazine. Also, he is known as one of the best skateboarder and he also has been a great RallyCross driver at Subaru Rally Team USA. After winning a lot of competitions, this pro skater got fame.

He has also made his appearance in video games and can also be seen in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2. He has done a few low-budget movies and music videos as well. And he owns a skateboarding bowl which he has named “Lasekland”.


5. Bob Burnquist

Bucky Lasek

Bob is a famous American-Brazilian skateboarder. And he has won 26 medals by winning several competitions. Also, this famous skater took part in 25 skateboarding games. Plus, Bob got recognition all over the world after landing the famous “fakie 900” trick which made him the fifth person in the skating history to successfully executing this trick. And he is the only person to do 50/50 landing with a skateboard.

Other than that, Bob is the first person to switch positions while skateboarding. His landing on ground skills are superbly awesome that many pro and new skaters get inspired by his abilities. Besides that, he did several stunts to grab the attention of people. Also, he can do complicated tricks easily. Bob is a famous skateboarder that can easily do the backflip, kickflip, 360flip, and many more. He also owns the Dreamland skate park in his homeland.

Bob can be seen in almost every series of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game series. Also, he has made his appearance in movies and videos.

6. Danny Way

Danny Way Best Skateboarder

Next up, We have this cool pro skater Danny Way. Danny is know for his highly adventurous skateboarding stunts such as jumping from a helicopter into a skating ramp which got him fame and he was nominated on the first cover page of Transworld Skateboarding magazine. He didn’t stop there and and once used the Great Wall of China as his ramp to jump from.

He got several injuries while skateboarding, but he never gave up. Also, this guy has the best skills to skate as high as possible. Danny has been sponsored by many big brands like DC Shoes which makes shoes for skateboarders, Independent Trucks and many others.

Besides that, this person has several accomplishments in his skateboarding career. And there are several tricks and flips that no one could beat Danny in. This person influenced many people to start skating and become pro in this sport. His passion for skating has made him fearless to do the high jumps.

7. Eric Koston

Eric Koston

Next, we have Eric Koston who is well know Thailand born American Skateboarder who started skating professionally in 10th grade of high school. He is featured in EA Games video game Skate 2 and Skate 3 and also in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Also, he earned popularity from skateboarding after winning many competitions.

Eric has his skateboarding and clothing brand now. Also, this skateboarder was so passionate about skating that he made it his profession and now many professional and new skaters learn from his skating techniques. One of the reason that we added this great skater in our list is that he took a risk bu leaving school and pursuing his skateboarding dream which paid off and he became a professional skater.

8. Bam Margera

Bam Margera

You may be conjecturing what the meaning of his name, Bam is? And there is an exciting story behind names. He got his nickname by his grandfather because Bam always tried climbing walls. Bam is professional Skater, Stunt performer, TV personality and a Filmmaker as well.

He got fame in early 2000s when he was the star of MTV reality stunt show know as Jackass. Besides that, this person had the god gifted skating skills. So once he started skateboarding, no one could stop him from skating like crazy.

Also, Bam can easily do any flip without any sort of difficulty. And the tricks he does are not easy, but he can do all the tricks very smoothly. You might say that he is doing simple tricks, but there are only a few skateboarders who can compete Bam.

However, this best skateboarder of all time is the first person to do risky stunts on the streets. But Margera took retirement from skateboarding in 2016. Bam can be seen in movies and video games as well.

9. Chris Cole

Best Skateboarder of all time Chris Cole

Next, we have the Chris Cole skateboarders who stands at #9 on our list of professional most influential skaters of all time. This pro skateboarder is known best for his superb landing tricks and completing the most difficult skating tricks like 60 flip, Switch Frontside flip and Backside 360 ollie down.

Plus, Chris Cole has influenced several other people because of his skating skills. You will like how he can fill the gaps while skateboarding. Moreover, this skateboarder has won several skating competitions, and he did some stunts to influence others.

Chris has been sponsored by big skateboarding and famous sports brands like Bones Bearing, Monster Energy, Thunder Trucks and many more. He, himself, has owned some big skating companies like Reign Skate Shop and Zero Skateboard Company. Because of his professional skills he was awarded “Skater of the Year” award in 2005 and 2009 by the Thrasher Magazine .

10. Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds Best Skateboarder of all time

Next up on our list we Andrew Reynolds. Andrew is also one of the top skateboarders of all time. He is mostly known for his brand Baker Skateboards. Besides that, several people got influenced by Andrew Reynolds as well by his awesome street skating tricks.

Andrew was just 9 year old when he started skating and won several competition. Credit goes to his mom who used to drove him all over Florida to participate in competitions. His initial inspiration was a skating video which motivated him to do skating. And you can also follow his tips and tricks to become a better skateboarder. Andrew stated in an interview that his inspiration in skating is Tony Hawk.

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11. Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek, is a former American professional skateboarder with a long list of records and skateboarding distinctions. He is not just a professional skateboarder but also an anchor, an actor, producer and entrepreneur. Being the part of the former reality TV Show, “Rob and Big”, the best skateboarder set 21 Guinness World Records.

Moreover, as a part of Fantasy Factory Series this best skateboarder on October 15, 2010, set the Guinness World record of longest skateboard of the World. The skateboard was just like a typical skateboard but 12 times bigger in size. He is the same personality who introduced Street League Skateboarding. He promoted street-level skateboarding by funding “skate plaza” that has benches, ledges and stairs.  The Street Skateboarding League grew from domestic to international, and competition offered a record purse of 1.6 million dollars in sports history.


Rob Dyrdek is an inspiration for many youngsters because he started his career at a very young age, at just 11 years old he started skateboarding, and when he was 12, he gained sponsorship in a company. A few years later, Dyrdek and Blender established Alien Workshop. The pro skater has a net worth of $50 million. The skateboarder has appeared on screen many times in Films and Reality shows. The bests of Rob Dyrdek includes:

  • Farthest Reverse Ramp Jump
  • Highest Skateboard Ramp Jump into Water

12. Nyjah Huston

Nyjah Huston

Nyjah Huston is one of the biggest names in the list of best skateboarders of all time. The young American was destined to be a professional skateboarder as he has got a skateboarding background. Huston’s father was a skateboarder and owned a skate park, where Nyjah used to practice 5 hours a day.

With a total of 19 winnings, Huston remains unbeatable as far. He has won more awards and prize money in competitions than any other skateboarder in history. And that’s not it! He has also remained the highest-paid skateboarder in history. Nyjah set a benchmark by winning Street League Skateboarding Championship for 5 years. He won 5 gold medals, 2 silver, and a bronze medal in X-Games to top that off. He is not just a champion of the game but a champion of hearts. Nyjah won an award for the film “Rise and Shine”. In short, there is a long list of his winnings. He is the best skateboarder on a competitive level.

To pay a little tribute to this legend of hearts, DC Shoe named their first skate show on his name, called Nyjah Huston Signature Shoe. This all-time best skateboarder has recently got sponsorship from Nike. The young athlete has a net worth of $6 million. He is merely in his twenties and has won lifetime achievements, people, even twice of his age dream of. But this is surely due to his hard work and persistence. He is an inspiration for youngsters with big dreams.

13. Daewon Song

Daewon Song

Daewon Song has made skateboarding much more fun. The Korean-born skateboarder has influenced a lot of people by bringing innovative ideas in the game. He has introduced new styles and tricks in skateboarding. Daewon does not have conventional thinking, rather he thinks out of the box and tries creative ideas every day.

The American pro skater was titled as Skater of the year in 2006. He is famous for showing off his skills using garbage cans, old tires and stocked tables. He has surely brought new insight into this sport and remained a pro skater for almost 3 decades. Bringing new ideas is the true of the beauty of the game, and Daewon has done it beautifully. He not only tries his own tricks, but he has done all old and new tricks.

Daewon got his first sponsorship from World Industries at the age of 16, and he appeared in numerous videos of the company. Mullen proved to be the godfather of Daewon as he sent him skateboards to ride, as an introduction to Mullen business. Mullen was strongly impressed by his Song’s skills when he sighted him skateboarding. Furthermore, Daewon is also the co-founder of “Thank you skateboards”, and holds many renowned companies’ sponsorships. The skateboarder has a net worth of $3 million. Due to his accomplishments and worth mentioning struggles, a documentary was released titled “DAEWON on May 17.

14. Ed Templeton

Ed Templeton Best Skateboarder

Ed Templeton is a professional skateboarder, but most of all, a multi-talented person. He is also an artist and a professional photographer. Ed played his part as a passionate skateboarder in the game by introducing a new trick. He is the one who did 50-50 Down a Handrail for the very first time.

