UPDATE: Action Bronson Confirms That His Relationship With Vice Is Done

From food, to music, to art, Action Bronson is a cultural icon. He sits down for an interview on the latest episode of Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning. As always, Action keeps it real when talking about upcoming projects, and the Twitter incident from earlier this month that has jeopardized Vice’s relationship with the Queens rapper.

At the 1:50 mark, Action talks new music. His White Bronco album drops on Thursday at midnight.

I’m just dropping artistic things. There’s a moment. There’s 10 or 11 songs that are coming out with me doing the artwork. [I’m] just capturing moments of my life. This is a new chapter.

And at 4:43, he provides an update on the Vice situation.

Something irked me. I just felt that the energy that went into some unnecessary weird comment, a meme type of thing, they could use that energy in promoting the show that’s on their channel… they could promote the music that I just put out being that we’ve worked together for six fucking years… It really just wasn’t that. It was all types of things behind the scenes that have been upsetting me for years. At this moment, I’m ready for a new endeavor.

UPDATE 03.26.19: Action Bronson confirmed in his interview with Sway’s Universe from Friday that his relationship with Vice is over, and Fuck That’s Delicious will no longer appear on the network.

Nah, they opted for one more season. But they have failed to move on anything in a decent manner. I just feel like they’re playing games at this point. I’m done.

Watch the interview below. The bit about Vice starts at 12:45.

UPDATE 11.01.18: Action dropped White Bronco last night at midnight. You can stream his new album below.

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