Alexis Sablone Gets Profiled by Noah Johnson for GQ

There’s not too much more to be said about Alexis’s story that hasn’t been covered already. But we do enjoy Noah Johnson’s writing, and Nick Sethi did a great job with the photos for Alexis’s latest profile for GQ.

When we met in March outside a café in Brooklyn, Sablone was dressed like she was about to give a tutorial on East Coast skate style: black beanie, black North Face bubble coat, maroon hoodie, and loose-fitting light blue jeans. It was about a week before New York City went into lockdown, and she was monitoring real-time updates about the international contests in which she was supposed to skate. China, Australia, Japan—all Olympics qualifiers, all canceled. Sablone’s spot on the U.S. skateboarding team is essentially guaranteed, but back then, with the Summer Games in Tokyo about to be put on hold, the future felt uncertain: “Although it doesn’t really fit why I started or what skateboarding’s about, it’s a huge honor. It’s a crazy life opportunity. And it’s just something that I want to do, if I can.”

She has literally been everywhere lately.

Image Via GQ