He is most famous for freestyle skateboarding and bringing new tricks to the game. Ed was very much influenced by Mark Gonzales from a very young age and tried to follow his footsteps. Templeton, in 1994 started a company with the name of Toy Machine. The company sponsors a team of 11 skateboarders and got popularity nationally and internationally. Being an artist, Ed Templeton did all the artwork of the brand.

Ed Templeton participated in several contests and won Munster World Cup in 1990. He had also won Slam City Jam in 1995. And he has also won several awards in his artistic works, including Best Book of the Year for a book Deformer in 2005. He has got a big collection of his artistic works. Ed Templeton is surely an inspiration for skaters all around the world.

15. Steve Caballero

Steve Caballero Best Skateboarder

Here is another legend in skateboarding history, Steve Caballero. Steve was born with a condition called scoliosis and had a curvature in his spine. But this condition could not stop him from chasing his dreams. He started to pursue his passion at the age of 13 and got his first sponsor when he was 14 years old.

Steve has not stopped ever since. He has won over 30 awards during his skateboarding career and set many world records. Steve was titled as the Skater of the Century by Thrasher Magazine in 1999. Moreover, he was crowned as the Skater of the year” in 1984. Steve also won World Championship in Munster, in both Street and Vert style skateboarding. There are many victories on his name. Also in 1987, he set a world record of “highest aerial on-ramp”. The guy was so passionate about skateboarding that he invented a trick that he called “Caballerial”, the trick got famous with the name of fakie 360 aerial. Moreover, he also invented frontside boardslide.

The skateboarder is also blessed with artistic skills and remained a member of many bands in the past few years. He is currently focusing on his painting. He was among the founding members of Bones Brigade. And there are a bunch of videos of him doing different tricks.

16. Lance Mountain

Lance Mountain Best Skateboarder of all time

Lance Mountain, a name worth mentioning in the list of best skateboards of all time. The pro skater remained a sensation through the 1980s. Another primary reason for his popularity was his association with Bones Brigade.

Mountain came into the spotlight as a professional skater when he won Upland Turkey Shoot where he competed for other legends, including Steve Caballero and Tony Hawk. He stood first or 2nd as an amateur skateboarder in all the contests in participating in. He was popular as a vent skateboarder, and when the trend shifted towards street skateboarding, he remained equally likeable due to his freestyle stunts and tricks.

Mountain is considered the inventor of the fingerboard; an article was also featured in Transworld Skateboarding magazine on his invention. Initially, it was a fun DIY project that resulted in a major toy category. Mountain is also a co-designer of “V Skateboard” truck. Mountain is among the wealthiest skateboarders of all time with a net worth of 10 million dollars.

17. Mark Gonzales

Mark Gonzales Best Skateboarder of all time

Mark Gonzales is a professional skateboarder and a profic artist. The guy has conquered several accomplishments both as a skateboarder and an artist. Gonzales has influenced many professional skateboarders including Ed Templeton.

In December 2011, he was titled the “Most Influential Skateboarder of All times by Transworld skateboarding magazine. Mark started his skateboarding career at the age of thirteen in California. Along with his fellow skateboarder Natas Kaupas, Gonzales was the first one to skate on a handrail. He is also the first one to Ollie the Wallenberg set, a 19 feet long span of concrete blocks in San Francisco. That was later named as the Gonz Gap.

Mark Gonzales proved to be a revolutionary figure in skateboarding through his influence on street skateboarding. At the age of 16, he was featured on the cover of Thrasher Magazine. He was the pioneer of modern-day and left a permanent mark on street skateboarding. Mark initiated three companies in his lifetime and got sponsorships from very famous brands like Adidas.

To Sum Up

Finally, after going through the list of pro skaters and knowing some interesting facts about these skateboard legends of all time, you might have one favorite. And we have our favorites, that is Tony Hawk. This OG Skater is famous due to his stunts and bringing innovation in the industry. Also, you will be astounded to see his pro skateboarding skills. Not only that but he has influenced so many people to start skating and earning a good name.


Let us know in the comments section about who is your favorite skateboarder or even if you like any famous female skater we would love to know why you like him/her. If you also want to start your skateboarding career and want to buy a skateboard, read our reviews about the Best Skateboards to get updated info about the best skateboards brands.

