2021 SLS Super Crown Winners: Jagger Eaton & Pamela Rosa

With Jagger Eaton and Pamela Rosa in the top spots, the SLS Super Crown Championship in Jacksonville is a wrap. At Stop 01, we saw Rayssa Leal and Gustavo Ribeiro take the top two spots in SLC. Last month, Stop 02 brought Nyjah Huston up from 2nd and Rayssa Leal reigned again. But this weekend’s Super Crown was a total upset with just fractions of points pushing skaters up to the podium.

Pamela Rosa is this year’s women’s division winner. Rayssa took second with Momiji Nishiya close behind — and when we say close behind, we mean just 0.1 points — and Samarria Brevard coming in fourth. Before executing the highest-scoring trick of the day, Pamela Rosa waxed up the rail and worked up a winning level of confidence. The two-time SLS winner’s 8.1 smith grind was the clear highlight of the day.

Jagger Eaton, the first skater of the day, earned his admission to the Nine Club early with his beautifully executed line exploring the whole course. After nabbing a 9.6, the highest line score of 2021, Jagger held on tight to his lead. Lucas Rabelo had some marvelous tricks to put him in second and Gustavo Ribeiro landed in third. Six-time SLS winner Nyjah Huston ended the Super Crown with just a tenth of a point away from a podium finish.

Women’s Division

Men’s Division


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