UPDATE: Alexis Sablone Designs Skateable Sculpture in Malmö

Alexis Sablone attended a graduate program in architecture at MIT, and she’s a professional skateboarder. These two facts combined give here a very unique perspective on public space. She got the opportunity to utilize it this summer through designing a skateable sculpture for a public square in Malmö, Sweden.  “Lady In The Square” is an artistic interpretation of a woman’s face from an aerial view, but up close it forms a grouping of skate obstacles set on top of a three-stair square. This project is an example of a perfect incorporation of skateboarding and fine art into public space. Let’s hope we see similar projects pop up in other parts of the world.

UPDATE 10.5.18: Toronto’s Medium Skateboard Magazine just posted an interview with Alexis in which she goes into detail about the Malmö project, architecture, and public space.

Skateboarders look at cities with their own unique perspective – they’re after something different than a tourist or a senior citizen. As an architect and a skateboarder, what are you looking at or paying attention to when you get to a new city?

I’m not—at least not consciously. I think I’m way more interested in studying the people—walking around and trying to imagine what it would be like to live there. That and hunting around for bookshops(laughs). The architecture and skate stuff is just a built in sixth sense type of thing—all skaters have it. Even when you’re not looking, you’re looking. As soon as you see something visually interesting or odd, or smooth, crusty, grindable, thread the needle-able—it’s like little built in bells go off.

Click the image below to read the entire piece.

Image Via Alexis Sablone