Best Skateboarders of All Time – Infographic

Top 10 Best Skateboarders Infographic

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How to Clean Skateboard Wheels – Simple & Easy Tips For Skaters



How to Clean Skateboard Wheels – Simple & Easy Tips For Skaters

Are you in search of techniques to help you clear the dirt from your amazing skateboard wheels? Has your skateboard speed reduced due to excessive use? This article will list the easy methods that will teach you How to Clean Skateboard Wheels easily by yourself. Skateboarding is a very popular and fun sport. To avoid the hassle of traffic, Skateboarders often use skateboards for commuting. Skateboarding can help with daily travel and save money and time.

People using skateboards for travel will accumulate dirt, hairs, thread, mud, and other obstacles in them. Dirt built up inside wheels slows the speed. Dirt removal increases the life of skateboards and saves money. Bearing balls also accumulate dirt easily as they have space between them. This dirt sticks and makes rolling hard. It will take much effort to propel the skate as wheels are hard and the ride with be bumpy.

Cleaning dirty skateboard wheels is a very easy process. Even beginners can easily learn to clean their skateboard wheels at home. The process is very simple and quick so anyone can learn it quickly. If you feel your skateboard speed is reduced or you are using your board excessively then its a clear signal that you need to clean the wheels of your skateboard.

To begin cleaning wheels firstly get all the required stuff ready. Keeping all the required stuff around will save a lot of hustle and make cleaning quick and easy.

List of things needed for cleaning skateboard wheels

  • A wrench or skate tool
  • Cleaning solution
  • Citrus spray cleaner
  • Toothbrush
  • lubricant oil
  • Pin
  • Cloth or tissue paper

Place all the necessary stuff near your skateboard and wear gloves if you feel necessary. Wheels and bearings have to be dipped in a solution so that dirt becomes soft. This step can cause skin sensitivity in some individuals or might cause dryness so those people can wear gloves for precaution. Follow the steps listed next orderly to have exceptionally clean wheels at the end.


Position skateboard and remove wheels

Position the skateboard upside down. The deck riding surface will be facing down and the wheel will be up. Use a skate tool and remove the axle nut from the wheels. Remove all skateboard wheels using the same technique. Next, remove a washer. Place all-wheel parts in one place so that they are not lost and you can find them later easily. Nuts and washers are small and can be easily misplaced so it is better to keep a container near and place them in it.

Placing nuts and washers organized in a container will make it easy for you while reassembling. Some skateboards might not come with a skateboard tool so use a wrench instead. Select wrench size according to the wheel nut size. Remove nuts of all four wheels and next simply slide the wheels off from the truck axle.


Removing bearing from wheels

This step will require some hard work. Some skate tools have a protruding end for extracting the bearing. The bearing press is a device used from removing or replacing the bearings at a shop. This can help a skater easily remove the bearing. Another technique to remove the bearing is to pry the wheel and bearing about a half-inch onto the axle. Next twist the angle of your wrist so that the bearing will come out. Bearings have to be separated from the wheel before cleaning as water exposure is harmful to the bearing. The bearing will rust and erode if exposed to water. Rusted bearings need to be replaced as they hinder the efficiency of the skateboard.

This step can be hard depending on the type of wheel. Screwdrivers can be used to extract bearings. Put a screwdriver in the middle of the wheel then put some pressure and pull the bearing out. Each wheel contains two bearings. An outer and an inner bearing with the spacer in between. Wheel bearings contain balls that roll inside the bearing.


Washing the wheel

Skateboard Wheels have spaces that can accumulate anything from the surface you ride on. When wheels have accumulated dirt and sand and other things theyll slow down. Friction will be increased. Skater will have poor stability and balancing will be hard. Dirty wheels will stop skaters from long commuting at fast speed even tricks cannot be performed with dirty wheels. People using skateboards often should clean their skateboard wheels once a month or whenever they feel a need. Cleaning will give wheels a good long life and save you from buying a new pair of wheels.

After long use of skateboard, the wheels will have strongly attached dry dirt which will take time to remove. Prepare a soapy cleaning solution in a container. It takes time for the solution to dissolve the dirt so wheels should be left to stay in there for a while. Soak the wheels in that solution for half an hour. The dirt will have to soften after this time and then will be easily washed. Wash the wheels with enough water so all the mud and dirt are drained. The cleaning solution contains any detergent or soap used for cleaning dishes or other surfaces dissolved in warm water. This solution will act to dissolve the dirt which has become hard. When the dirt is softened by cleaning solution it will be easily drained by water.


