UPDATE: Aaron Meza Releases Classic Clips From His Archive

Aaron Meza has had the longest running career in skate videography of anyone that we can think of. He started in the early ‘90s with the first two FTC videos. From there his career spans over twenty-five years. The bulk of that time was spent working with Crailtap. More Recently, Meza has worked with Vicland on both King of the Road and Epicly  Later’d. Given all of his years in the field, Meza has an extensive archive of clips—much of which has yet to be seen. He recently started releasing golden nuggets of rare footage a minute at a time via his Instagram account. We’re cataloging these rare gems below.

UPDATE 12.26.18: Aaron clocked in with a late Christmas gift for the Gram last night. Check out classic footage of Chico Brenes, Mike York, and Ed Loftus at Powell Skate Zone below. 

UPDATE 12.19.18: Meza’s latest throwback comes in the form of this Matt Schnurr clip from Embarcadero in ’93 during the Planet Earth Cat’s Cradle era. As always, the insights in the caption are gold.

UPDATE 12.14.18: We had a feeling that Meza would release another vintage raw clip after watching his epic Bobshirt interview last week. We delivered in the form of the below footage of Greg Hunt and Mike Daher as seen in Stereo’s iconic A Visual Sound [1994] debut video. This is definitely a treat.

UPDATE 11.22.18: This one is not at EMB, but Brown Marble was an equally iconic spot in the ’90s. Have a look at Keith Hufnagel going mach 10 in Meza’s latest classic clip.

UPDATE 11.15.18: The latest Meza update comes via Maxallure, and features Nick Lockman at Embarcadero in 1992. With the EMB resurgence that’s happening currently, these unreleased gems add a bit more context to the spot’s legacy, and ongoing impact in skateboarding.

UPDATE 10.11.18: It doesn’t get any more iconic than this clip of  James Kelch at Union Square and EMB in ’92. Click play below to see the Mayor holding court on the bricks.

UPDATE 10.4.18: Apparently Drake Jones double 360 flipped the EMB 7 in 1992, but nobody saw the footage until Meza’s latest Intagram post. Check it out along with Tim McKinney’s backside heelflip below.

UPDATE 9.6.18: Meza’s latest IG drop is a classic Chico Brenes clip from San Francisco’s Fort Mason. Those hardflips are a thing of beauty.

UPDATE 8.24.18: Last night, Meza released another classic unseen EMB clip from the ’90s featuring Jake Vogel. While Jake did not achieve the level of fame as others from his era, his skating was certainly on par with the best of them. Take a look at Meza’s latest time capsule below.

“Wing Ding” Cao was a central figure in the EMB scene during the ‘90s, and skated for companies including: Dog Town and Mad Circle. As you can see below, he was a ahead of his time.

Image Via Aaron Meza