Scrubbing the wheels

Water will help remove all mud from wheels but to remove deep dirt, hair, threads, and other sticky stuff and for a thorough cleaning scrubbing should be done. Any brush can be used for scrubbing the wheels. Scrubbing will remove all remaining grime. Some brushes are designed to especially scrub wheels but if you dont have one then an old toothbrush or piece of cloth can do the same job. Due to the warm water solution, the entire dirt is soft now so brushing will be easy to remove whatever is left. While scrubbing pay attention to all the tiny spaces in the wheel as well where dirt may remain accumulated. Tiny spaces accumulate most dirt. With great attention scrub off all 4 wheels of the skateboard. Thorough scrubbing totally cleans the wheel surface, this will make the wheel surface look like new.

Step 5:

Drying the wheels

This step is very important and should be done very carefully. After scrubbing the skateboard wheels should be washed with a generous amount of water. When wheels are properly clean dry them using tissue papers or a piece of cloth. Dry the inner and outer surface of the wheel completely. When drying take away the wheels from the washing area or any other source of water. Place wheels in a completely dry environment rub the surface fully and try to remove maximum moisture. Let the wheels stay outside in the air for some time or it is better to keep wheels in some sunlight so that they are fully dry.

Never hurry to place the wheels back after cleaning. The moistened wheels will be heavy and so give a bad skateboard ride experience. Moisture affects other skateboard parts lethally especially wheel bearings and skateboard decks. The bearings will rust. The deck is also affected by moisture and may break due to repeated wetting. Similarly, if wheels are not dried properly the wet wheels will attract again. When wheels have properly dried assemble them to replace them in the skateboard.

Step 6:

Cleaning bearings

Bearings and wheels need to be separately washed because bearings are extremely water sensitive. Theyll easily rust when exposed to water. Bearings become useless after water exposure so while washing wheels keep bearings away at a dry place in some container. Cleaning bearings takes effort as each contains eight small bearing balls which can be misplaced easily. Remove the bearing shield using a pin and then use spray citrus cleaner to remove dirt. Lemon juice can be used also. Bearings can be soaked in alcohol or any other solvent and then after 2 minutes rinse with a solvent.

Dry the bearings in the air or with an air dryer. Wheel bearings need to be lubricated so that wheels will move more smoothly and efficiently. Any oil or grease available can be used. During lubrication it is a must to avoid over lubricating as over lubrication will increase friction and thus the temperature of the wheel bearing. With over greasing, pushing bearing elements while rolling becomes hard and takes more effort.


Bearings after cleaning should be dried quickly because they will rust if moist. It is best to rub off the wet surface and use a drying device for bearings. Drying in the air requires time which might affect the bearing. To know more about the bearings check out the list of Best Bearings available on the market.

Step 7:


Now all skateboard wheels and parts are clean and ready to be replaced. All the parts should be properly dried before placing back because moisture causes erosion and permanent damage. Firstly arrange the wheel bearings. The bearing shield should be put back on the surface of the bearing. The shield helps with keeping the lubricant inside and keep bearing balls rolling smoothly. Placing bearing back into wheel can be difficult for some so shopkeeper use bearing presser which will easily align the bearing in the wheel. To fit bearing into wheel first place one bearing on the truck axle and pry it off. Assembling the wheel is easy as one just needs to reverse the steps done earlier.

Push the wheel on the wheel axle and the bearing will fit in. After one bearing is placed, put a spacer then put the other bearing and push it similarly on the axle so it fits in. Use the same process for all four wheels. The bearings should be properly aligned and tightly fitted. After wheels and bearings are properly placed put the washer and axle nuts and screw the wheel nuts tightly.

To Sum Up

Anyone whether a pro skater or beginner can use these simple steps to clean the skateboard wheels. A Simple and easy method that gives better speed and stability. Give your wheels a good wash after a ride on a rough road or at the weekend after daily commuting for work or studies. Whether using a skateboard for transport or entertainment it doesnt matter, everyone should wash the board because it will not take much time although improve the performance extensively. Shops offer the same service but for a higher cost than cleaning at home.

As with all other devices used daily, skateboards also need maintenance. Skateboards are simple in design and can be easily managed at home after knowing some basic techniques. The steps to Dirty wheels not only affect the speed but the shape and appearance of wheels are affected very much. The wheels arent able to run smoothly over surfaces but instead, the skater will feel jerks. Wheels move smoothly and faster after cleaning and lubrication. Skaters requiring good speed and stability should clean their board often. Without proper maintenance the life span of the board will reduce, performing tricks will become difficult and the need to buy a new skateboard will cost a lot more money.


How often should skateboard wheels be washed?

It mainly depends on individual conditions of use. If a skater is using a skateboard for daily commuting then frequent washing is necessary. Also if learning tricks at some dirty or muddy place then wash off immediately so dirt isnt accumulated or wheels will get damaged. For frequent users wash the skateboard once a month at least. People using skateboard occasionally or for only fun should wash off grime once in 3 to 4 months. Dirt if accumulated becomes hard and increases friction so it’s best to wash often.

Why cant wheel bearings be washed with wheels in the water?

Water bearings need to be separated from the wheel as they are water sensitive. Exposure to water even for a short duration will rust the bearings and theyll become useless. Bearings should only be washed with alcohol, solvent, or citrus spray. After rinsing the bearing should be dried promptly as any delay will cause it to rust and affect its smoothness. After drying and rinsing, bearings need to be lubricated as well so that friction is reduced and bearing balls roll smoothly.

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Watch How Old Decks Transformed into Custom Benches in this Video



Watch Welcome Skate Shop staff and their friends turn old decks into custom benches in this video released by Vans as part of their efforts to promote artists and creativity. Welcome Skate Shop is based in Leeds, UK.

What’s great about this bench is that you can remove the top (the one made with old decks) and now you have a skateable bench. It has storage too so you have a place for your new skateboards or whatever needs storing.

A skateboarder may need to replace their decks in a few months to a year, depending on how hard they grind and how often they ride. Probably millions of skateboards are discarded each year and most of them end up in landfills.

This is just one of the ways worn-out decks can be repurposed. There are also initiatives to recycle and repurpose old wheels to keep them out of landfills.

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How To Install Skateboard Trucks? Step By Step Guide



Not only the riding and doing tricks on a skateboard is fun, but the installation of its part is also exciting.

The structure of the skateboard is amazing as it will not only provide you with entertainment but also will let you understand how skateboards are made.

Just like other parts, the trucks of a skateboard are easy to install too so in this article we will talk about How to Install Skateboard trucks.

The installation process will let you learn and understand what steps to take to get trucks and ride the way you want.

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Black

Pair of Havoc Aluminum Alloy Trucks. They come stock with a flush kingpin (less grinding hangups) and cast polyurethane bushings. The hanger Measures 5.0, or roughly 7.63". These will fit any board from 7.4" to 8".

Joining different skateboard parts together and making them ready for riding makes it more reliable for riding.

This is because you would know what joint you have made and how strong they are.

We have prepared this page to teach you the correct and easiest way of installing skateboard trucks on the skateboard.

Make sure you understand every step with proper understanding and have the right tools with you.

The whole process will only take around 25 minutes.

Furthermore, very few instruments are needed for proper installation, so you should not be worried about the tools.

How to Install Skateboard Trucks?

This installation of trucks on a skateboard method is the most effortless procedure that does not require many tools and can easily be performed within 20 minutes.

1. Assembling and Making the Truck Ready To Install

First, collect all the tools you need for the installation process.

Some of the necessary items are mentioned in further detail, which you should have before initiating the installation process.

Keep in mind that each skateboard will need two trucks.

There will be two wheels on each truck.

There is one hanger and one kingpin in each truck.

If you look into the further details, you will see two bushings, two washers, and one nut in each kingpin.

Some of the brands are manufacturing skateboards in which the trucks already contain assembled kingpins and hangers-on.

Now what you need to do is purchase a good quality washer, nuts, bolts, and bushings.

These things are readily available in the market, or you can also look for online purchases.

Now looking at the truck’s baseplate, it contains six holes of different sizes.


Four holes are comparatively smaller and constructed explicitly for bolts and nuts when attaching the bolt and base plate.

The two remaining holes are made for kingpins and hangers and are relatively more significant than the other four.

Now begin the assembling of the truck by sliding the hanger in the larger.

Try both holes but settle it in the one where it gets fixed.

Keep in mind to hold the hanger properly before you secure and tighten it with a kingpin.

Now you need to take the kingpin in your hand and look for the hole in the hanger.

Make sure not to push or force but slightly and smoothly enter the kingpin into this hanger hole and reach the second hole of the base plate.

You will also need a bushing and washer to thread from both sides of the hanger to assemble the kingpin.

Now you have to focus on the ends of the kingpin.

You need to take the washer and bushing in your hand and slide them into both ends individually.

After tightening and assembling all of these four tools in your kingpin, now it’s time to attach the kingpin to the base plate.

This is conveniently done by sliding it into the holes on the base plate.

Take a kingpin and locate it on the kingpin.

Tight this nut with the help of a wrench or a skate tool with you.

Make sure not to tighten them more than needed and not to leave them loose too.

This is important because in case you have pulled the kingpin nut very tightly, it will damage your board.

And thus the bushing will need replacement later on.

Follow the exact instructions mentioned above for assembling the second truck before installation.

Do not skip any step, as if your trucks are not correctly built; they will not be installed appropriately.

2. Installation of the Trucks on the Skateboard

You first need to make the holes in the new grip tape and, for this purpose, make use of something sharp-edged.


You can take a screwdriver for this purpose and poke eight holes in your grip tape.

This will take only a few seconds because the holes are already there on the board.

You only need to slide the sharp object which you have taken from the side of the board towards the tape so that it will get holes in it.

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This step is only for installing trucks on the new skateboard; otherwise, if you have an old skateboard and you are installing new trucks, then the holes would be present there already.

Make the holes just the way your board contains.

Your skateboard comprises two sets of four holes in them.

Initiate the process of joining the trucks with the board by inserting four bolts on one side of 4 holes from the top side of the board and four bolts on the other side of 4 holes.

Push them properly.

Push them the way you can see them if you turn the board upside down.

Remember to hold the board with one hand in case you are flipping it and checking it.

Now stick the bolts which are slid into the base plate from the small holes.

Remember and keep in mind that the kingpin side of the truck should be facing the inner side of the skateboard, and the hanger side should be facing the outside of the board.

Safely hold the base plate of the board and trucks in their places and put four nuts over four bolts.

Hold both nuts and bolts in their positions using recommended tools and then move one device by holding the other in its place tightly.

Tighten them but make sure not to tighten them more than the required force because if you have pulled them more than needed, it will break the board.

Repeat the similar process of installing the trucks on the skateboard with the exact instructions mentioned above.

Make sure you do not skip any option and always check that in the end, both of the sides of the trucks that contain kingpins are facing each other.


Which way do you install skateboard trucks?

Make sure you install the trucks on the skateboard so that both bushing and kingpin face each other from inwards.

Remember to tighten the nuts and screws together slightly.


This will help you hold the trucks and the board in one place before you finally pull them.

And in this way, you will not feel any difficulty installing the skateboard trucks.

Why is my skateboard turning the wrong way?

This is possible in case you had tightened the bushings more than required when you were installing the truck in the initial stages.

You can fix this issue by assembling the bushings or replacing them with a good-quality ones.

Moreover, it’s not necessary to get a new bushing each time.

Instead, you can lose them a little if they are tight and use your skateboard.

Do you need speed washers?

Yes, these are essential tools that should be present in your skateboard.

This is because the primary purpose of a speed washer is to increase and enhance the speed and enhance the longevity of the bearings.

It is done by minimizing the friction between the hanger and the axle nuts.

Furthermore, speed washers help block the passage of dirt and dust to reach your bearings as this dust and dirt can affect the functioning of the trucks and wheels.


Skateboarding becomes more adventurous when you install the board on your own.

Installation of the skateboards involves not only installing tires on the board but also the proper installation of the trucks.

The aggregate installation of the trucks is essential because your board is based on the trucks, and if the trucks are not adequately placed, it means that your board is not stable and safe.

Before installing the trucks on your board, make sure you learn the proper procedure and follow it as it is.

The above-mentioned article contains the details of installing a truck on your skateboard and a step-by-step guide.

Make sure you understand the procedure correctly.

It will help you in assembling the trucks and installing them both.

Please do not skip any step as it will be dangerous for you as skipping a step affects the installation of the trucks.

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